Big List of Downtown Vancouver Craft Breweries and Brew Pubs

Photo credit: QuinnDombrowski | Flickr

Photo credit: QuinnDombrowski | Flickr

Ready for the ultimate microbrew crawl? Here’s a comprehensive list of the craft breweries and brew pubs currently operating in downtown Vancouver.  We’ll start in the heart of downtown near Waterfront Station, head out to East Vancouver, swoop up to Mount Pleasant and conclude along False Creek.

Brew pubs on the list all have extensive food menus, while the smaller breweries often partner with local food trucks and generally also offer growlers (refillable glass containers) of beer to go.

Steamworks Brew PubLocated adjacent to downtown’s Waterfront Station, this expansive pub and restaurant uses heat from the city’s underground steam lines in the beer making process and boasts an encyclopedic selection of home brews.  375 Water St.

Patricia Hotel Brew PubBetter known as Pat’s Pub, this 100-year-old establishment makes its own tasty lager and also offers great jazz and live music near Hastings and Main Streets.  403 E. Hastings St.

Storm Brewing: One of a cluster of small breweries in the gritty East Vancouver industrial district at the end of Commercial Drive, Storm has been making beer since 1995 and offers a full lineup featuring a stout, IPA, Scottish ale, pilsner and even a sour red ale.  310 Commercial Dr.

Powell Street BrewingThis very popular “nano-brewery” in the same neighbourhood was started by a husband-and-wife team in 2012 and offers tastings and growler refills of its three signature brews: Dive Bomb Porter, Old Jalopy Pale Ale and Hopdemonium IPA.  1830 Powell St.

Parallel 49 BrewingAlso nearby is this brewery and tiny tasting lounge, known for making some of the city’s most sought-after and creatively named craft brews like Hoparazzi (a West Coast IPA) and Gypsy Tears (an amber ale).  1950 Triumph St.

Bomber BrewingJust opened in 2013, this brewery and tasting lounge on quiet Adanac Street has started out the gate strong with an ESB, IPA, pilsner and Belgian blonde.  1488 Adanac St.

Brassneck BreweryClustered with several breweries on Main Street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood (an area also known, appropriately, as Brewery Creek), Brassneck has a good-sized tasting lounge, often packed with area hipsters sampling an extensive selection of fine quality beers.  2148 Main St.

33 AcresA few blocks away, this new brewery boasts a minimalist concrete and wood tasting lounge and serves a hybrid lager-ale, as well as a more typical IPA and a black lager.  15 W. 8th Ave.

R&B Brewing: Just down the street, R&B has been turning out a solid selection of ales and lagers since 1997; they don’t have a tasting lounge or tour, but they do offer growler refills on Fridays and Saturdays. 54 E. 4th Ave.

Granville Island BrewingStarted in 1984, this brewery beneath the Granville Street Bridge is considered by some the first microbrewery in Canada; today, the label is owned by Molson Coors but small-batch beers are still produced at the original location.

Dockside BrewingOften overlooked even by the city’s beer aficionados, this nearby brew pub (attached to swanky Dockside restaurant) makes a full lineup of microbrews, including some unusual ones like a Jamaican lager flavoured with hibiscus. 1253 Johnston St.

Yaletown BrewingHoused in one of the old brick warehouses in historic Yaletown, this brew pub (located in a large and lively restaurant/bar) claims to be Vancouver’s oldest and has a venerable selection of ales and lagers, as well as a weekly cask feature on Thursday. 111 Mainland St.

Anything missing from the list? Please let me know below. (Keep in mind this list is just for downtown Vancouver, not North Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, etc.)

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12 Responses to Big List of Downtown Vancouver Craft Breweries and Brew Pubs

  1. Matt

    I don’t see Bitter’s Tasting Room on the list in Gastown/Chinatown on Hastings St. This place is definitely a great place to stop if you want to know something about beer and craft beer from around the world. If you haven’t been @remyscalza you should check it out.

    • AJ

      Matt, he’s listing breweries, not restaurants. And if he WERE listing craft beer focused restaurants and pubs there would be a bunch of entries before Bitter, namely Alibi Room, St. Augustine’s, Biercraft, etc…

  2. Ken

    how is Storm brewing part of *downtown* Vancouver?

    • Brad

      same could be said of Powell Street. parallel 49 and several others. Close enough for me, they make a fun pub crawl and then make your way up to biercraft on commerical for the icing on the cake. you can stagger over the the skytrain when you’re done.

  3. Sarah

    You forgot a new one in Yaletown. The Prohibition Tasting Room. Across from Rodney’s and opened this month! Craft beer bonanza!

  4. Nate

    Postmark Brewing is open at 55 Dunlevy Ave now. Very close to downtown.

  5. Neil

    Time to update the list…

    Steel Toad Brewery on 2nd Ave at Quebec
    Main Street Brewing on 7th at Main St

    And hopefully soon (apparently Jan 2015) …
    Red Truck Beer Company

  6. Dave

    Granville Island is owned by Molson’s, it is not craft

  7. John Johnson

    The title is completely misleading. Downtown breweries? Almost every one here is in East Van. Get a clue!

  8. Les Gaspar

    Urban winery and Brew Pub?

  9. christoph

    thanks for the list. strange fellows on clark st is awesome

  10. New to downtown is Central City Beatty St. Located in the old Dix spot. It will have 40 craft beers on tap and southern style BBQ.