5 Reasons You Should Go to a Burlesque Show in Vancouver

Burlesque in Vancouver

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Burlesque in Vancouver has recently surged in popularity, with weekly shows and monthly extravaganzas put on by world-famous performers. To top it all off, there’s even an annual International Burlesque Festival (in May) that brings performers from all over the world to shake their ta-tas in our beautiful city.

So, what’s the draw? Why are hundreds of Vancouverites flocking to the weekly and monthly burlesque shows that are taking place in venues across the city? Simple. Burlesque is fun, flirty, sexy, and a little geeky all at the same time. It’s different from simply seeing a stripper, and it is an entertaining and empowering scene that is thriving in Vancouver.

If you’ve never been before, here are 5 great reasons as to why you should spend your next evening out watching some sexy ladies strip down and twirl their tassles.

Vancouver burlesque

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1. It gets your heart racing

There’s something so… scandalous and uncomfortable about watching anybody (that you’re not already familiar with) in various stages of undress. Burlesque gets your heart racing by showing more skin than most people are comfortable with. But, it’s done in such a genuine and innovative way, that it doesn’t have the same illicit aftertaste that a typical strip club provides.

2. The themed shows are inventive and kind of hilarious

Recently, Vancouver’s own Rio Theatre hosted an extremely popular Star Wars Themed burlesque show that required a second show because tickets sold out so quickly. Who would’ve thought people liked watching girls wearing storm trooper masks strip! Even more recently, The Wizard of Bras hosted a burlesque re-imagining of the classic Dorothy adventure. In the next few days, the VanDolls will host an Oscar Themed burlesque variety show, and the list goes on… With a little bit of imagination and lots and lots of glitter, the themed burlesque shows are endless!

3. You can participate, if you’re feeling daring!

The Vancouver Burlesque Centre is a great place to check out if you ever feel like shaking your tail-feathers. Burlesque is a very open and inviting performance platform in Vancouver, and if you get good enough… I’m sure you’d be invited up on stage! The VBC offers workshops, aerobic classes, chair dancing, and even boylesque for the fellows who want to participate!

4. You’ll be inspired to love the skin you’re in

There’s something about watching someone on stage who obviously loves their body that is just astonishing (in a good way!). Watching burlesque performers in Vancouver strip down to their skivvies is fascinating and empowering. They embrace their imperfections and somehow even manage to make taking a glove off look sexy. After checking out a burlesque show in Vancouver, there’s a good chance that you’ll be feeling a little more confident about loving the skin that you’re in!

5. You’ll have a great night with some amazing memories!

Some burlesque performers sing, others just tease you with their feather boas. No two burlesque shows are ever quite the same. Take an evening to discover the fascinating world of burlesque in Vancouver and we guarantee that you will have some amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you check out Kitty Nights every Sunday night, or drop by a geek-themed burlesque variety show, or even if you check out one of the most acclaimed taboo revues in Vancouver, you’re going to have a good time. And there’s going to be a lot of glitter involved.

What do you think is the best reason to go to a burlesque show in Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section!

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