PlayDome is Back for Spring Break, Mar. 15-23: Free Ticket Giveaway!


Families and Kids of all ages – be sure to add Western Canada’s Largest Indoor Carnival to your Spring Break Calendars!

Western Canada’s largest indoor carnival with more than 45 rides and attractions is back at BC Place for spring break and is now better value than ever!

Join us at BCAA PlayDome to experience outer-space with the Zero Gravity ride, be spun around on the openair cars of the Ring of Fire, and be flung into oblivion on the Super Shot! Popular favorites such as 1001 nights, The Ferris Wheel and the Zipper are all part of the carnival in 2014.

Best of all, BC Place is excited to announce that BCAA Members will get $10 off the price of Dome or Ultimate Passes – a great way for the whole family to enjoy this annual event!

Make sure BCAA PlayDome on your calendar this spring break!

Western Canada’s largest indoor carnival with over 45 rides and attractions is back for nine days March 15 to 23, BC Place, $29 single-day Dome Pass, $49 unlimited, $6 guests. $10 Discount on tickets with your BCAA Membership Card! Information at or phone 604.669.2300.

Dates: Saturday, March 15 to Sunday, March 23, 2014

Times: 10:30am-9pm daily (10:30am-6pm Sunday, March 23rd)

Prices: $29 Dome Pass (valid for full day, all rides)
$49 Ultimate Pass (9-day, all rides)
$10 Discount on tickets with your BCAA Membership Card!
$6 Guest Pass (required to enter as a spectator)
*Children under 2 years old admitted free (for safety reasons, they are not permitted to ride)

Venue: BC Place Stadium

Online: and follow @BCPlace #PlayDome on Twitter

We’re giving away Two PlayDome Day Passes! All you have to do is post a comment below before noon on Wednesday, March 12th, and you’re automatically eligible to win. Winner will be notified by email. Good Luck!

Updated Wednesday, March 12th: Congratulations Pam! You are the lucky winner of Two PlayDome Day Passes. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment and we hope that you’ll be able to make it to the PlayDome this year. Please check back for more contests and giveaways.

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316 Responses to PlayDome is Back for Spring Break, Mar. 15-23: Free Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Angie Darrell

    Awesome! Can’t wait to take my nephews :)

    • Rachel

      Super excited can’t wait

    • Walta

      Excited for this event!!!

    • sonia

      will bring my kids and mum

    • Sanaz

      Can’t wait to check this out!

    • Andrew

      My kids can’t wait.

    • Julie Kochanuk

      We’ve never gone before, might be fun to try it!

  2. Sheila Lau

    Me please!

  3. Ann Wang

    Awesome activities for my kids during spring break!!

  4. wince leung

    OMG! Looks awesome would love to go!

  5. Ginger Gervais

    My kids would love to go, theyve never been to PlayDome!!

  6. Tricia Liu

    Would love to go to this!

  7. Melissa Hoffmann

    I’m crazy ride girl! This would be soooo FUN! =))

  8. Ariel

    Yay! Didn’t get a chance to check it out last year. Will definitely go this year. :)

  9. John S.

    Thanks for the chance, would love to bring a friend for some rides.

  10. Ashley d

    I rember going to this when I was younger!

  11. Monique

    Would live to take a break from work

  12. Fiona

    So much spring break fun! Would love to take my boys!

  13. Di

    Me please!!!

  14. Amanda

    I’ve never been! Would love to go!

  15. Jae


  16. Jo-lynn

    Would love the tickets, please!

  17. My daughter has nerver been. Would be fantastic to go.

  18. Melissa

    I would love to take my niece and nephew here!!! <3 good luck to all those who enter!

  19. Saqueib

    exciting! looking forward to trying this !

  20. Maria

    Me, please! My little ones would love it! :)

  21. My 6 year old would LOVE this!! Thanks! :)

  22. Laura

    I will be taking my kids for sure!

  23. Susan Gillard

    My son is counting the days!!!

  24. kath

    looks super fun!

  25. Alana

    Springbreak!! Time to have fun with my son, yay!

  26. It would be awesome to take my grandson’s as I will be watching them while their parents go away!

  27. isabella

    i would lovee to go!

  28. Shirley

    Would love to take my daughter! :)

  29. Harmoni

    My kids would love to go! & it would be a great 13th birthday gift for my oldest. Thank you!

  30. Chanelle

    Wow sounds like fun! Pick me the poor exchange student please!! hah

  31. Elena

    My kids will love this!

  32. Michelle Wong

    How exciting!!! :D

  33. Megan Riter

    My boy the adrenalin junkie would LOVE this!

  34. Cecile Jun

    Would be a nice treat for the kids :)

  35. christophe

    Me me me!

  36. Terri

    Looks like fun. :D

  37. Sandy

    Sounds like lots of fun! :)

  38. Praveena

    Kids would love to go.

  39. Jessica Rico

    My kids would love to go!!!

  40. Tomoko


  41. Mel

    My kids are asking for this indoor attraction since last year when we came here. Can’t wait

  42. Harman

    Free Pass!!

  43. diana ortiz

    i do!!

  44. Hailey

    I would love to take my two kids there over the springbreak!!

  45. Erin

    Sounds like so much fun!!!! Perfect for a rainy day in Van.

  46. Wendy P

    Yes please!!

  47. Mary

    That would be so much fun for my little one!! :)

  48. wenxiao

    First that I heard about this. The zero gravity ride sounds like fun.

  49. Hwi

    Awesome event!! Would love to go!!
    It’s a great chance for us to join this event while we are in Canada. ;)

  50. Mariel Coley

    Cool! So much fun and free passes would be great!

  51. Jessica

    This sounds perfect! We could all do with a lil kiddy fun in our lives =)

  52. alicia

    Playdome tix would make my kids spring break so exciting!

  53. Sandra

    What a fab place for the kids!

  54. jennifer

    Sounds like fun I’ve never been. My son would love it.

  55. Davida C.

    I want in! It was really fun last time! :)

  56. Jocelyn

    Can’t wait! Super excited. Went last year and will definitely go again :)

  57. Jo

    Count me in :)

  58. Anne B

    These are the things (my) childhood memories are made of! We would love to go!!

  59. Jake

    Love the playdome! used to bring my son from victoria for it every year, now i can take my youngest!

  60. Christoopher Co

    I’d love to win!

  61. Zainab

    Wow love to take my little one who is 19 months old for the very first time n my daughter wish I could win

  62. Christine S.

    Wow! Would love to bring the whole family! :)

  63. Karen K.

    Great idea for a day’s amusement for the kids!

  64. Josie Harry

    Yes please my family would love to go too.

  65. Catherine

    thank YOU.. would love a free pass

  66. Michelle

    Giddy-up! Let’s go!

  67. Lisa

    My family would ❤️ to go!! Please pick us!!

  68. gord

    Sounds like so much fun!

  69. Shilpa

    Sounds like a blast!

  70. crystal

    Ready to ride the zipper!!

  71. kellie nehring

    fingers crossed!

  72. winnie

    wow..I am excitied to play with the ferries wheel..I am coming

  73. Derek

    A great activity for the kids during spring break

  74. Jean

    Would love to take the family there – looks great!!

  75. Kelsey

    I hope I can win tickets and surprise my boyfriend for his birthday!

  76. mariana

    looks so fun!!

  77. Looks fun, me please…

  78. Def. Take my sister… please include me..

  79. kin

    A great idea to take my wife for a date. Me pls. Thx

  80. Ángela Arévalo

    Yes, I would like to go with my grandchildren. I’m so excited!

  81. Regina

    THE perfect activity for my two boys!

  82. Shannon

    Sounds fun! Would love to take my daughter there. Happy Friday!

  83. Mayon Marcelino

    PlayDome> Bio-Dome

  84. lori

    Looks awesome!

  85. Regina

    I’m interested in going!!! Never been to PlayDome!

  86. Dina

    Please pick me! I’ve never ever been and would love to take my sisters for some bonding time :)

  87. Bryan

    Me please! I’d take my fiancee with me!

  88. candy

    This might be the best birthday gift for my youngest daughter who’s turning 11this coming march 16. Fun fun fun!!!!!

  89. Oliver

    Am probably taking four kids… !?!

  90. Kayla

    I’m new to BC! This would be awesome!!

  91. shawn

    I would love to go!

  92. Andrea

    Sounds like a blast! I’d love tickets so I can take my amazing gang of nephews!

  93. Ashley George

    I would love to bring my kids down south this year and they would love to go

  94. Johnny

    I want to win!

  95. Linda

    Playdome would be one day taken care of on spring break!!!

  96. Ivy

    Yes please!

  97. Roxana

    Tickets please!

  98. Get your scream on! :O

  99. skye

    Lets make my first visit to Vancouver exciting – full of fun !!! The playdome would be the trick to bring back the youth in myself and my spouse !!!

  100. Helen

    I want it! I want it!

  101. Josephine

    yes please!

  102. kay

    fun fun fun!

  103. Ursula

    pick me!

  104. Dali

    want it so much <3

  105. Karen

    Please pick me! My son and I have never been…sounds like fun!

  106. Christelle

    I didn’t know what to do for Spring break: I’m sure the kids would love it.

  107. Shana

    Excellent way for my two boys to celebrate their birthdays!! Thank you – thank you!

  108. Lindsey M

    Sounds fun!

  109. Kyenta

    Would love to take my daughters – they’ve been asking to go on spinny rides! :)

  110. Dave Silveira

    Yes please!

  111. Cynthia C

    Was thinking of doing something fun with the kids and this seems like a great idea!

  112. Krys DH

    Would love to go to this & take my lovelies !!!

  113. Out first playdome! Super excited for a fun family day, what BC does best.

  114. Michelle

    I would love to win passes..with 3 kids it gets costly to do anything for spring break and this would be great!!!!

  115. Laura

    Sounds great. Would love to check it out!

  116. Shari

    Super cool Play Dome makes Spring Break AWESOME!

  117. Christy

    My daughter would be super excited to go!!!

  118. Megan

    This is super cool, and after 17 years I never knew they did this?? lol.

  119. Janice

    I wanna play!

  120. Patti

    I have taken my kids several times over the years, and they always have a great time. If we win free passes, they can bring friends that haven’t been able to afford to go yet.

  121. Joe

    Luv to go

  122. Nina

    Never been – would love to go!

  123. Amanda

    want to bring my sister!

  124. Shannon

    My kids would love this!

  125. Judy

    I want to feel like a kid again

  126. Deepma Radia

    This is our last spring break before moving to Toronto the following week… would be a great way for the kids to say goodbye Vancouver!

  127. Aimee Sherwood

    We can’t wait to take our kids this spring break!!

  128. Amanda

    Single mom of 5 precious little ones….. Would be a great help to have a couple free passes :)

  129. Amy

    Me please!
    Would love to go with friends!

  130. Mario

    My kids would love it!!

  131. mario

    Yo quiero!!

  132. Lisa

    Will be visiting at the time!

  133. Frank

    I will be going back again and again this year. Can’t wait!

  134. Robbie

    Pleeeeeease let me have fun here!!

  135. Sarah

    awesome! sounds like fun! =)

  136. Sal

    Can’t wait to take the kids!

  137. linda

    please let it be me !!

  138. Danielle

    Omg my husband and I would love this.

  139. Dianne

    It looks like fun!

  140. Patti McDowell

    This looks like fun!!!!

  141. Kim Ekholm

    My 4 year old has been begging to go on some rides, and we have been waiting for the spring/summer to go to a carnival… Now I can surprise him, and we don’t have to wait! This would be an awesome Birthday present for him!!!

  142. Nicole J

    Would love to experience this!!

  143. Leah

    Thanks for the chance! Love to take my son :)

  144. Ellen

    I’ve been taking my kids there on my birthday (March 19) since 1996! Okay, I’ve missed a year or two but it’s still a tradition in our family even though some of my kids are now adults.

  145. maria

    Kids would love this!

  146. Dawn

    Yahh so glad this is back this year.

  147. Julia

    Great! Will definitely check it out,

  148. sarah

    Going for my birthday march 17 cant wait

  149. Gloria

    My daughter would love this!

  150. Teresa K

    I’d love to win.

  151. Marlon A Watts Jr

    Haven’t been since I was in high school, remember goin on the zipper, my buddy Mr Nykon getting sick. I new the folks getting on as we got off and I’m like wasn’t me.

  152. Andrew

    Please please please!

  153. John

    I hope I win

  154. DD

    Very excited to take the kids during Spring Break…great way to burn off energy and have fun!

  155. Katrina

    Looks so fun!!

  156. MS

    This looks so much fun, i’d love to go!

  157. Oma

    I would love to surprise grandson!

  158. Amber

    I like rides .they are fun!

  159. Samantha

    Looks like tons of fun. Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight.

  160. Val


  161. Kelly

    My daughter would love to celebrate her Spring Break birthday there with her friends!

  162. Michelle

    It my son’s birthday while this is on. With four kids receiving two free tickets would deffinatelly make it easy for us to afford to go. Would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity !!

  163. Lauren

    Thanks for the tip, I know where my weekends going to be spent!

  164. tila


  165. Lj

    I wana come

  166. Aimee

    Looks like great raing-day fun!

  167. Trevor

    I haven’t been to a Carnival in such a long time. This looks great.

  168. Sam

    I know a cute kid who would love this!!!

  169. gary

    been so busy lately, winning this just might get me outta the dog house, could make a family day of it…hehe

  170. lindsey

    Sounds rad!

  171. I want to go!

  172. April Andrews

    Super pumped to experience this for the first time with my boyfriends 6 year old son!!!!

  173. Yu

    wow!!! definitely going :))

  174. Kira

    that’s cool. Never done this before

  175. Karin

    Hope to win!!!

  176. Elsie Kerray

    It would be awesome to win!!!

  177. Dillon

    Would love to bring my nephews to this. Two free tickets would be great

  178. mandy

    I can’t wait. I am going to take my friend. its his birthday.

  179. kari rubel

    omg..A Holiday to the big city would be amazing. Please pick my son and I.

  180. Monica

    What a great start for Spring Break, would love to win.

  181. Tina Wenman

    This would be exciting I have never been at all and I am almost in my 30’s. My 4 year old has gone last year with some family friends and she had a blast. I would love to take my family there this year so i can experience it myself.

  182. maria

    My kids and I had never experienced Playdome! I would love to win the pass and experience it with them!

  183. Jenifyr hoxie

    Sounds like fun! Looking forward to it :)

  184. Helen

    I would love to win a Pass to bring my grandboys.

  185. Sarah K

    Oh The Zipper!! The memories!

  186. Shirley

    Look forward every year attending with family, have not missed since it has been going on

  187. Shaya

    I will definitely go there !Havent been to attractions since Disneyland California !

  188. Kunal

    This sounds like an amazing time! Spring break just got more exciting!

  189. Chantelle

    Playdome annual tradition for my family :)

  190. Brian

    My girl is such a ride fan… I took her last year to PlayDome. She has been bugging me for a week to get tickets… I will for sure, but have been delaying to build the excitement… She is already giddy… Have been teasing her every day… to get free tickets would send her over the moon….

  191. Sabrina

    I LOVE TO TAKE MY FAMILY TO PLAYDOME ;) They always have ao much fun!

  192. Diana Williams

    Would love to take my 2 grandchildren!

  193. Rhea .P

    Everyone should go to this awesome PLACE we know as it is so much fun!!!!! WOOOHOOO PLAYDOME 2014 here our family comes !!!!!

  194. Lacey Paul

    Wow I haven’t been to PLAYDOME since I was in my early teens!! This will be exciting! :)

  195. Kristen

    Have never been to Playdome!
    Would love to take my boyfriend and two boys!

  196. Cindy Phillips

    I have 2 daughters that would love to go to Playdome! What a great family day…

  197. Renee

    My daughter and I are coming to Vancouver from Victoria for a mini getaway and I would love to suprise her with a stop at PlayDome as we have never been. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  198. Anh

    Sounds awesome. My kids would love to go as we have never been before. We are from Vancouver island and are going to visit grandma for spring break. This would be a great experience for my boys.

  199. Julia

    My little guy would have so much fun!!

  200. Amanda

    Amazing! My boyfriend would literally be like a fat kid in a candy shop if we won this! I’d love to surprise him with the tickets as an early anniversary present – he’ll go crazy (you have no idea, he’s nutty about rides!)! Thanks so much for the opportunity! You guys rock :)

  201. Wow awesome

    Wow nice

  202. vanessa

    Never been…my kids will love it, if we win. thank you

  203. Richelle

    This sounds like it will be a awesome event to take my girls :)

  204. Michelle molnar

    Can’t wait…all the fun without the rain.

  205. Jeanette

    Awesome! I will definitely take my kids there!

  206. Lisa

    Would love to take my step-daughter!

  207. Rori

    Can’t wait to go with All my friends

  208. Johnny P.


  209. Grandma H

    This grandma will be taking her granddaughter for a day of FUN for us both!

  210. Jin

    Very nice

  211. Eiko

    We had so much fun last year.
    Cannot wait to visit again.

  212. Craig

    Would love to go to this!

  213. Lena

    I want to take my not very social bf :)

  214. Phyllis Chong

    Would be great to win some tickets!

  215. Vicki

    We are big kids looking to have some fun before we have our own kids in the near future!!! :)

  216. Gary

    Want to take my grand kids there.

  217. Alvin

    can’t wait to take my kids…. I can already here A-W-E-S-O-M- E !!!

  218. Alita

    This would be awesome. Since my mom was hurt in an accident we haven’t been able to get out and play. This would help her tons :)

  219. Steve

    Yippee playdome

  220. Christina

    Never been, but I would love to go!!! =)
    PLAYDOME 2014!!!

  221. Ray

    Going can be possible by winning tickets from because they’re the best!

  222. Randa

    My daughter told me the other day ” when I grow up I don’t want to work…. I just want to spend my time with my kids……” It broke my heart….. Taking my girls to the playdome and spending time with them is what I hope to do this spring break
    Hopefully we can win the tickets and enjoy our time at the PLAYDOME

  223. Gordon Law

    Would love this pair of tickets to take my gf as our first time there! Can’t wait.

  224. Jamie

    Yay rides!

  225. Mel

    This looks sooo fun!!

  226. D

    Largest? Oooooh sounds crazy! Stoked to go with le girlfriend

  227. June Jimmie

    Always fun , and hope I win tickets lol

  228. Carmen L

    Never been, looks like so much fun! I want to take my kids!!

  229. Diana P

    sounds so fun, would love to take my daughter and her friends

  230. chelsey

    Can’t wait to take my kids there looks like so much fun!!!

  231. So excited for this start to summer, what an awesome spot to bring a group to!!!

  232. Belle Lin

    It would be such a wonder to be able to see something as grand as an indoor carnival!

  233. Navneet

    Can’t wait !!!! Taking my two little darlings .!!!!

  234. Beverley

    Just heard about this!!! Hoping we can make the trip over from Nanaimo!!!! It would be an awesome bday present for my son :)

  235. Karen

    My kids would love to go!

  236. Lesley

    This would be great fun for Spring Break – we`ve never done this sort of thing!

  237. Nancy

    Great fun! Thank you!

  238. Regina

    That sounds exciting. I am defs going ;D

  239. Nicole

    Never been before and would love to take my boys!!

  240. harpreet

    Super excited…i will go with my kids.

  241. JEN

    This year I will finally take all three kiddos! Fun!

  242. Rose

    My boys would love to go!
    I remember going as a kid when it first started and how fun it was. Im glad that its still around.

  243. Sharon

    My Daughter loooves this would be so awesome to win tickets and experience it together

  244. Holly

    Sounds like fun!

  245. ceasar Juarez

    Both of my babies will love this :3

  246. Gurpreet Bhamra

    Can’t wait!! will bring my kids.

  247. Sam

    Looks like so much fun!!

  248. Satinder


  249. Myra Torres

    Will definitely bring my kids here!!

  250. jacky

    i want the free tickets!

  251. Cari-Ann Ryall

    this would be so much fun!!

  252. Tasneem Al-Mridha

    :o something to look forward to in Spring Break…can’t wait to go with my friends!

  253. denise

    want to win so bad

  254. Charmaine

    I want the free tickets for me and my daughter :)

  255. Karen Dibblee

    We are planning to go would love to win those tickets

  256. Bal

    Need a mini getaway and love rides!!!

  257. kyle

    My son is so excited we love free tickets

  258. Kathleen Harris

    Meeeee please!

  259. Emma, Anya and Olive

    “Like an indoor playland?” Questions the 5 yr old, ” holy craziness!”

  260. Nyree

    Happen to be visiting in Vancouver. Sounds like a great event!!!

  261. Joanna

    Looks like fun!

  262. Niomi

    Would love to get off the island and take the kids for a awesome day of fun!!!

  263. Nav

    First time hearing about this. Can’t wait! Hopefully i get a chance to go <3 :D

  264. Misty

    We would love to experience all the excitement, I hope we get picked :D.

  265. Ariana

    I would love to check this event out!!!

  266. rob

    would be fun for the kids!!!

  267. Crystal

    Been going every year and always enjoy myself amx my daughter as well

  268. susan Desharnais

    I have a 4 year old who is so excited to come back for a second time!

  269. Melissa green

    Would love to take the kids!

  270. Tracey

    Would love to take my kids and a group of friends! We would love to win a few passes!

  271. Erika

    My Niece And Nephews Are Very Excited For Monday To Get Here :)

  272. Gail

    I will have my 7 year old great niece visiting from up north and was looking for something exciting to do. She is a fan of play land so this is an excellent alternative

  273. diana

    sounds fun!

  274. Jackie Worrall

    cannot wait to take my grandson!!!!

  275. Colin English

    looking foreward to the rides

  276. Helen Chalmers

    I have heard so much about it and being a grandma of 4 grandsons, I would love the chance to take them there during spring break. Thank you

  277. Kim Pham

    Pick me please!!

  278. Joanne

    Pickk Mee :D

  279. Kathy

    So would love to go again this year!! I took my boys for there first time last year. We loved it and would def make a Vancouver trip from Victoria to enjoy seeing the kiddies smile and be happy :) crossing my fingers xxxx please please please

  280. Katerina

    Would love to take the boy that I nanny! He would LOVE it!

  281. Adrien

    Would love to take my kids my daughters birthday is on the 23rd:)

  282. chelsey

    Would really like to take my little brother we use to go as kids with his dad that recently passed away going to playdome would bring back awesome memories :)

  283. the d

    Awesome! Great way to spend the day with my best bud!

  284. Kim

    My kids are begging to go!

  285. kavita

    Can’t wait to take my daughter there..SUPER EXCITED ;-)

  286. Gaby

    Would love to bring the kids this spring break :-)

  287. Heather


  288. pam mund

    My son’s birthday wish is to visit playdome this spring break. I would love to surprise him with tickets for his 6th birthday and make his wish come true.

  289. Rebecca

    Sounds great ! Would love to win free tickets !!

  290. Rose

    My son loved this last year! Would love to go again!

  291. Phuong nguyen

    Cool going to take my niece there

  292. Tanya

    I’ve never been, it’d be great to explore!

  293. Ashley small

    So excited! Can’t wait to take my family to play some this year :)

  294. Renee

    We haven’t taken the kids since they were little. Can’t wait to go with them now that they are taller and teenagers!

  295. william

    exciting. my kids will have fun. can’t wait.

  296. tammy

    can’t wait to take my son!!!

  297. tammy

    can I ride too lol!!!!

  298. Anita

    Awesome looking forward to bringing the kids.

  299. Herman

    look like a lot of fun for the kids!

  300. seema

    I’ve never been, super excited.

  301. MARILYN

    would love to get these…. :-)

  302. Lisa

    I have never been! Would be neat to visit this year! :)

  303. Dan

    My family loves playdom

  304. Let me surprise my little granddaughter with this great gift!!! Gramma would be the best…. Lol

  305. melussa

    This sounds like a great idea..thanks jrfm for having it on your station. I will plan to go with my kids!!

  306. Greg Stewart

    Can’t wait to go !!

  307. Michelle

    Something great to do with teenagers on a rainy weekend day.

  308. Sandra

    what a great way for kids to spend a day….. and an indoor venue is perfect !!

  309. My son is SUPER excited. We have never been before…

    Thank you in advance for the opportunity!

  310. Shawna

    Coming from Victoria to attend. My kids are SO excited!