Come Soar Over China! Flyover Canada Ticket Giveaway


Back by popular demand!

FlyOver Canada was overwhelmed by requests to bring back this exciting experience from people who missed it want to return with family and friends.

See both Flight of the Dragon and FlyOver Canada

April 10 – May 2 (excluding Easter weekend)
Daily from 10 AM until 9 PM
Show commences every 20 minutes

Flight of the Dragon
FlyOver Canada is proud to present “Flight of the Dragon”, a new flight ride experience never before seen outside of China for a limited time only. Guests will get to experience Flight of the Dragon and FlyOver Canada back-to-back for the regular FlyOver Canada admission price! First, follow a mythical dragon as you soar over some of China’s most spectacular landscapes and scenery during Flight of the Dragon. Then, stay seated and take off again to experience FlyOver Canada, a thrilling flight ride that takes you from east to west across Canada.

Both rides incorporate state of the art special effects including wind, scents and mist.

The Experience

1. Pre-Show – Uplift
The experience starts with a fully immersive audio-visual installation movie, Uplift

2. Pre-Boarding Zone
Enter the pre-boarding zone and get ready to board your two flights.

3. The Rides
You will hang suspended, feet dangling, immersed inside a huge 20m spherical screen. First soar over China (6 minutes), stay seated and enjoy our breathtaking 8 minute journey from east to west across Canada.

For more information visit

Free Ticket Giveaway!

We’ve got 2 pairs of tickets to give away to our readers. To be eligible to win a pair just post a comment below. We’ll pick a winner next week and notify them by email. Good luck!

April 16 update: Congratulations Jade and Sharylin! Check your email.



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278 Responses to Come Soar Over China! Flyover Canada Ticket Giveaway

  1. Karina

    Loved the experience !

  2. Sheila

    We would Love to see Flight of the Dragon again!

  3. Rick Leonovich

    This would be such a awesome experience to see. Excited , and hopefully I win..

  4. Patti

    I would love to check out this cool sounding experience.

  5. fantastic show have taken relatives from Sk twice

  6. Gary Tang

    Sounds awesome

  7. Isabela

    My and my friend would love to experience FlyOver Canada!! We are coming all the way from Brazil :))

  8. Casey Miller

    I’d love to win and take my husband and daughter! *Crossing my fingers!

  9. I would love to win these! I haven’t been yet.

    • Kirsten

      I would love to win this amazing experience!! It would be fantastic!!

  10. Lexie

    I would love to go see this!

  11. Vinicius

    We’d love to win the tickets

  12. rob

    I’d love to check this out!

  13. Bryan

    I’ve wanted to check this out ever since I heard about it way back. Would love to win!

  14. w.siemens

    been dying to go to FlyOver Canada but haven’t had the chance yet!

  15. Courtney C

    I’d love to win these to take some out of town travellers!

  16. Siobhan

    What a way to start Spring with a flight over Canada and Japan, please pick me.

  17. Kelsey

    Would love this! As a local, I haven’t had a chance to check out Fly Over Canada yet!

  18. Kim

    Would love to see this :)

  19. Rachel Brown

    We’re visiting from the UK and would love to experience this during our stay!

  20. katie g

    Looks amazing! Would love to see this!

  21. Larissa

    Would love to take my boyfriend when he visits. Looks breathtaking.

  22. I would love to win these tickets. thanks

  23. Lisa

    I just moved to beautiful Vancouver, and my friend from Holland is coming over for a visit. We would love to see this! It would be great to see more of this amazing country that is so different from our little country.

  24. Devon Sereda

    I would very much love to win these tickets!

  25. May

    <3 the idea!

  26. Lisa

    Would love to see this! Sounds amazing!

  27. Lesley c.

    would love to try this! hope I win! :)

  28. Sarah

    Pick me please!!

  29. Alla

    we moved form the UK to Vancouver 8 months ago and we are loving it here. We would love to try this ! crossing fingers :D xxxxx

  30. Julie

    This sounds amazing! What a fascinating way to see the landscape.

  31. Vania

    Would love to see that!

  32. Jake Hamilton

    Yes please!

  33. Sarah

    We have the in-laws visiting this weekend – this would be a great treat!

  34. Frank

    I can’t wait to go back again and again

  35. Sarah

    This would be a cool way to see Canada and Japan. I would love to see this show!

  36. Candy

    Would love to see this. Pick me please.

  37. E. Tang

    I want to win! :)

  38. christina

    I am living in Vancouver for the last year with my fiance and we enjoyed this experience at Christmas. My parents are coming for a visit from Ireland in a few weeks and I would love for them to see this :)

  39. kay

    Would love to go

  40. Doug

    I want to go, I want, I want

  41. Karen

    Haven’t been, but would be great to finally get the chance to go ( especially for free) !

  42. Sophie

    It looks awesome, I would be happy to win this for my birthday:)

  43. Farshad Ahvazi

    I have seen the show and loved it but I would love to send my parents to see the show and experience it.

  44. Amy W.

    Would love to go. Thank you!

  45. Ryan

    Have been meaning to do this for a while now. And then I can take any future overseas visitors on it with me when they come to visit.

  46. Joon

    Would love to see this.

  47. Winnie

    I would love to experience this with my family!

  48. christophe

    Me me me!

  49. Minnie

    Never been, would love to go!

  50. Jade

    I’m so glad to hear they’re extending flyover China! My mother missed it because she was out of the country. I’d love to take her for her coming birthday!

  51. Daniela lopez

    we would love to experience the fight of the dragon.

  52. chanelle

    Pick me! I haven’t been yet and would love to go!

  53. Chris

    Would love the chance to take my daughter!

  54. Laura

    Would love to go to this for sure.

  55. karen anshelm

    ZHEN BANG!!! :D

  56. Susie Bronlund

    See you in 11 weeks Vancouver!!!! We will be visisting from New Zealand. We would love some fly over Canada tickets:-)

  57. janine

    Loved it! Wanna take the rest of my family!

  58. JP

    I’ll be visiting Vancouver and would love to see this!

  59. Would love to try this!

  60. Simrat

    I haven’t been there yet, but I would love to…

  61. Yasmine

    This would be such a wonderful experience!

  62. Alice

    Oooo I went to just the regular one before and loved it~ Would like to go again and see China and the dragon =)

  63. Rowena

    My Foster Child would love to experience this :)

  64. Christine

    Fantastic, this would be great. Thanks for the opportunity

  65. Claire

    Having not had a holiday since 2009, I am Vancouver bound from Ireland, to visit two of the greatest friends a girl could have for the next two weeks! They’re being so good to me, planning and organizing loads to do and see in this fab city, I’m so excited and can’t thank them enough! Would love to do win these tickets as I’d love to repay them by getting to show them China! Please pick us!

  66. Yvonne

    I WANNA experience FlyOver Canada!!

  67. Veronica Ng

    I would really like to see this! My friends have gone and said it is a must-see!

  68. Christine

    I’ve been talking about going and haven’t had a chance yet. Would love to go on this adventure!

  69. Dianne L

    It would be a great anniversary gift for our 41st, next week.

  70. Cathy

    I always recommend Fly Over Canada at Canada Place to tourists but haven’t had a chance to visit it myself!

  71. Susan

    I would love to take my mom on her birthday!

  72. Louise

    This birds eye view of Canada would be a wonderful experience!

  73. Mary

    My six year old son ( already obsessed with airplane travel ) would absolutely love this!

  74. Shirley Pal

    Pick me….I would love to go :)

  75. Lisa

    Omg! I want to see the dragon ride over china and then fly over canada!! What a treat!

  76. Emily

    would love to experience this! :)

  77. Joyce

    I would like to soar!!!Lol:)

  78. Droma

    awesome~check it out

  79. Su Chun

    This would be awesome!

  80. Susan

    would love to experience as heard lots of good things!

  81. wendy

    This would be amazing!

  82. Dana

    Great Experience for the whole family, planning to go back for my son’s 16th birhtday in April!

  83. Laura

    I would love to take my partner to see this!

  84. jenn

    Soaring dragons flying over Canada?! That sounds cool!

  85. Vicky

    Such a hidden gem in the city! Loved the experience.

  86. Deb G

    Would love to see this

  87. Kevin C

    Would love to experience this as i never been!

  88. Helen EG

    I would love to see the Dragon one. Perfect date night with the Hubbs :)

  89. Ile

    I would love to watch it with my kids : )

  90. Sophia

    This would be a great experience to explore the cities! Thanks for the contest! I would love to see it!

  91. Kim

    I would LOVE to get tickets to this!!!

  92. Steph

    This would be a fun date activity!

  93. Nicci

    This would be wonderful – thanks!

  94. Madlen

    This would be the perfect anniversary gift for my parents!!

  95. Jamie

    Can’t wait to try it out! Heard so much compliments!

  96. Marie-Christine

    Would like to see this so much :)

  97. Sharon

    Love to see it!

  98. Shahee

    Yes pls!!!!

  99. Jane

    Wow! Impressive.

  100. Tracy

    Sounds neat! Would love to try it!

  101. Taruna

    This is the quickest and the most beautiful way to travel to both China and Canada in one flight! Would love to win :)

  102. Kenneth

    Would love to take my family to this!! Never seen it.

  103. lerma

    yes!! would love to win.

  104. Clare

    One of the things on my vancouver Buckie list. I’d love to win!

  105. Katie

    Haven’t done this yet – would love to go!

  106. Sharylin

    I’d love to treat a dear friend and her girls to this, they’ve been helping me out so much since December when I was admitted for emergency surgery.

  107. Taryn

    Would love to check this out!

  108. Kathleen

    would love to see this!

  109. Nina M.

    I would love to win!

  110. Sherry Mahoney

    Win or not, I’ll be going this summer!

  111. John Francois

    What better way to show Canada to my Irish friends visiting :)

  112. Kelly

    It would be worth the trip from Squamish!

  113. Richard

    Love it

  114. Roy

    Pick me~

  115. Yesenia

    As Mother’s Day approaches.
    It would be lovely to have a Mother-Daughter date flying over China and Canada, the experience and joy we can only dream of.

  116. Liliana Gutierrez

    I would love to win the tickets because I’ve never been there., I want to give my daughter the surprise.
    Thank you

  117. Gerry

    Would love to experience this! Have not had the opportunity yet, but have heard wonderful things about it.

  118. Laura

    Would love to see flight of the dragon!

  119. Aime

    Have heard amazing things about Fly Over Canada from a friend! Would be awesome to enjoy the experience myself! :)

  120. LC


  121. Andy Back

    It’d be awesome to have an opportunity to experience this!

  122. Yannick

    It would be amazing to see fly over!

  123. Ivy

    Would love to try the Fly Over experience!!! Thank you =)

  124. Marissa

    Please! I want to go! :)

  125. melissa w.

    this looks so awesome! would love to check this out!

  126. Elaine

    Would love go

  127. Anna

    This would be a wonderful experience!

  128. tracy

    Love to see it

  129. Nina

    I would love to win this experience :))

  130. Anna Stradiotti

    Would love to Flight of the Dragon!

  131. Juergen

    I loved Fly Over Canada so much I bought 2 tickets for my guests staying with me who come from the UK. They loved it! Now I have another 2 visitors and I want to treat them also.


  132. Maria

    Would love a chance to see this amazing show and be a tourist in my own city! :)

  133. Diane

    Sounds cool…

  134. Wendy

    I’ve heard only good things about this and would love to go!

  135. Lucy

    Flight over Canada better than Disney’s Soaring. Can hardly wait to do it again. Would alwo love to do Flight Over China

  136. Paolich

    I would die to Flight Over Canadá!!!! I miss it the last time and I can’t do it again!!!

  137. I would love to try it out!!

  138. Daryl

    Would love to win! Would be a great experience for an upcoming visit.

  139. Darryl

    I would really like a chance to experience these shows.

  140. Shannon Steele

    I would love to go see this!

  141. maria

    This would be so cool!

  142. Peter

    Would love to take my girlfriend for our anniversary!

  143. Yelly

    Lucky, cookie, tickets!

  144. Vicki

    Pick me pick me pick me :))

  145. Vicky N.

    Thank you! :)

  146. Roisey

    Can’t believe I still haven’t been to see it. Free tickets would be a great help in fixing that!

  147. Branka

    Would love to win. Good luck everyone.

  148. lucy kabatoff

    would love to go & take my best friend

  149. April

    Sounds like a beautiful experience! Would love to go if I had the money!

  150. Linda Ergle

    Would love to check this out!!

  151. My family friends are visiting from OZ during the Easter long weekend as well as in late August, I would love to take them to see the Vancouver`s newest addition, Definitely,It is going to be a nice treat for them.

  152. Deni

    I’d love to see this!

  153. Tina

    I’d love to go! Pick me :D

  154. Took our twin nephews last summer they really enjoyed it and would love to go again!

  155. Cindy L.W.

    What a lovely chance to win tickets to the show. We would dearly love to catch this as we missed it the first time around.

  156. Jill K

    Wow ! Sounds like a wonderful experience.

  157. Tami

    Great way to spend an afternoon!

    • Susan

      Can’t wait to experience this in Vancouver!

  158. Vanna

    would love to experience flight of the dragon :)

  159. Elizabeth Bryan

    would love to experience this! :)

  160. vince

    We would love to see this

  161. Mary B.

    Appears amazing…my husband would be pleasantly surprised, too!

  162. Camille

    I would love to win these tickets. thanks

  163. deanne

    moving from Canada for a long time and have always wanted to see this would be a great Goodbye!

  164. Arely Rebollar

    I would love to experience Fly Over Canada before coming back to Mexico!

  165. Gloria

    My daughter and husband would love to win this! (Me too)

  166. Mario

    Sound fun

  167. Shirley

    Thank you for the giveaway

  168. Chao-Chieh Eric Li

    It felt so real, please let me go again!!

  169. Vera Sal

    Looks magical! Would love to experience it!

  170. I really need to go experience this!

  171. Ankit Malhotra

    It was really a nice experience for flying over canada which i did last summer and would love to do it again this summer. It would be nice to watch something unusual and exciting like flight of a dragon.

  172. Craig

    Would like to try it!

  173. Wendy T

    Would love to experience this!

  174. Hanka

    Haven’t been yet but planning to go. Free tix would be so cool!

  175. Andrea

    Moved to Van a year ago and Inside Vancouver has become my new favorite site. I’ve learned more about the city finding fun things to do. Thanks for helping discover the fun of Vancouver!

  176. Debra

    Would love to take our visitors from the UK to see this!!

  177. Wow! Fly over Canada in 4 D was just amazing! So well done! Very cool experience! loved it! Would love to see it again!

  178. Marian VanLaar

    Sounds great!

  179. Winnie

    Would love to try this!

  180. Ada

    my dream since i was in my mom’s womb.

  181. MsJan

    My kids would love this! I hope we get lucky :)

  182. Alex

    Hey my girlfriend and I would love to see this!

  183. Amy

    My friend’s coming to Vancouver for a visit- I’d love to go see this with her!

  184. Gillian

    I’ve been dying to see this!

  185. Alina

    I loved Fly over Canada ! Would like to see Come Soar Over China !

  186. Josefine

    It is a great chance for me, i am just till 25th april here. It would be so cool to win!

  187. Carolyn A

    Would love to take my mom to see this. She has been asking to go!!

  188. Christine

    Fingers crossed!

  189. Jackie

    I would love to fly!!

  190. Mahsa

    Like it:)

  191. Christine

    Its my Birthday week and I’ve never seen Fly Over Canada. I would love tickets!!!

  192. Sonja

    Would LOVE to take my 5-year old to this – he would love it! (As would I ;-)

  193. Yes please!

  194. Victoria

    Didn’t have a chance to go yet but would love to see it this time!!

  195. june

    I’d like to try it again!

  196. Eugene

    I’d love to experience the flights over both countries!

  197. Would love to go on this!!!

  198. Ashley

    I wanna go! Pick me!

  199. Patrick

    Looks like a great experience!

  200. Audrey

    Thanks! This looks great!

  201. Monna Tang

    nice! i wanna experience it.

  202. Snezana Jovanovic Cirkovic

    “Fly me to the moon
    And let me play among the stars
    Let me see what spring is like
    In Canada and China
    In other words… ” pick me! :)

  203. Lydia

    I haven’t gone yet and would love to go!

  204. Cathy

    Looks wonderful. Would love to go!

  205. Maral Dehghani

    Yes! I am in! Waiting eagerly!

  206. Amanda

    Would love to experience Fly Over Canada! I’ve heard some amazing things about it!

  207. Jen

    This looks awesome, would love to check it out.

  208. Amy

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  209. marco

    Never been to fly over canada. Would love to get these tickets!

  210. maryna

    I would love to check this out! planning to go visit Vancouver sometime this month or in May!

    Thanks guys!

  211. Angela

    I would love to win these tickets!!!!

  212. stacy

    Me loved it !!!!

  213. Angela

    I really want to surprise my son by taking him to this!!!

  214. Julia

    Cannot get enough of fly over Canada. Would love to go with a friend!

  215. jennifer

    I wanna win and go. Looks fun!

  216. Nancy

    China & Canada? That’ll be a great experience.

  217. Lindsey m

    Would love to check this out!

  218. Stanley

    Would love to take my friend to see this. Especially with the new double feature!

  219. Lea

    Would love to see this !

  220. Angela Lee

    Really don’t want to miss out on this – I’ve been telling all my visiting friends to go, but haven’t managed to see it myself. This double bill sounds perfect.

  221. Sana

    i would love to win a pair of tickets and take my mom there for a pre-Mother’s day event :)

  222. Andy Shum

    Love to go

  223. Corene

    Yes, please!!!!!! I heard this is amazing …and can’t wait to see them both :)

  224. hclay

    ride the Tail of the Dragon while humming “Oh Canada”

  225. Shirley

    Cannot wait to see this!!!

  226. Deborah baggs

    Yes, please!!!! I would like to win and take my daughter
    Fly Over Canada:) thank you

  227. Darlene C

    I would love to see Canada and China in one trip!!

  228. Kelli C.

    Yes, please! I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time.

  229. Rose

    This is a great attraction. Would love to take a friend.

  230. I would love to see this !!

  231. Wanda

    Pick me, would love to see, with my hubby.

  232. Sabrina

    This sounds awesome! I would love to go.

  233. Ashley

    Took some out of town friends to see Fly Over Canada last summer and it was a blast! I would love to experience Fly over China!

  234. Anita

    I’d love the chance to be a tourist in my own city!!! Looks like it would be fun :)

  235. Derek

    Please pick me!!

  236. Jean

    I’d love to see this for the first time!



  238. simon

    That would be fly!
    (Does anyone use that expression anymore?)

  239. Kristina

    Would be amazing to see it!

  240. Olga Avseeva

    We would love to see this marvelous show! Hope we can win the tickets and be there with kids! Good luck to us!

  241. Krys

    I’d love to check this out!

  242. I’d do this!

  243. Fingers crossed – would live to see this

  244. Erin

    Looks like fun!

  245. This sounds awesome. Kind of reminds me of Soarin’ Over California at Disneyland’s California Adventure.

  246. Absolutely awesome giveaway as my mother was talking about wanting to experience this. China too, it is so appropriate. She’ll love it! Good luck to everyone else and to me too. Haha. :)

  247. Jocelyn

    I’ve always wanted to fly, I guess here’s my chance!

  248. Kaye

    We’re visiting from New Zealand on April 30 and have heard this is a must do – would love to!

  249. Mark

    This would be nice!

  250. Angela

    Flight of the Dragon – sounds amazing!

  251. My dream is to fly over canada with you along with my family and esp dragon fly. I m inching towards my dream cmng to can on 27 April with my and my families dream from Ludhiana Punjab India

  252. Edwin

    I would love to add this to my International Experience Canada Working Holiday together with my girlfriend :D

  253. Tina

    Would love to check this out.

  254. Cathy

    My family and I would love to experience this!

  255. Pawel S.

    This would be so cool! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  256. Jolianne Loignon-Beaudoin

    Thank you for these amazing opportunities! I would love to experience this! Best of luck everyone!

  257. Ben G.

    Have seen the great Fly Over Canada and would love to see it again – with the addition of Fly Over China would make it a truly memorable experience! Pick me, Pick me!!!

  258. Crystal

    wow that would be crazy

  259. Gerry

    Would love to win tickets to fly over Canada!!

  260. saima

    wowww..looks exciting… I never got a chance to see this…I hope I win and take my parents with me…will be sooo happy

  261. Ursula

    Looks amazing!

  262. Rick Leonovich

    This would awesome to win.. Love vancouver

  263. Emma

    That would be awesome!

  264. Maggie

    Fly me over China! I would love to see the graphics of the Great Wall of China! Pick meeee!

  265. Went to fly over Canada at Christmas, it was really cool and I’d love to see to China this time around!

  266. This would be so fun.What a way to kick-off spring

  267. Rebecca lim

    Don’t want to miss this experience!

  268. Peter

    Cheers & what a delight it would be to experience Soar over China/Fly over Canada…fine fusions!

  269. Sarah

    I would like to see this!!!!!!!!!

  270. amanda

    I love flyover canada. Great experience

  271. Sinead

    Sounds so cool – would love to check it out!

  272. Hanne

    Loved Flyover Canada..would like to experience Flyover China next!

  273. Katlin

    I loved fly over Canada!!! Would love to do the China version!!!

  274. Ginger Gervais

    my daughter would love to do this!!

  275. Kaitlin Reibling

    This would be a great thing to see! Double feature :)

  276. Maureen McCully

    China is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and this bird’s eye view would be a very unique experience! I am a proud Canadian, recently re-located to Vancouver and love the west coast!!!