Vancouver International Auto Show – Free Ticket Giveaway!


The Vancouver International Auto Show rolls into downtown in just a couple of weeks, showcasing everything from the latest exotic models to gleaming collector cars.

From March 25th to March 30th, aficionados, enthusiasts, aspiring owners, families and those who like all things shiny will be heading down to check out this year’s exhibits under the showcase lights at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Hotel packages that include tickets, overnight stays, and deep cost savings have been created for those who’d like to make a night or a weekend out of this year’s Auto Show. They are going fast, so book now.

For the second year, The Green Ride and Drive will offer guests a chance to book a test drive in some of the top rated “green” drives. And, back again for 2014 is the Red Line stage, featuring guest speakers discussing various topics on all things “auto”.

This event has become a signature annual event, and with its most recent home at the VCC, the Auto Show has become even more glamorous, yet accessible, and is conveniently located amidst stunning views, top dining options an several waterfront hotels.

Free Ticket Giveaway

Post a comment below for a chance to win two collectible tickets to this year’s Auto Show. We’ll pick a winner on Friday and notify them by email. Good luck!

Updated Friday, March 14th: Congratulations Bons! You are the lucky recipient of Two Collectible Tickets to this year’s Vancouver International Auto Show. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Be sure to check back regularly for more great stories, contests and giveaways.


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  1. Michael

    Would love the tickets!

    • Kathryn


    • Tony

      I need two tix


    • Raymond Kwong

      I visit car show every year. And this time I hope to have collectible ticket. Thanks!

    • Sanaz

      I’d love to check out this show!

    • Tiffany

      Love cars! Grew up with fast cars being our family car as a kid. Would love to win these tickets! Varoooom!

    • kelly

      I would like to go also!

    • jack

      I would like the tickets..want to go to the auto show!

  2. Vincent

    I want free tickets please!

    • choi songah

      Wanna go there

  3. Jasmine Jia Her Goh

    Would love to check out the newest cars …would love to have free tickets ^.^

  4. John S.

    Thanks for the chance, would love to see new cars this year.

  5. Gary Tang

    Pick me please!

  6. Laura

    I’d love to go!

  7. Sharon

    Would love to win these for my fiancé!

  8. Amanda Lam

    Pick me Pick Me !!!! I love cars and I need a new car

  9. Dale

    someone say “free tickets”? i’m in, thx :)

  10. marisa p

    *vroom vroom*!

  11. Andy Back

    I’d love to have the free tickets!

  12. Jack

    I hop I win =] went every year for the pass 10years love it!

  13. Michelle Wong

    I love attending the autoshow!!
    Would love to win free tickets! :)

  14. Alan D

    I want free tickets please!

  15. Jo Fro

    Would love to take my boys to the car show!

  16. Karla J

    My boyfriend would love to go to this!

  17. Leo

    I go every year, looking forward to it!

  18. winnie

    Must Go!!!

  19. Melanie

    My husband would love it. He’s been talking about the car show for weeks. He has to go every year.

  20. Frank

    I’ll never be able to afford those cars but it’s a damn nice fantasy when you can get up close to them and dream a lil dream.

    • Lorraine Trowsse

      My husband is a car enthusiast and for a surprise, I would like to win these tickets for him.

  21. pedram

    Great idea! I want a free ticket too.

  22. tatiana micenko

    I love the car show but haven’t been able to attend for a couple years. This is the year to go back to ogling the dream cars!

  23. Maria

    Looking forward to see this amazing show, i’ll bring my boyfriend who loves car as well.

  24. pejman

    I’d love to win one!!!!!!!

  25. Evelyn

    Would love to win tickets

  26. Shelley


  27. luke

    Would be nice getting tickets

  28. Jake Hamilton


  29. Tanja

    I would love to get the tix for the auto show.
    Thank you

  30. Olivia

    It would be great!

  31. Odessa Chico

    pick me!pick me! I love Auto shows!!! :)

  32. Taigi Maeda

    Tickets to the event would be great.

  33. Marc

    Would be an amazing time!

  34. Jay

    I want to go!

  35. Anthony

    Love the Auto Show, bonus if I got free tix!

  36. Svetlana

    it will be a great show!I would love to come!

  37. Bartek

    I love cars and I love free tickets.

  38. Jose

    My family and I would love to have those tickets!!!!

  39. kevin

    would love tickets for the show… must go event.

  40. I go to the event every year! would love free tickets :)

  41. Sandy

    Free tickets please! Would be a great event to attend!

  42. Ivy

    Nice!!! I try to go every year. Get to see the newest cars and some concept cars as well. I would love to get free tickets to go this year

  43. Karen

    Eye candy ! :)

  44. James Sun

    Tickets please! Thanks.

  45. Sophia

    Would love to go~

  46. Winnie

    Pick me please, I need a set of wheels :).

  47. Vince

    Oooh pick me! Please! :)

  48. Jon

    Would be nice to go!

  49. Teresa Jeang

    I’d love to go!

  50. Would love to win these Autoshow tickets, vroom vroom

  51. Cars and free tickets would make for a great weekend.

  52. Kristi

    This will be the first year being in Vancouver for the Auto Show and I would love the chance to win tickets!
    Thanks :)

  53. Sophia

    Thanks so much for the contest! I really would like to bring my husband to the show and would be amazing if we could get free tickets! Woohooooo!

  54. Jolianne LB

    Would certainly be interested in seeing this! :)

  55. Morteza

    We want free auto-show tickets…

  56. Ed

    Love to have the free tickets!

  57. Maria

    would be great to get free tickets!!!

  58. Pia Hense

    I’d love to win these tickets. It would be such a nice ending of my experience in canada with my best friend :) i would never get the chance to see something like that in germany..thanks

  59. Elaine

    Would luv to go!

  60. Kh

    yes, please

  61. Cheryl

    We would love to go! As new parents, we don’t get out much these days.

  62. Marisa Jou

    Thanks for the special give up away price. Would love t win the tickets to check out the newest car….

  63. Sze Ki Leung


  64. RON

    Great site.. great prize! Pick me!

  65. Pick me! I’d love to also do a photo coverage!

  66. We are a non profit orginasation who support people with disability,
    We would like free tickets please

  67. Yusuke

    I love cars! vroooooom

  68. kay

    looooove cars

  69. Sheila

    Me please! :)

  70. Becky Tsai

    I would love to go with my boyfriend and check out the newest car! :)

  71. kale

    i’d love tickets! this would be hella sweet :D

  72. Sunita

    I’d love to attend the car show :)

  73. Martin

    In the market for a new car, so this would be perfect to go to. Thanks for considering me, Inside Vancouver :)

  74. I would absolutely LOVE to go

  75. Gillybeans

    I want to be wife of the year! This would ensure that!

  76. Emily

    Would love to go! Thank you :)

  77. Frances Wong

    Please pick me. I would like to have the tickets for this years Vancouver Auto show!!!

  78. Sacha Z

    I remember the first time I went to the Auto Show, my grade 10 engineering tech teacher made it worth bonus points for class :D

    I’ll be going anyway, tho it’d be awesome to get a free pair!

  79. Sally

    My boyfriend and I are such car fanatics. This would be so ridiculously fun. We’re also in the market for buying a new car this summer!

  80. Hlee


  81. IPS

    Pick meeeeee!

  82. W Leung

    Scrolled all the way down to leave a comment!

  83. Paul

    Same building as TED…

  84. Adam

    I would love to go.

  85. Tess

    I would love to go!! :-)

  86. Vanessa

    I’m attracted to shiny things! pick me!! :D

  87. Avner

    Just @ the right time !!, we need to replace the old car around May so now it will be so convenient for us to pick one.

  88. guy

    sounds good for a father and son outing ,please please pick me :) :) :)

  89. Karen

    I’d love to be able to take my son

  90. pamela

    Would LOVE to go!!!

  91. Brad B

    Would love to see the Auto Show for free for once. Still going regardless!!

  92. Paula T.

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! :)

  93. Barbara K.

    Never been to an auto show…what is it like? Will they show case sports cars for us who couldn’t afford one? Lol…I’d LOVE to win tickets just to experience for once!

  94. Pat Cheung

    Time to look for a new car!

  95. Alan

    Need to get my cam ready to capture those hot wheels.. waiting for the day :)

  96. Pam

    Have never checked this out but would love to take my husband to this!

  97. Judy

    I’ve never been to this. The hubby would love this :)

  98. Lee

    My ex is car fanatic, unfortunately we never had the opportunity to go to the show together. We broke up more than a year ago, since then, we never contacted each other. Deep down, I still care about him.

    I know it sounds quite silly, but I would love to send him a pair of tickets, so he could forget about all the stress, have a great relaxing weekend, and enjoy what makes him happy. (of coz….I secretly hope these great engines can reignite our relationship…….lol) But even if it doesn’t, I am still happy that he is happy.

  99. Kelli

    Perfect for date night! It would be nice to receive two tickets please.

    Have a great day!

  100. Jenny Szeto

    This will be a great surprise for my boyfriend. :)

  101. Aleena

    Hope to find a car which i can purchase this year..
    I would be very excited to be there with my hubby

  102. Karen

    Always excited to check out new cars every year!!! Would love to go for free this year!!!!!!

  103. Tony

    Hope to win those 2 tickets…
    I could do a research on different cars under one roof and choose the dream car…

  104. jane

    I want free tickets!

  105. Eleanor

    I can’t imagine how (because he already loves me so much) but I know my husband would love me more when I tell him I got these tickets.

  106. vanessa

    please and thank you.

  107. Denise

    Considering of purchasing a new vehicle and would really like to see what is out there.

  108. Martin O Neill

    Just arrived in Vancouver. Would be a fab beginning to life in this beautiful city.

  109. Alena

    Wish i could get those 2 tickets for me and my BF.. ;)

  110. ian

    Good luck everyone

  111. Marie

    Would love to win these tickets for my son who rocks my world, and who loves cars!
    Thank you.

  112. LY

    Thank you very much for the contest!

  113. Youcef

    Incredible event, that’s really impressed me to attend the show.

  114. Erico

    would love to bring my bf there!

  115. wenxiao

    collectible tickets! hey that sounds awesome. Thanks.

  116. Kellie

    I know a man who would like to go to this, but I’m too cheap to spring for the tickets!

  117. David Park

    i wold love to go !! i have been waiting for long time just for this!!!

  118. Emiko

    Yes! please :))

  119. Anne

    Need two tickets pleaseeee n thank youuuu :))

  120. Sam

    Would love a pair of tickets to bring my dad to the auto show.

  121. Ryan

    I’m studying for automotive service technician. Plz I WANT TO GO THERE!!!!!!

  122. Lu

    In the market for a new car. Yes please! Would love to win.

  123. alexander

    bring me the tickets! …please?

  124. Teresa K

    I’d love to go.

  125. Wendy

    Would love to surprise my hubby w two tickets for his birthday!

  126. Janette

    I know someone in my house who would LOVE to go. Would be a great surprise.

  127. Michelle

    I would love the tickets, as an anniversary present, please!!!!

  128. Paco

    VROOMVROOM we would love the tickets!!

  129. Karen Brown

    I love the Car show! I love to drive and find it interesting to see what going to improve each year in gas mileage or new innovative technologies plus a gorgeous car body doesn’t hurt either – something sleek and sexy!

  130. David Vanya

    I’d love to see the new BMW’s at the show!

  131. Marianne

    Sounds like fun! Pick me! :D

  132. Chuck

    The Vanc Int auto is always a fun time. Would LOVE a couple of passes to entice us for our next car.

  133. Paulo

    It’s going to be an awesome event. The free tickets will make it even more amazing.

  134. pia tan

    Would love to win tickets! Vroom vrooom

  135. Michael


  136. DARYN


  137. Johnny Pak


  138. Gabriella Schmidt

    I would love to get out all of the new rides.

  139. Sjd

    It would be a great surprise for my friend :)
    I will tell him how I got the ticket ;)


  140. Gerard

    I hope they will bring new corvette, and RS7

  141. May chan

    I would love to go with my daddy!

  142. Chas seldon

    What’s the top speed of a Hennessy Venom GT?

  143. Yvonne Tang

    Love the auto show. Looking for a new car. love to win the tickets.

  144. Jim

    Can’t wait! Waiting each year for this event feels like an eternity! Keep up the great work, always looking forward to the Vancouver Auto Show

  145. Craig

    Haven’t been in years!
    Would love to go

  146. Billy Cheung

    An avid car lover. Would love the tickets to the car show!

  147. Gordon

    I’d love to win tickets! :)

  148. Raymond

    Please let me win tickets! My friend and I love sitting in all the cars, especially the exotic sports cars.

  149. Derek

    Always a great show!! Would be great to get some free tix

  150. Jean

    Can’t wait! I would take the kids

  151. Annie

    Good luck everybody!

  152. Kelly

    would love tickets

  153. Ray

    i would love tix.

  154. Remarks


  155. Petra

    I want free tickets please:))

  156. Robbie

    Vroom vroom?

  157. Akh

    It sounds to be very interesting. I would definitely like to attend.

  158. Sherry Mauro

    I would LOVE to win tickets!
    I LOVE cars and am looking for a reason to make a trip to Vancouver. Please pick me….

  159. Bennji

    Well . . . there is a lot of comments here already.
    I would love to win a set of tickets to the show.
    I run a local car audio install shop, and am in admin roles in a few car clubs in the Vancouver area.

    I would love the free tickets, cause it would remind me to let people know about this show. I was out last year, with a few friends, but could probably bring more with me this year.

  160. Stephanie

    Oooh date night?!

  161. june

    Want to attend!

  162. Amy

    Wow cool!

  163. Candy

    Pick me please.

  164. Jimi loyola

    Pls pick me!

  165. Kathleen loyola

    I would love to win collectible ticket!

  166. ann

    Oh I definitely wanna go!

  167. S.F.

    TIA :)

  168. zainab

    i wish i could win pleaseeeeeeeeeeee i want to go so badly

  169. wil

    I wanna go!

  170. Jade

    I’d like to take my boyfriend’s dad…and maybe the boy too :)

  171. Will L

    Would love to take the family (all 6 of us). We need a new mini van and it gets pricey taking the whole family. Free tickets would help!

  172. Tracy

    This would be fun to go to!

  173. Jeff L

    Would love to have some tickets for my family of 4 to the Autoshow! I used to go religiously when I was single, but now my boys are old enough to explore along….and we’re shopping for an SUV too.

  174. Jodi

    Pick me! Pick me!! :D

  175. Harshdeep

    Here is the start of real fun !
    Auto Show at first step, many more to come :)

  176. Jessica Sahota

    Sounds like a good time – I am hoping to win !!!

  177. Rick B

    Right here. Over here. Damn my short stature.

  178. Beth

    Would be a great going away present for my husband before I leave him for a few weeks :-) (on vacation)

  179. Joellen

    Can’t wait!

  180. Yes please!!!

  181. jenny

    I would love to go with my fiance

  182. Eric

    Would love to take my grandpa there. Thanks in advance!!

  183. Kitty

    meee waaant!

  184. My birthday was on Sunday and it would make a great birthday present for me, I am certified car crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Jamie

    Yay cars!

  186. Anna Haggerty

    Would love to win !

  187. Jennifer

    It is the perfect date destination – when you have little else in common! I could use the break.

  188. Terry

    Time to go car shopping…

  189. Ambar

    Newest of the new cars, here I come :)

  190. Teresa

    So fun!

  191. sonya

    please put my name in!!

  192. Clara Lee

    Cars. Where do I even being? I would love to go to this event!!!

  193. Paul D

    Should be a great turnout this year :)

  194. Winn

    Would love the tickets!

  195. Robin L

    Let me go!

  196. Billy

    sounds great!

  197. Dianne

    My husband would love tickets!

  198. Ami

    Will be the first time I go to auto show!!! Please please!!!

  199. Bert Quibuyen

    It’d be nice to see the Auto Show for free. Thank you.

    From a senior citizen who loves cars and enjoys driving, fast. LOL

  200. Perla G

    we missed last year’s show. hope we can go this time.

  201. Thanks for the free tickets!

  202. CanCan

    Looking forward to it! Need to trade-in my 10-years-old car for a new one. Excellent opportunity to see the advances in technology with different choices in one place!

  203. Derek

    I’m in for free tickets!

  204. Sean

    Will never know what’s going on around town if it wasn’t for you guys and gals, thanks for all the updates & for tickets!

  205. Sarah

    I’d love to surprise my partner with free tickets. I can see him now…doing his best Jeremy Clarkson impression while explaining all about the engines to me :)

  206. Angela

    Would love to win this!

  207. Ed

    I am looking to buy a new car this year so I hope to get free ticket to the show. Thanks

  208. laurie

    We definitely have to go this year, as our lease is up in June … so it’s the perfect opportunity to see our options and hopefully get some “show” deals!

  209. steve

    would def like some free tickets!

  210. Rebecca

    Would love tickets to the Auto show. My two boys would love to see the new cars!

  211. Walter Siu

    Oooh, me please!

  212. June

    My husband would love to go! Please help me make him happy ♥

  213. Tiffany

    Love cars! Grew up with fast American cars as our family car! Would love to experience this with my husband! How cool! Vaarrooooom!

  214. Bons

    Thanks for the chance for tickets!

  215. This year auto show is a special year for me. It’s our 10th anniversary at the event where I met my wife. I love to go with her and our 4 year old.

  216. Ryan

    Beep Beep!

  217. Jenny

    Love to go!

  218. Sherry


  219. Crystal

    I would love to bring my dad! Thanks!

  220. Ken

    looking forward to Vancouver Car Show

  221. Ken

    looking forward to Vancouver Car Show Best eventof the year

  222. Donna

    It’d be great bonding time for my hubby and son. They both love cars and the Vancouver Auto Show never disappoints! Thanks and Cheers!

  223. Monte

    I would like to bring my friend and her family there. Love the deal

  224. Angela de Jong


  225. Önder

    Do you believe in miracles ? Yes I do ;)

  226. Yiğit

    Believe yourself…

  227. jackson

    I love an event that is fun for the whole family in the modern days of the internet and candycrush

  228. Johnson

    I would love to win