Sandman Suites on Davie St. Paints 55-foot Rainbow on Roof of Hotel

Photo: Sandman Hotel Group

Photo: Sandman Hotel Group

Sandman Suites Vancouver – Davie Street was given a bold makeover last week when a vibrant 55-foot wide rainbow was painted on the roof of the hotel.

The hotel is not only located in the West End neighbourhood in Vancouver, but in the heart of the diverse Davie Street community. The hotel stands proud amongst a milieu of vibrant people, thriving shops and restaurants, and the colourful Davie Village.

“We are proud to call this community our home and want to illustrate our pride by painting the iconic rainbow crowned on-top of our hotel,” said Valentina Tang, General Manager of Sandman Suites Vancouver – Davie Street. “The concept behind the painting was: A heart of gold is where the rainbow begins. We are an inclusive organization and always like supporting our local communities.”

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  1. We at Alpha & Omega Painting were grateful for the opportunity given to us to paint this rainbow on top of the Sandman!

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