Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks – Make a Night out of Light!


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Book a Honda Celebration of Light Hotel package.

No matter how many times we see ‘em, fireworks always delight and amaze us as if we are seeing them for the first time… And Vancouver has the best pyrotechnic light show of them all. The Honda Celebration of Light is a signature event of Vancouver’s summer and an annual highlight of Vancouver’s Celebration Season!

It’s not only Vancouver’s biggest event, but it’s also the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world and attracts up to 400,000 spectators along English Bay each evening.

Hurry, secure your bleacher seats with accommodations and save!

Here’s the 2014 lineup:

  • July 26th: USA
  • July 30th: France
  • August 2nd: Japan

Packages include overnight accommodations at one of several participating hotels, and tickets for each member of your party for your choice of performance nights (subject to availability) in the YVR Observation Deck seating. Book now.

Enter to Win VIP Keg Lounge viewing of HCOL!

Post a comment below by 12:00 noon (PST) on July 22nd and you will automatically be eligible to win one of two prize packs including VIP tickets for two to the KEG Lounge to view the Celebration of Light for the night of July 26th when the United States will wow Vancouver residents and visitors with their incredible show.

The Keg Lounge is a 19+ venue located on the Bathhouse roof in English Bay. Venue will open at 6:30pm with entertainment beginning at 7:15pm. Each Keg Lounge prize pack includes:

  • Live Music + Fireworks Soundtrack Simulcast
  • 2 Complimentary Welcome Drinks
  • Live Entertainment
  • Complimentary Hors D’oeuvres and Grill Station
  • VIP Seating/Viewing

Congratulations Carina and Dee – check your email! Thanks everyone who entered and good luck next time.

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361 Responses to Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks – Make a Night out of Light!

  1. Katie Lawrence

    I would love to win these!! One of my favourite Vancouver summer events!

    • Darlene

      WOW!! What a special Birthday Present this would be. !!

    • Lorraine

      I love the enthusiasm for this incredible event! Keeping my fingers crossed!! :)

  2. Anne

    Sounds like a great night out!

  3. Jess Thorpe

    As a newcomer to Vancouver I’m super excited about the celebration of light, I’ve heard amazing things about it and just hope I can find a brilliant spot to watch it all from! :)

  4. Lauren F

    This is great giveaway and we look forward to the Fireworks every year!

  5. Shannon Caldwell

    I’d love to win! Perfect date night :)

  6. Mark

    Would be awesome to win and see from the VIP keg lounge!

  7. Shellister

    It’s one of the must to go events in Vancouver every summer!!!
    Can’t wait for this year!

  8. santi

    Watch the Celebration of Lights every year! Great show!!

  9. Sarah C

    Would love to have a night out and fireworks!

  10. Crystal Hon

    I would like to win also!

  11. sharan

    I would love to win!!

  12. Ashley

    I’ve only watched from the beach – this sounds awesome!

  13. Vanessa Wilson

    Would be great for a romantic date night :)

  14. Ehsan Zaman

    I would like to win!

  15. Karla J

    Sounds like a great Vancouver night!

  16. I have never been down town so see the Fireworks and would so love to go!

  17. Pany

    This is the 3rd year I’m posting comments here and I never won! I Want to win!

  18. Megan

    would love to go!!

  19. I hope I win! =D

  20. Alynne

    I love the Honda Celebration of Light! Good luck to all who entered.

  21. Dal

    Yes! Would love to win for a date with my husband.. Much needed

  22. M Mak

    Wish I can do that. Cross my fingers.

  23. Lynn

    I booked a hotel to fully enjoy the experience and am taking my 80 year mom!! Winning this would TOTALLY make this the BEST experience for her!! I’m trying to do as many fun things with her while I still have her here with me. ;) Thank you for the chance!!

  24. Melissa

    I would love to win this and take my mother for a special night out. I know she would really enjoy, as would I!

  25. Julie Marques

    Would love to win – used to live in English Bay in my 20’s. Many, many good times. The Keg is our favorite restaurant! Nothing better than a great night at the Keg while enjoying the fireworks!

  26. kay

    Attend the show every year. Never miss it!

  27. Jill Saunders

    I would love this. It would be my first time ever seeing the fireworks!

  28. Suzy Tarnava

    Suzy was born at 12 noon on July 23rd on a very hot summers’ day a long, long time ago. Alice, Suzy’s mother said that as soon as the little package arrived, fireworks started going off everywhere and for a long, long time afterwards!

  29. Watching the fireworks from the Keg would be so much better than trying to fight for a seat on one of the beaches.

  30. Monica Grant

    The Celebration is always the best :) would love to view the light show from VIP seats & the sound tracks always make the viewing better :) this package sounds awesome :)

  31. Melissa

    Can’t wait for the show!

  32. Anthony

    Did this many years ago on The Keg stage….can no longer afford this type of luxury, but would LOVE to win it!!!

  33. Deby W

    So much fun :)

  34. Vance soucy

    Id love to win these, praying ti God that its us!

  35. Andrea G

    This is just what I need in my life right now. Thanks for the contest!

  36. Kane S.

    Always a good event/show… even better from private seats!

  37. Candace

    Never miss the lights!! :)

  38. Julie

    I would love to enjoy the Honda Celebration of Light like this instead of the top 20% I can see from an apartment. It’s such a fun event!

  39. Mary Anne

    I would love to win this ♥

  40. Rodrigo Porto

    This is my favorite VanCouver event, and what better way to cure this brazilian/canadian blues from the world cup – and root for my favorite to win Japan!!

  41. This would be an amazing prize to win. I have 3 relatives coming from Italy next week and this would be the ultimate way to welcome them to our beautiful city!! Fingers crossed!

  42. Amandine

    Sounds like a fabulous prize. Would love to enjoy the fireworks from the comfort of the Keg lounge.

  43. Vivian S

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go!!!

    The fireworks are amazing!

    Pick me :)

  44. Tara

    This would be so awesome!!!

  45. Natalie

    I never go to the fireworks because of the crowds. This might make me enjoy it finally!

  46. Tracey

    I would love to surprise my significant other with this. And of course the Keg is his favorite place to eat!

  47. Holly

    I would L❤️VE to win this awesome prize.

  48. Cathy

    I attend these every year but would love to experience a VIP viewing!

  49. Jen

    Great prize pack! I’d love to watch the fireworks from a private lounge!

  50. Kathy P

    Would love to win!

  51. Sheila

    I’d love to attend if possible! I’ve never been to a Celebrations of Light show before but I’ve always wanted to go.

  52. Sophia Kim

    I missed the event for the last 5 years because I was overseas!!! This would make the experience even better~~~

  53. Karen

    Would love to win this!

  54. Sonia Burjorjee

    Would love to celebrate the “celebration of lights” in style @ The Keg!! Great location, good food, good music and fireworks, what more could you ask for?!

  55. Josefina Barbera

    I love Vancouver!

  56. I, too, would like to take part in this great event. I am requesting 4 tickets for myself and my writing staff, please. Thank you.

  57. Alison

    I would love to see this amazing firework!!!!
    I’m from Paris, and I stay only 1 week!!! WANNA GO!!!! <3

  58. Ajda

    To see this outstanding and awesome event in the Keg, would make my year in Canada and Vancouver perfect. I can not wait. Please allows me, i’m so exciting :)

  59. Susan

    sounds like it would be an awesome experience!

  60. Jayma

    My husband and I are new to Vancouver and didn’t even know this event took place. Would love to see it from The Keg!! A great date night for sure!

  61. Nicole

    Pick me, pick me!

  62. RG

    USA! USA! USA!

    I actually have no vested interest in who wins. I’m more excited for the food and drinks :D

  63. sarah

    I’d love to celebrate with the Keg – best steakhouse in the City!

  64. Paulo del Rosario

    This would be so awesome to win!! Good luck to everyone

  65. Susan

    Looking forward to another fireworks extravaganza!

  66. Josephine

    Havn’t gone to this event in years, and now that I’m a Mommy, this would be a wonderful date night treat for my husband and I.

  67. sarah

    I’d love to celebrate with the Keg !

  68. Please, can’t afford to eat at the keg and need to see what it’s like!!

  69. Andy B

    Would be awesome to win!

  70. I really hope to win and to register this amazing experience in my blog. I think my readers will love it!

  71. Tracey

    It’s our 25th year of marriage and I am planning 25 special dates to celebrate one date for each year! This would certainly fit in nicely as fireworks and the keg have special meaning for both of us. Such a awesome evening it would be! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  72. Jodi

    I would love to win!!! That would be awesome.

  73. Anita

    A friend will be here from out of town, what an awesome evening to show her Vancouver!!!

  74. Nicole

    best event of the summer! it’ll be so awesome to celebrate my husband’s 30th with the VIP access at the Keg lounge! :)

  75. ben

    Let it be me!

  76. Richard W

    This would a great surprise for my girlfriend!

  77. Angel

    As a new momma this would make a fantasic date night out with the hubby!!

  78. Jess

    Would love to go!

  79. Kaitlyn R

    I’d love to win this!

  80. Nadia

    What a great package!
    I’d love to win this.

  81. Joyjeet Singh

    Amazing event…Reminds me of Home..!!

  82. Sarah P

    My husband i would love to win this and get a night out!

  83. Tanya

    This is my first summer as a Vancouverite and I would love my first Celebration of Lights to be a VIP experience!

  84. Louise

    Sounds like an amazing idea to promote the event!

  85. Michael H

    thats an awsome prize!

  86. Michael H

    thats an sweet prize!

  87. Winnie

    Love firework but fear of large crowds. Hope I win!

  88. Donna Peters

    What an awesome date night that would be!!!

  89. Ken

    would love to win this… never watched it from the Keg before

  90. Maurice

    Awesome prizemail!!!

  91. Annie

    I’d love to win! :)

  92. Hannah

    This would be an awesome way to end my last summer in Vancouver for awhile!

  93. Jennifer

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a summer evening in Vancouver!

  94. Louise

    This would be the perfect way to experience my first HCOL!

  95. Petra

    would love this! me and my honey never get to go out!

  96. RAy

    i would love to win this!

  97. melina martin

    I would love to win!!!

  98. Gianna

    This would be such a wonderful treat!!

  99. Shelly N

    This would be great for date night!

  100. I love the honda celebration of lights fireworks! It is insanely crowded and it’s worth it.. You also get to enjoy it with friends! :)

  101. Anna

    Would love to win this

  102. caro

    oh yes, i want it!!

  103. Zain

    i <3 fireworks, this would make the night extra special!

  104. Tatiana

    Wow. What a treat this would be!!

  105. Carly Ridyard

    This would be a great first night away from baby/date night! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  106. Natalie Miles

    I would love to win these!!

  107. Aurela Edgson

    I would luv to win this for my super awesome husband! We need some us time!!!

  108. wendy

    What an awesome prize! Good luck to all!

  109. Ali

    I am really excited to watch these lights .

  110. Jenie

    I would love to win this!!!

  111. Gigi

    This would be perfect for a date! :)

  112. Christina Mackenzie

    I would live to win this night out for mom & dads date night we love the keg

  113. Joanne

    This would be a great prize pack to share with my husband for our upcoming wedding anniversary July 29th. We both love the Keg and the celebration of lights!

  114. skyler m

    That would be quite the time

  115. Irene

    It would be great to be away from the crowds during the fireworks! This sounds awesome :)

  116. Alexander

    Very excited about this show!!!

  117. Jessica

    Hope I can ‘Keep Calm and Celebrate at Keg’ ☺️

  118. AhHyun Yoo

    It’s gonna be an amazing experience. I would love to win!! ❤

  119. Leigh S

    Just to get on the patio at the Keg would be fantastic never mind fireworks as well. Everytime we’ve planned patio time at the Keg it rains …… hopefully not this night!

  120. Katie

    This would be such a nice prize to win!

  121. Steve

    I would love to win this night out

  122. Tara Nowlin

    I would love to be the winner! The fireworks are always so spectacular. :)

  123. Fahreen Kara

    What an amazing way to view the fireworks at the Keg lounge with a friend! Hope to win these!

  124. Kate

    Would love to win the pair of tickets!

  125. Denise Kinakin

    This would be an amazing date night! We absolutely love the keg!

  126. Michelle

    Wow, I would love to go – haven’t seen the fireworks in years!

  127. Stephania

    Can’t wait!

  128. Tracey Hayman

    I’d love to win this!! Thanks!

  129. beddy

    Love the Celebration of Lights!! The Keg Lounge would be an amazing area to enjoy the fireworks! Hope I’m lucky enough!

  130. Bret

    Great prize – fingers crossed!

  131. Kelsey

    I would LOVE these tickets!

  132. Tarun

    Sounds awesome! You have to pick me, seriously. Pick me! My girlfriend loves fireworks and I love free drink, it would be perfect!

  133. Danny

    Pick me :)

  134. Michelle

    How better to see the night sky light up? Would love to win this!!

  135. Jenny Johnson

    Would so love a chance to see the fireworks and enjoy a meal at the Keg!!! Sounds like a great night out!!

  136. andrea

    Ok total guilt trip to win! – my best friend’s work permit got denied so she has to go back to Germany at the end of the month. So till then we’ve on a mission to enjoy every drop of Vancouver! So far its made me appreciate living here more but its going to be a whole new city for me after she’s gone. So I want to give her the best Vancouver send off!

  137. Gillybeans

    Steak and fireworks! Great combination! I’ve neVer actually been to this event

  138. Deni

    Wow! Would be a great experience.

  139. Jenny

    I’ve always only watched the celebration of lights from Kits. Would be nice to see them from the other side…

  140. Todd

    Hi I would love to win and impress my date with the VIP Keg Lounge viewing of HCOL!

  141. Dani Willetts

    What a night out this would be. Love the Festival of lights and just finished treating a very good friend to dinner at the Keg during the Lobster festival!

  142. Astrid

    I have been going to the fireworks every year ever since I can remember.. it’s probably been at least 25 years! It’s tradition. My parents and I and my little brother would always walk across the Burrard bridge right down to English bay so we could hear the music and get a good view on the grassy hill. And my dad would always put me on his shoulders when it was over so i could see the sea of people as we walked back.
    I would love to win for my parents so I can let them watch from the Keg VIP Lounge!

  143. Emily Moore

    It would be so great to win this! This is my first summer in Vancouver and I’ve been looking forward to the celebration of lights all year!

  144. Stephanie

    I would love the opportunity to watch the fireworks from the Keg lounge. This would definitely be a great experience!

  145. This would make a wonderful evening out, a night to remember! I love the lights and the Keg is one of my favorites so this would be great!

  146. Edwin Cheng

    Would love to win the Keg Lounge tickets!

  147. Paul Davis

    Love to win this.

  148. Michele D

    Sounds like a great night out for me and my hubby.

  149. Joyce

    Sounds amazing!! Love the Fireworks in Vancouver.

  150. Ming

    I’ve never been to the festival. Would love to win this royal treat!

  151. Vivian

    It will be a great night!!!!

  152. louise

    fingers crossed x

  153. Jennifer Perry

    3 of my favourite things: The Keg, Fireworks, and Vancouver!

  154. Ging Caballero

    I would love to win this. Will be an awesome date night. Thanks

  155. Jimmy Hodgson

    Would love to win and bring my lovely lady!!

  156. Dianne L

    Oh how I love the fireworks over English Bay. Would I ever like to win this prize……………

  157. Dora

    W0W!!! Would love to win!!!

  158. Isabelle

    Oh, oh pick me, pick me!!!

  159. shannon hawkey

    Would be a great way to watch the fireworks

  160. Nicole

    I always miss the fireworks please choose me!

  161. Tricia

    I would love to win!

  162. Neena

    Sounds like fun

  163. Marissa

    Fireworks and waterfalls are my two favorite things in the world…PLEASE! There are no waterfalls nearby! :)

  164. Goretti

    It would be such an amazing experience !!!

  165. Angela Arevalo

    I’d like to win those tickets

  166. Candy

    Pick me. Would love to go.

  167. Max

    well who wouldn’t want to win this one?? hope I get it!

  168. Spencer reitenbach

    Awesome prize package

  169. Kevin

    Looking forward to the event!

  170. Natalea

    Love My City!!!!

  171. Vinicius

    Would be awesome to win this!

  172. Chelle

    This would be awesome!

  173. Allison

    The fireworks are the best part if summer in vancouver the sounds you hear all through the city and hearing the cheering for miles away! I would love to win!

  174. Kitty

    I ❤️ Fireworks

  175. Ali

    Girls night out would be nice!

  176. Kristine

    Would love to watch from this view!!

  177. kanis kalam

    Watching fireworks from the keg would the best place. I would love to win this. Thank you

  178. Elyse lenz

    Would love to win!!

  179. yi ki cheng

    Would love to win this!!!! Cheers :)

  180. DEBBIE

    I would love to win this for my hubby and I.. I proposed to him 3 years ago at xmas time, because he told me the only way i was going to get a ring was if he had a ring.. (jokingly) well was he ever shocked when i got down on one knee lol. I would LOVE to re-propose again in front of everyone showing that i mean it. :) heheheh!!!

    it would be great if i could win this.

  181. Vanessa

    Yes please!!!

  182. Heather Simpson

    Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Steak!

  183. Sonia

    Sounds like a great evening!

  184. Jennifer

    Bang! Pop! Wow! Yes please!

  185. liam

    Yes please!

  186. christina

    Yes, please!

  187. Angela

    I can’t remember the last time I was at the Celebration of Light… maybe 10 years ago? Eek!

  188. Maria

    Would love a date night with my hubby!!!

  189. Teresa K

    I’d love to win.

  190. Noel

    This would be one of the best things to win this summer!

  191. Zen DeHoag

    My girlfriend and I are flying in from Arizona to attend. It’s our first time visiting Vancouver and winning these would definitely make it memorable!

  192. Sandra Kraft

    Would absolutely love this memorable experience!

  193. I am just arrived in Vancouver to live for good, and to win this would be the best welcome present I could ever have.

    I also am a enthusiast photographer so I am looking forward to take some cool and magical pix! :)

  194. Would love to win this wonderful prize

  195. Shahee

    Yes pls!!!

  196. Would love to take my husband to this. I know he would be so surprised.

  197. Jill

    Wow! Would love to win these!!

  198. angela

    Looks like fun!!!

  199. alex

    nice firework event

  200. Lerma

    awesome! i would love to win this prize! pick me! pick me! :-)

  201. Dee de los Santos

    A great dinner and a great view of the fireworks – there’s no better prize than that!

  202. Chloe

    Pick me please!

  203. Joon

    First time to see the Honda Celebration of Light!! Would love to win the spot!

  204. Nikki

    My boyfriend has never seen the Celebration of Light! This would make an amazing anniversary gift!

  205. Trish

    An amazing event that I always look forward to see with my family!

  206. This would make for a great date night!

  207. Derek

    Haven’t been to the fireworks for many years. This prize would be awesome!!

  208. Kali

    Would be awesome! Love those fireworks, the peak of the summer season!

  209. Jean

    Would be a fabulous prize to share with my hubby!!

  210. Melodie

    What a great way to view the fireworks! This would be a great experience for a hotel concierge! Definitely something that could be recommended to people to do =]

  211. Julie Huynh

    Me please!! Celebrating our anniversary during the week :)

  212. Spencer Purdy

    Would love to go!

  213. Jocelyn

    This is an awesome prize! I’d love to win it!

  214. Sandi Unger

    Would love to win this….my birthday’s on the 25th….would be a nice birthday gift!!

  215. Melissa Cann

    I’ve missed the celebration of light two years in a row now and I’d love to go!!

  216. wenxiao

    A very fantastico night.

  217. I would love to take my family to the best firework show on earth!

  218. Sam

    Wow that’s amazing! Hope I win :)

  219. Alan Huang

    I can’t wait to be there! It’s going to be so much fun!!

  220. Maureen Grainger

    Visiting from the Uk especially for the fireworks

  221. Caryn

    I still ooh and ahh at fireworks, even at 37 years old!! :)

  222. Lynda

    This sounds amazingly fun for a summer night out!

  223. Judy

    The fireworks are my favourite thing in summer. I have never missed a show. I’m really looking forward to this summer’s presentations at English Bay. They’re always spectacular!

  224. Kim

    Would love to win to leave the burbs and see the show!!!

  225. Happy Birthday to me!! I’ve been waiting 15 years to see this show and it falls on my birthday weekend. What a fantastic way to celebrate!

  226. Wendy

    I haven’t gone for a couple of years but always love the show! It would be so much fun to win!!

  227. Adam & Lilian

    Sounds like a great date night! Hope we win!

  228. Jill K

    Wowzer date night

  229. Jo

    Sounds like a night romantic dinner

  230. Derek

    I cant wait to see the Honda Celebration of Light and will defs be going even if I dont win!!

  231. this would be a great night!

  232. I have always wanted to sit in these seats !!

  233. Shana Kirkland

    Would be an amazing night!

  234. Michelle Parman

    I go every year and “rough ” it. Can’t imagine how awesome it would be to see the show in style!!!

  235. Melissa

    I’d love to win! Fireworks are definitely a Vancouver summer staple.

  236. Johnny

    I want this.

  237. jackie

    I went last year and loved it!! Would love to be able to watch the fireworks again from here!!

  238. It’s my birthday weekend!! I love 54- 40 and I tried to get tickets and they are sold out. I really really really really really want to go :)

  239. Juliana Mary Truesdell

    Please “Light Up My Life” by sending me and my husband Greg to: Honda’s Celebration of Light Fireworks. We are both retired, Pensioners and this would be the very Best Surprise to happen to us.

  240. Denisa

    It’s my best friend’s birthday weekend, would love to take her :)

  241. Kim Pike

    This would make my summer!!!

  242. Mark

    My sister will be in from Maryland for the fireworks. I want to show her how Vancouver does it!!

  243. Michelle Yi

    I would love to win this!!!

  244. Meghan Pritchard

    This would be amazing!

  245. Alice

    Would love to win!!! =)

  246. Anna Day

    Sounds fun!

  247. Tanya

    Would love to win :))

  248. Brenda

    Pick me, pick meeeee please!!!

  249. Paola

    Pick meee! :)

  250. Silvia

    would be awesome to win!

  251. Pearl

    I would love to win this VIP Package!

  252. Shannon

    I hope I win it would be amazing to go!

  253. Carolyn

    I would love to win this. Love fireworks!

  254. Lindsay

    I would love to get some seats instead of standing on the Burrard bridge like every other year! ;)

  255. Kirsten Palmer

    Sounds like a blast!

  256. dee wang

    I want to win!!!!

  257. Mellissa

    I LOVE the Celebration of Light! Such a beautiful event!

  258. Ginny

    This would be amazing to win! Yes please! :)

  259. Ivy

    I’d love to win this!

  260. virginia

    I want this so bad!!

  261. Ryoko

    Would love love LOVE to win this! We are moving from Vancouver, and this would be the best farewell!

  262. David D

    The Keg is the best steak in town. Hook me up!!

  263. Amanda K

    I love fireworks in vancouver! Our beautiful city :)

  264. Sophia S

    Fireworks and good food? Awesome!

  265. kathy

    Favourite restaurant—favourite Vancouver event—-no better spot to watch!!!

  266. Ryan Krokes

    This sounds amazing!!

  267. Mario

    Please I want to win the tickets! ! Perfect date with my wife.

  268. Ana

    If I could have anything for my 27th birthday this would be it.
    I hope to live life to the fullest.
    Excitement, joy and happiness.
    Thank you.

  269. Gord

    Wow! I’d love to win this prize pack! :)

  270. Carrie

    Super excited can’t wait!

  271. Holly

    Oooh me pleeasssee

  272. Lila Simpson

    The dazzling lights of Vancouver. Even more brilliant when lit up be fireworks beautiful. Would love to be there.

  273. Anita

    We are arriving in Vancouver on 25th July from Brisbane, Australia. Would love to win this prize to kick off our holiday :D

  274. Allison M.

    Oooo oo oo oo. Pick me pick me! Over here! :) I look forward to these nights every summer.



  276. Jaime

    My wife & I need these tickets!!!

  277. Jaime

    Tickets please

  278. jenn

    Would love to win these, would be a GREAT place to view them. Good luck to all :)

  279. Anna

    Awwww I want these tickets so bad! Been in BC three years and never managed to go!

  280. Jenna

    I would love this! What a great date!

  281. Isabella Hsiao

    Pick me please!! Thank you!!

  282. Teo Sze Lam

    Can’t wait to go to Vancouver in 6 days times to enjoy the fantastic fireworks from The Keg Lounge. …..

  283. please pick me…i want to see this with my brother who is sick right now. he is in recovery house. i want him to be happy and be with him as FAMILY. thank you.

  284. Courtney

    Pretty please pick me!!!!!! Cherry on top!

  285. Lilian

    It’s one of the best ways to spend the summer!

  286. Tracey

    I look forward tithe Festival of Lights every year! We are so lucky to live in such a fabulous city!

  287. Iris

    Would be a great way to see the fireworks!

  288. Tamsin

    I love fireworks!

  289. june

    So excited about the fireworks!!

  290. Lucy kabatoff

    Awesome! Would love to win.

  291. Linda

    Very cool. Would love to win. Pick me!

  292. Ryan McGechaen

    Yes! I would love to win!

  293. Heloise

    Sounds amazing !!

  294. Randy McCormick

    I never used to miss a fireworks celebration … one year my wife and I even followed them to Montreal …now that I am older, the sand is cold and the crowds are larger … and I no longer attend … but I want to … If I could watch from the Keg Lounge, I would be in heaven … (and my grandchildren would think that I was soooo cool) ….

  295. Jennel

    Honda Celebration of Lights is awesome!!

  296. Shyla

    I’ve never seen the fireworks THAT close. I’d always be up on a hill somewhere in Dunbar. Would be really nice to see it by English Bay this year! Cheers!

  297. Rosalina Culzoni

    Great prize!

  298. L. Wilson

    Count me in, calendar marked.

  299. R.Barto

    Honda Celebration of Lights count me in!!

  300. W T

    It’s my husband’s milestone birthday on July 26! Would love to go see Japan!!!!!

  301. Branka

    I would love to win. Great event. Good luck everyone.

  302. Sandra

    This would be fun! Haven’t seen the fireworks there in years!

  303. Yukiko S

    Sounds like a great night! This is first time to see my country’s fireworks in Vancouver. Special one for me & my love.

  304. Kim

    Would love to win this prize.

  305. Amanda J

    Spectacular!! This prize would be entirely to much fun! Love it!

  306. Tiffany

    Ooh, I wanna win!

  307. Shirley

    It would be my dream to watch the fireworks from there.

  308. John Vanderputten

    Ooooooh. Aaaaaaah. Wooooooow!

  309. Arlene

    Would love to go on July 26 – it would be a great belated B-Day present. Love the keg.

  310. Ronnie

    It would be AMAZING to win this prize pack from one of the BEST restaurants that have been in our great nation for many many Years!! The Keg never let’s you down, they keep updated with the times and they know how to keep everyone coming back for more. To watch the HCOL from their rooftop would be wonderful, looking forward to letting everyone know how good it is :)

  311. Linda

    Just moved to Vancouver and missed the Canada fireworks. Would love to win this competition. :)

  312. Linda

    *Canada Day

  313. Ai

    I reall would to love to win this(≧∇≦)

  314. Vicky

    I hope I win!! :)

  315. Cathy

    Haven’t seen for years. Would love to have date night with hubby and see the fireworks again!

  316. corrine laplante

    The fireworks are one of my favorite things to do in Vancouver! Would love to win this!

  317. Monida

    This would be the perfect wedding gift for us!

  318. Josh

    Would make a perfect night out!

  319. Kristie

    Would love to win this

  320. Bonnie S

    I’ve lived in Vancouver for over 12 years now and never ventured down to see the fireworks in person. would really be a once in a life time :) Would love to renew my love for this amazing city

  321. Harpal

    I would love to win! :D

  322. Virginia Jacob

    Woo Hoo, fireworks, I’m in

  323. Cory Cyr

    Fireworks? Rooftop? I’m in! Fingers and toes crossed ;)

  324. Chantal Carr

    Omg! This would be like winning the lottery! Ohhhhh fingers crossed!

  325. J Lu

    My mom’s never seen the fireworks ! I would love to take her since her health is much better now ! :)

  326. gina


  327. Darlene C

    I haven’t been in years and would live to see the fireworks from the Keg!

  328. Andre Z

    Would make the trek from Mission a little more exciting :) good luck to all!

  329. John M

    Hope I win111

  330. Mag

    Please pick me. Thanks.

  331. Christie

    It will be an awesome night!

  332. Billy

    Excited already

  333. Choco

    Haven’t been to Keg at that location, really wanna try!!

  334. Sarah

    it’s my first summer in Vancouver, this would be amazing!

  335. Zuleika

    Would love to be able to enjoy the fireworks on a rooftop!

  336. Sonia

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  337. Maria

    It would be amazing to win this! Love fireworks!!

  338. Henry

    Sounds like an amazingly fun night! Would feel super lucky to win it. :)

  339. Colleen Wilson

    Wow, that sounds like so much fun!

    I just moved to Vancouver from Winnipeg this July and this will be my first ever ‘Celebration of Lights’. I’m already super excited to be here, and Vancouver residents have been so welcoming.

    My son is visiting us July 26 and we really want to impress him so he moves here too. Winning this would take us over the top. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  340. Amanda

    Haven’t been in years, would love to win this!

  341. Hank

    Free food and drinks at the Keg Lounge?
    Getting me excited cause I love how it sounds
    Haven’t seen the fireworks for about ten years
    But if I get picked, gonna celebrate and drink ten beers!

  342. Dominique

    Arrived 2 years ago in Vancouver, I never missed one of them. Those offshore fireworks are absolutely fabulous and unique, and help promote our so nice city. So excited to watch them in few days, with the family coming from Europe this year!
    Thanks for the organization!

  343. tim

    i love the keg! would be great to enjoy food and the fireworks.

  344. Despina

    Its my birthday and I would love to spend a romantic night with my husband. What an amazing birthday that would be! Oh please light up my night!

  345. Bryan

    Its my wifes birthday. I would love to take her out and experience this amazing night with her. She thinks I’m taking her to dinner & bowling…..what a surprise that would be a night downtown with fireworks!
    If I win, I’ll rent a old fashion limo for her and bring her downtown.
    Your chariot awaits my lady!

  346. Btomasic

    Looking forward to the fireworks this year!

  347. Nick Hsieh

    Just stumbled upon this, why not give it a shot : )

  348. Erin

    Would love to experience the fireworks like this…

  349. Brendan Peterson

    I would love to win one of these! Always look forward to the Celebration of Light every year! The sights, the sounds, the festivities, what’s not to love!?

  350. Brian

    Would love to see this event live. Missed out last year…

  351. Jenn

    This would be an amazing experience and I would love to be able to enjoy this. This time last year I was recovering from an aortic repair surgery and I was unable to attend any activities throughout majority of the summer.

  352. Sebastian

    With a 15% price increase across the menu, winning a KEG dinner is even more important.

  353. Lisa

    Prize pack sounds awesome! Great date night!!

  354. Rachel

    Can’t wait to see my first Celebration of Light! :)

  355. Kayleigh Lum

    I’m super broke and it’s my birthday this week! Also, I have been a vegetarian for 3 years and recently started eating meat again so I think The Keg would be a great place to start!

  356. Carol

    Would be soooo sweet to win this!! Pick me!!!!

  357. KJ

    The inaugural year of the Fire Works (then the Benson & Hedges Symphony of Fire) I was 51/2 months pregnant. Loved it then and every year since. My daughter never missed them throughout her entire childhood!

  358. David

    This is actually a great way to encourage people to comment on and advertise the event
    Can’t wait for this year’s fireworks, but not the crowd

  359. Alison

    Celebrating 3 year being with my guy and it’s be great to have. A art plan xox