Featured Vancouverite: Javier Puig

Jaiver Puig

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia (born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela)

How long have been a Vancouverite? It will be 12 years on August the 12th.

I am a creative. I hold a Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. I have a studio space in Gastown where I run Persona, a brand consultancy. The work I do there focuses on helping clients with their brands.

A typical project starts with a Discovery phase where we identify the ‘spirit’ of the brand, followed by an Insights phase where we distill what we’ve learned into a solid brand strategy. The work is completed in the Action phase, where we create tangible identity assets and brand guidelines, along with a plan to measure ROI.

For a look at our work go to http://iampersona.com.

Best sources for design inspiration in the city:
I love the city – I like that it’s embedded in nature, and I am fascinated by the lively confluence of people, architectural space and nature. Seeing people out in the street (not a common sight in many North American cities) is a source of design inspiration. Street fashion, culture and sounds are all sources of inspiration, as well.

Some places and things: South Granville’s art galleries and stores, the clothing stores in Gastown, and sushi in the city, as everything about sushi is an immersive design experience.

Top tips for entrepreneurs looking to break into the Vancouver scene:
Mmm, I don’t think there is a formula for breaking into it here. I guess the thing that’s worked for me is meeting people and sometimes making a genuine connection beyond the casual chat, which leads to interesting work collaborations and opportunities.

Find out how you can add value. Be willing to initiate conversations and put ideas forth even before there is a defined problem to solve.

Best places for families in the city:
Baseball at Memorial Park, soccer at Douglas Park, Second Beach on a hot summer day, walking and cycling around Stanley Park on the Seawall, a good concert at the Malkin Bowl, the Lighthouse Park trails in West Vancouver, kayaking at Deep Cove, sushi at Hachibei, and snowshoeing the Dog Mountain trail at Mount Seymour.

Just be sure to pack a second (dry) pair of socks.

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