Three cons in one – the Northwest Fan Fest at UBC!

Batgirls at Vancouver Fan Expo April

Batgirls at Vancouver Fan Expo April 21 2012. Ryan Ingram photo.

Later this month, the University of British Columbia will host the inaugural edition of Northwest Fan Fest. But though it might be the first event under that name, the Northwest Fan Fest is actually an amalgam of three other formerly stand-alone events – Anime Evolution, Cos & Effect and Vancouver Gaming Expo.

Each of those subcultures bring in their own fandom. But, because many of the same people who like to, say, dress up as their favourite pop culture character also like gaming and anime, organizers of the three events have decided to pool their resources.

So what can you expect at the Northwest Fan Fest, June 27-29?

Well, for starters, the event’s official website promises that “all of our crowd-favourite events from Anime Evolution and Cos & Effect will be back.” Those events include:

• Cosplay Idol – Dress up as your favourite character and sing in costume.

• Costume Contest – Enter as a solo/duo or group for a grand prize of $1000.

• Swimsuit: The Pageant – An adults-only (18+) event described on the NWFF website thus: “Get into character, slip into your suit and get ready to strut your stuff, perform, entertain and wow the crowds. Cosplay has never been so (adults only) fun!”

• The Gauntlet – A multi-genre, multi-game competition.

• Fandom Feud – The convention’s version of the game show Family Feud.

• Lolita Fashion Show – A fashion show dedicated to “the newest and cutest of lolita fashions, featuring a selection of brands from all over Asia!”

There will also be a vendors hall, an artists’ alley (where fans can meet some of their favourite artists) and a building devoted entirely to gaming.

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