Win Two Tickets to Edible Canada’s Ultimate Winter Olympics Party on Granville Island!


Come down to Edible Canada House and cheer on our Canadian athletes as they vie for gold at Sochi. The second annual Festival Under the Bridge takes place February 14 to 16 beneath the Granville Bridge.

Kicking off on Friday at 6 pm, Edible Canada’s Olympic-themed bash invites the city to cheer on Team Canada and get up close to the action with three massive projector screens airing live and pre-recorded Winter Games coverage. The show is complemented by live performances (ranging from indie bluegrass bands to DJs), food stations dishing up mouthwatering Canadian comfort eats (like bison chili, Alberta beef brisket and maple flapjacks), local bevvies (including a “Garnish Your Own” Caesar bar, craft beer, wine and spirits) and more. And don’t worry about the winter weather, the event takes place under a covered space.

This all-inclusive celebration has plenty of activities for kiddies, too. In fact, Granville Island Toy Company is setting up a station just for kids complete with a play area, face painting, arts and craft station and more!

Discounted tickets purchased before the event are $25 for adults (plus tax) and $15 (plus tax) for children and youth (18 and under). To book, click here.

Event ticket includes:

*Two drink tickets (for beer, wine, Caesars or non-alcoholic beverages)
*One food station ticket
*Televised Winter Olympic events
*Live bands, DJs and performers
*Craft beer from Granville Island Brewing, BC wines, & non-alcoholic drink selections
*Casual seating and lounging
*Events and entertainment for kids

Music lineup:

Friday, 7 pm to 10 pm: Rich Hope
Saturday 1pm to 4 pm: Elliot C Way (DJ)
Saturday 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm: Viper Central
Sunday 1 pm to 4 pm: Dustin Bromley (DJ)
Sunday 5 pm to 8:30 pm: David Love Jones (DJ)

Event Details:

When: Friday, February 14 (6 pm to 1 am); Saturday, February 15 (11 am to 1 am); and Sunday, February 16 (11am to midnight).
Where: Behind Edible Canada Bistro (undercover event)

Contest details: Enter a comment below to be eligible. We’ll pick a winner on Friday and notify them by email. Good luck!



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166 Responses to Win Two Tickets to Edible Canada’s Ultimate Winter Olympics Party on Granville Island!

  1. katie

    would love a chance to check this out – never been:)

    • Lynda

      Would really like to go! Sounds like fun!!!

    • Lynda

      That sounds like a great event! would definitely like to be there!!!

  2. Susana Brito

    This is such a great idea… I cannot wait to cheer on Canada!!

  3. pakka

    YAY!! I want to be there!

  4. Julie huynh

    I would love to go!! Yay

    Go Canada Go!!!

  5. Renata

    Good opportunity to check how awesome Vancouver is, specially during the Winter Olympic Games !!

  6. Sara

    takes me back to the fun of the vancouver olympics! hope I win!

  7. Isabella

    Go canada!!! :)

  8. alex

    sounds like a fun event!

  9. megan

    would love to go!!

  10. France

    GO CANADA!!!!!

  11. Mariana

    Sounds like a great weekend activity! Will take the children

  12. Jay

    Love Edible Canada! Good to see the Canadian Women’s team pull it out!

  13. Such an amazing idea! I would love to cheer on my country in this patriotic environment! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  14. Shawna

    Sounds like a fun event!!! So enjoying celebrating Canada at home….would be fun to join others!

  15. Jennifer

    An Olympic party in my backyard! Yes please!

  16. Mary Anne

    Would love to check this out

  17. gizelle

    Exciting! I’d love to go. :)

  18. Megan

    I missed out on the Olympic fun when Vancouver hosted it last time. Garnishing my own Caesar would be a great way to make up for it!

  19. Coral

    Would love to go!

  20. Sharon McRae

    I would love to win these two tickets so I could give to the greatest parents I know so they could enjoy a day night for Valentine’s Day. Fingers crossed, and thank you.

  21. Chanelle

    What a good idea for the weekend!
    I’m on student exchange here and would love the opportunity to get right into the winter sports spirit and celebrate it with Canada!!

  22. Gillian

    Perfect night out away from the kiddies

  23. Marianne

    Would love to go!!! Loving the Olympic Games, can’t get enough and this would be the icing on the cake for sure.

    GO CANADA!!!

  24. Tricia Liu

    I would love to win! Please and thank you!

  25. Raj C

    I would absolutely love to celebrate the Olympics with Edible Canada!! It would be awesome to cheer Team Canada on with people that are excited about the Olympics as much as I am!

  26. Judi Babcock

    Bison chili and maple flapjacks! Call me anything, but don’t call me late for THAT! Yummm …

  27. Louise

    I want to eat Canada!!

  28. Laura Sanders

    Would love to go!

  29. Christine

    Great idea and what a super place to hold this

  30. kathy

    This sounds like an amazing time!!! Kudos for creating an event to capture spirit and feeling of Olympics opportunity to gather as Canadians!! I would love to attend!

  31. jake

    Go Canada Go!!!

  32. Alexander Telfer

    I will eat everythings

  33. Rebecca Ind

    I live near Granville Island AND i’m a foodie- how did i not know about this event?? Would love a chance to check it out!

  34. Gianna

    Yes Please! That would be awesome!

  35. W Leung

    Went last year and had a blast. Would love to go again this year.

  36. hannah

    Love to experience this with my boyfriend visiting from montreal

  37. Danika

    The 2010 Olympics were so much fun. A chance to relive just some of that Canadian pride and spirit would be phenomenal!

  38. angela s


  39. Christine

    SO AWESOME!!! Pick me!

  40. Olena

    I’d love to go! I’d like to feel like one big Canadian family again.

  41. Shawn

    Awesome event!! Vancouver needs more events like this to shake the no-fun-couver stigma.

  42. May

    Go Edible Canada! Go Canada!!!

  43. meena

    Would love to be a part of a great event before I start school again next week!

  44. S. Larouche

    This looks like an awesome event! I will definitely attend with friends :) Yay Team Canada!

  45. Nicole

    Did you say “Garnish your own” caesar’s AND craft beer???

    Please give me the tickets, and I will get a good crowd to buy tickets and come along :)

    PS cool event branding!

  46. Brian Rooney

    Awesome idea. Go Canada!

  47. Sandi G

    Hey, I would love to take in this event. I have been catching most of the Olympics at home and at work.
    GO CANADA !!!!!!!!!!
    Today is my birthday and this would be a great present <3

  48. Thao Nguyen

    This would be such a fun event to attend!

  49. This would be so much fun!

  50. Jennifer Keis

    Would love to cheer on Canada and celebrate our great country with others!

  51. Adrienne H

    it would be uber cool if I won the 2 Tickets to Edible Canada’s Ultimate Winter Olympics Party on Granville Island! Got my red & white Go Canada outfit all ready!!

  52. Laurie

    This would be so awesome.

  53. Sonny

    I would love to be a part of this great event at beautiful Granville Island…..

  54. Kim Emanuele

    Sounds wonderful!

  55. Patti

    What a great idea to show our Olympic spirit, cheer on team Canada and have a party while doing it… would love to attend..

  56. Tasha Funk

    Pick me!! Pick me!! Sounds like a blast!!!

  57. kay

    Love canada

  58. harj

    Go Canada Go!

  59. Gladys

    Great way to spend the night

  60. Zain

    Perfect date night for Valentines!

  61. sandeep dhillon

    Sounds like a great event, would love to win me some tickets

  62. LC


  63. Kathleen

    would love to go!

  64. linda

    very cool :)

  65. Samantha

    Sounds like a lot of fun, hope I win.

  66. kate

    FUN! I can bring my cowbell!

  67. Christie M

    Would love to go!

  68. Jeff

    would be awesome to be there, but either way, GO CANADA GO!

  69. Aiden

    Sounds like a fun time to be had. Would love to go. Thanks.

  70. Go Canada! Women’s team has been absolutely phenomenal! Go Canada!!!

  71. vanessa

    Would LOVE to join in on this!

  72. Sara Galli

    Hello, I arrived 1 month ago from Italy! W Canada!!!! W Vancouver BC!!!

  73. Megan

    Maple flapjacks, the lumberjack plaid, watching the winter Olympics.. can’t get much more Canadian than that!! :)

    Go Canada Go!!

  74. Carla

    The games are more fun in a crowd of fans. Can’t wait to join you. Go Canada Go!

  75. alan wong

    Go Canada!

  76. jeanette lee

    Would love to see some olympic hockey!

  77. madison wong

    Go Canada Go!

    • Elsie Faetz

      Let’s go CANADA!

  78. Wendy T

    What a fun way to cheer on Team Canada!

  79. aj

    sounds like a great party to bring in a little flashback of when the olympics when here! Such a great idea :)

  80. Lisa

    xoxo, I would like somewhere to go <3

  81. Ariela

    Edible Canada to be renamed GoingForGolden Pride Edible Canada.

  82. Karen

    Everything about this event sounds good to me!

  83. Andrea

    Looking forward to the festival!

  84. Kelly

    Sounds amazing!

  85. Sonia

    Would love to check this out!

  86. Karen Anshelm

    All my favourites in one place! Chose me & I with provide a full photo montage report! :D

  87. Kim

    Would love this opportunity!

  88. Jenna Griesbach

    Would love to attend this event. Sounds amazing.

  89. Sandy Fernandes

    I would love to come down with the BF to cheer on Canada!! Yay Canada we rock!!!

  90. Michelle Wong

    How exciting!! Would love to go! :)

  91. Winnie Wong

    Sounds like fun :).

  92. Susan

    Go Canada!

  93. katie chowne

    Excellent, sounds like so much fun!

  94. Judy Warner

    Great event. Go Canada!

  95. Jessica

    Woo! C’mon Canada!

  96. Meaghan R

    Oooo this sounds fun! Would love a chance to go :)

  97. Janice


  98. Rachid

    Fun time cheering on our athletes.

  99. Christina

    Party party! Sounds like a fantastic time

  100. rebecca

    Cheering for our great country! Go Canada Go!!

  101. Jane


  102. Sophia S.

    Sounds like a wonderful time to chear on team Canada. Go Canada Go!

  103. Matt G

    This sounds like a blast! Pick me over the others…. Because you’re nice like that!


  104. john

    Never been, looks cool, would love to go and check it out

  105. Michelle

    Always wanted to go visit Edible Canada.

  106. Joel

    Happy to see new & unique events popping up in Vancouver!

  107. Natalie

    Sounds fun.

  108. Sounds like a blast,I mean make your own Caesar garnish,yuuuuum

  109. Ari

    This sounds so exciting! I’d love to go!

  110. Barb

    Sounds like a great event!! Would love to check it out!

  111. Jorge Real

    I’d like to go — please pick me! :)

  112. Monique

    Would love to do this!!

  113. Kelly

    Working all day across the street. Would love to join in the fun when I’m done!

  114. Brenda

    Great way to celebrate receiving my Canadian citizenship! Go Canada go!

  115. Oscar

    New in Vancouver, I ‘d really like to goooo to my first festival in Vancouver! ;)

  116. Shahee

    Luv it!!!

  117. Natalie

    Go Canada Go!

  118. Michelle

    Love Edible Canada!

  119. Cassie

    Yes please, sounds fun!

  120. Susan Baldwin

    Lived in the G.V.R.D. all my life (almost 57 yrs), and have never even heard of this event. It sounds like GREAT entertainment and being a retired Chef and foodie (writing a couple of cook books), this sounds like the kind of event that I would not only enjoy, but take something from it that will make me want more lol … good luck to all entrants and thank you to all sponsors,etc. for the chance to win this fun packed package :)

  121. Iva

    This event sounds like a lot of fun =]

  122. Cuillin

    would love to check it out

  123. Nancy

    I want to win so I can bring my friends!

  124. Amanda

    wasn’t in van for 2010 but would love to check this out for this olympics!

  125. Andres

    I will love to be there, Granville Island it’s my favorite spot in Vancouver and I love Edible Vancoiver, so what a best time to be there!

  126. Danielle

    My husband and I would really love to go.

  127. Cindy Smith

    Sounds like a fun time!

  128. Pawel S.

    Have to check this out. Would be very cool if I got free tickets!:)

  129. LP

    Would love to go!!! Looks really fun!

  130. Julie Zazelenchuk

    Proud to be Canadians!! Our 3 Year old has created many solo ice skating solos in our living room – inspired of course by our amazing Olympians. We’ve eaten several times at Edible Canada and would love love to attend with our little one!

  131. Danica

    This would be awesome to go to! I’m driving over from Alberta this weekend.





  133. Catherine

    Go team CANADA go!! :)

  134. Jennifer y

    Sounds fun

  135. Teresa R

    I really want to be there to cheer the Canadian Olympics team on. It would be fun!

  136. Lisa

    Beer and Sport! I’m in :)

  137. june

    Sounds exciting :)

  138. Betty

    I would love to go before I give birth~~

  139. Shelaine

    Ah the memories!! Love our Canadian spirit. Best stories to come out of Sochi so far!

  140. Melanie Jakobs

    Yay! Free Stuff :D

  141. Gayle

    We have been stuck in a northern Minnesota deep freeze for the past two months and would love to thaw out by experiencing some Canadian comfort food while cheering on the Olypmic athletes!

  142. Vanessa Wilson

    Would love to go!

  143. Jenn


  144. Kathy

    An awesome way to meet people and try new foods!

  145. Hanka B.

    Yummy food, live music and the Games? I’m in!

  146. Jen

    This looks fun! Go Canada Go!

  147. Jamie

    I love the Olympics, and I love Love! My partner and I are new to Vancouver and would love to spend our first Valentines at this event!

  148. Teresa K

    I’d love to win.

  149. Blair

    Would love to go

  150. Kristy

    Would love to go! Go CANADA!

  151. Tina

    Pick me!

  152. Lisa A

    I would love to win this! The 2010 olympics were an incredible time for Vancouver, and something I’ll never forget. :)

  153. Alex

    My girlfriend & I have been living in Vancouver for the past year and missed the Olympics when they were here. Would love to see the city’s spirit to cheer on Team Canada!!

  154. Melissa

    Sounds so fun!!

  155. wen

    this event sounds awesome! i hope i can go!

  156. sandhya prasad

    would luv to go

  157. Sounds great!

  158. Holly

    Would love to check this out – my first Winter Olympics in Canada!

  159. Kate Stewart

    This would be such an awesome way to celebrate my hubby’s birthday!

  160. Melanie

    So many choices for this weekend! Gotta love Vancouver :) This event has definitely caught my eye though – perfect combo of food, sports, and friends to lift the canadian spirit!

  161. Ryan

    I am probably too late to win, but I will head down Sunday regardless, Olympics and Granville Island. What’s not to love about that?!

  162. Derek

    This event sounds awesome! Looking forward to checking it out