Classic Simpsons Trivia

Courtesy of  Alfonsina Blyde via Flickr

Courtesy of Alfonsina Blyde via Flickr

Considering The Simpsons have been on television for a quarter of a century, there’s a good chance you’ve spent countless hours  in your lifetime watching the famed show. If that’s the case, you’ve likely absorbed a university degree’s worth of knowledge about the infamous four-fingered family, and the world of Springfield in which they live. Those confident in their abilities are welcome to test their skills at WOO HOO!: Classic Simpsons Trivia at Simply Delicious Restaurant on Main Street.

Simon Wong and Leonard Machler organize and host the monthly event, where they present 50 Simpsons trivia questions about seasons 1-9, along with three episodes that are played between each round.

The idea for a Simpsons’ trivia night started in Toronto, and has spread to other cities in Ontario and the US. Wong got the Vancouver chapter going purely out of his love for the cartoon.

“I started this in Vancouver because I wanted to know who was out there who loved the Simpsons as much as I do,” Wong says. “And I’ve learned there’s a ton of people who love it more than I do.”

That point was proven when several people pointed out that some of the answers at past WOO HOO events were incorrect.

While Wong and Machler create some of the questions themselves, they mostly dip into a shared database, used between all the cities that host Simpsons trivia nights.

The questions range in difficulty from a scale of 1 to 5. Some samples:
What is the name of Springfield’s baseball team?
What does the “B” stand for in 1-600-DOCTORB?
Instead of playing McBain’s sidekick in McBain IV: Fatal Discharge, Troy McClure decides to direct and star in this movie.  What is it called?

“Simpsons is a universal language,” says Wong. “It’s been around long enough to keep original viewers through nostalgia as well as draw in new viewers.”

Along with a grand prize for the winning team, there are also door prizes. Past prizes have included signed comics, figurines, Lego and T-shirts – all relating to the Simpsons, of course. Teams can have up to six members.

 WOO HOO!: Classic Simpsons Trivia takes place at Simply Delicious Restaurant aka SD Galleria + Sushi Lounge, 4316 Main St. on Monday, July 21st. at 7 p.m. It’s recommended you arrive early as space fills up fast. $5 at the door.



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