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History books typically show Vancouver as a pioneer city built on forestry, fisheries, and tourism, but behind the snow-capped mountains and rain forests, the Vancouver of the first half of the 20th century was a hotbed of civic corruption. The top job at the Vancouver Police Department was a revolving door with the average tenure for a police chief of just four years.

In those early years, Detective Joe Ricci’s beat was the opium dens and gambling joints of Chinatown, while Lurancy Harris—the first female cop in Canada—patrolled the high-end brothels of Alexander Street. Later, proceeds from rum running produced some of the city’s most iconic buildings, cops became robbers, and the city reeled from a series of unsolved murders.

But Vancouver is more than bookies, brothels, and bootleggers—the city also produced legendary women, world-class entertainers, and ground-breaking architecture.

Sensational Vancouver
covers legendary women including Elsie MacGill, Phyllis Munday, Nellie Yip Quong and Joy Kogawa; high-end brothels, unsolved murders, and the homes and buildings of artists, architects and entertainers including Frederick Varley, Arthur Erickson, Bryan Adams, and Michael Bublé.

Sensational Vancouver is a fully illustrated popular history book about Vancouver’s famous and infamous, the ordinary and the extraordinary, filtered through the houses in which they lived. Includes a Walking Tour map of historic Strathcona and Chinatown.

Eve Lazarus is an award-winning writer with a passion for history and heritage houses. She is the author of Sensational Victoria: Bright Lights, Red Lights, Murders, Ghosts & Gardens, and her book At Home with History: The Untold Secrets of Greater Vancouver’s Heritage Houses was a 2008 City of Vancouver book award finalist. Eve co-authored The Life & Art of Frank Molnar, Jack Hardman and LeRoy Jensen, and she wrote Frommer’s with Kids Vancouver. Eve blogs obsessively about houses and their genealogies at

We have two copies of Sensational Vancouver to give away to our readers. Simply post a comment below if you’d like one and we’ll randomly draw a couple names next week and notify you by email. Good luck!

July 15 Update: Congratulations Janet and Max – check your inbox!


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  1. Thx for the offering. I luv VanCity and speak about it often when traveling. I’m very proud of our city. Cheers!!

    • Janyse

      What a wonderful thing to do to illustrate and talk about how beautiful our city is.

  2. Radhika Khan

    I would like to win one of the copies please

  3. Barb Beck

    This has to be a great and interesting read.

  4. Wendy T

    I would love a copy for my hubby who’s a Vancouver history buff.

  5. Alistair Henning

    This looks like a great book!

  6. Mike Maitland

    Vancouver born n raised – would love a copy of this book!

  7. Cecile

    It seems very interesting. I would like to read it.

  8. Jen

    Ooh, I’d love one! It looks fascinating.

  9. Dick

    Looks like a terrific read. Is it available in stores yet?

  10. Ruth

    Would love to get one. As a guide to our beautiful city, getting to know more strories would enhance my tours!

  11. Aims

    Sounds like a very interesting book about Vancouver.

  12. maria

    Looks great!

  13. Sonja

    This sounds great !

  14. Louise Carachelo

    I was born in North Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I feel so fortunate to live here. History is the life blood of our existence and learning nurtures our soul. I would love to receive a copy of this book to feed my spirits past and present.

  15. Amanda

    Would love to learn more about this city!

  16. Kevin

    I would like to learn more history about Vancouver. This book looks like a great reference.

  17. Zoe

    Great giveaway, count me in!

  18. David

    It looks a good read and fantastic to visit.

  19. andrea

    1.5yrs in Van and loving it thanks to Inside Vancouver helping me find all the fun stuff to do. – swear I’m not kissing up to win free stuff :P

  20. Max Manzie

    I would love to have one of these books! I’m a born-and-raised Vancouverite and would love to know more of the history of the greatest city I know. Please “randomly” select me. Unrelated, you guys are doing a great job, been reading the blog for about a year and a half, and it’s always informative, bright and easy to read. Keep it up ( I swear i’m not trying to suck up to get the book)

  21. Taryn

    Sounds like an interesting read!

  22. Anne

    I’d love to win this book!

  23. John

    Great giveaway, Would love to win this!

  24. Shirley

    I would like to learn more about Vancouver history.

  25. Robbie

    Proud to have been born and raised in this beautiful city!

  26. Clint

    A copy would be great!

  27. Marjorie R.

    I would love to win a book. I am visiting Vancouver in the fall and this book would help me so much.
    Many thanks for the chance to win this awesome timeline book.

  28. Mag

    I’m an immigrant so I would love to read this.

  29. AV

    How exciting to see the infamous history of Vancouver! Having lived here for over 60 years. I have seen so many physical changes of the city, now we can read about the early buildings and personalities that formed this beautiful city. Bravo.

  30. BE

    I have a copy of this book, but would love another to give as a gift to my nephew, a Vancouver City Policeman, as a gift.

  31. Sandy

    Id’ like a copy for my sister who wishes she’d been an architect instead of a nurse!

  32. christophe

    Me please!

  33. Eve always has the scoop. Her website always offers up something fascinating.

  34. sue fenton

    I would love to give this book to my sister who moved out to Vancouver from Winnipeg approx. 40plus yrs. ago..
    got a career, married..had a family
    and to this day would rather b nowhere else in the world.
    The book sounds like a great read that her whole family would enjoy/experience and most likely research –
    after reading it.

  35. Love Sensational Victoria! Would love to add Sensational Vancouver to my collection.
    As a born/bred Vancouverite, it’s amazing how much I still don’t know about our fabulous city. Love your webpage and your passion!

  36. I love Vancouver history!

  37. Shannon Blakeman

    I am a local history nerd & can’t wait to read this! I’d love to win a copy!

  38. I have to come so far to visit Vancouver… 6000 miles… and we do it yet again in September. I’d love to have a copy of this to pick up then. It would go well with my Vancouver Noir.

  39. Colleen

    Would love to send this to my friend in Florida to return the favour and she her what Vancouver is all about :)

  40. I look forward in reading Sensational Vancouver, the latest offering by Eve Lazarus. I love history and the beautiful city of Vancouver and can’t wait to sit back and enjoy the colourful history of this great city.

  41. sandra stefanopoulos

    I love Vancouver history!!! I hope I am the random winner!!

  42. lynn Sater

    Vancouver is awesome. Beautiful beyond belief. My hometown. I love it.

  43. Wally

    I’d like to win a copy please.

  44. Jo-Ann

    I have just ordered a copy of “Sensational Vancouver” as a gift for my friend but I would truly enjoy owning this book myself. Thanks for this chance to win a copy.

  45. This sounds fascinating! I’d love to win a copy. Thanks!

  46. Walt Swanson

    Love your posts and am an avid Vancouver history fan ! would LOVE to have a copy

  47. Linda

    Sounds wonderful! I would love to be entered!

  48. Shireen

    What an exciting read this would be for any Vancouverite.