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The heartwarming, long-term relationship that’s developed between Campagnolo’s and Main Street Station’s farmer’s market is one that can be tasted, every Wednesday from May to October.  The pairing has blossomed over the last four years, when the market first popped up – a year after the restaurant opened. It’s a mouthwatering testament of the beauty of a close-knit community.

When it started, the farmer’s market wanted to develop a symbiotic relationship with Campagnolo, where the restaurant would refer their guests to shop there, and vice versa. That’s how the concept of Market Wednesdays was inspired.

Every Wednesday between May and October, the chefs at Campagnolo shop at the Main Street Station market and come up with ideas for that evening’s menu based on the produce that inspired them. Everything from cocktails, starters, main dishes and desserts are made with fresh ingredients sourced literally from the restaurant’s backyard. (Although it’s only a few steps away, they still make use of a small trolley provided by the market, to haul all the groceries over.)


“We know it’s springtime when they show up at our backdoor,” says Campagnolo chef and owner Robert Belcham. “We wanted to show the relationships we have with all the farmers, how close that relationship is. Without those farmers, we wouldn’t have a restaurant.”

Some of the market vendors Campagnolo regularly shops from include Crisp Organics, Cropthorne Farm, Sole Food Street Farms, Maan Farms and Shalefield Organic Gardens.

The restaurant is also technically invested in the Main Street station market, as it has its own tiny stall. There, they have bags of dried pasta and pizza spice from Campagnolo Roma, and that’s it. The products are sold by donation and all the proceeds go to Thunderbird Elementary School.)

Last year, they decided to take the idea of celebrating fresh eating even further with the introduction of Midsummer Night dinner – a feast that would honour the peak season of fresh, locally sourced produce. The multi-course family-style dinner, which is paired with Masi wine and served on platters, focuses on the season’s freshest ingredients, sourced that day.


Midsummer Night will take place on August 6th at 7 pm. Tickets are $79 and are available at
No substitutions available.

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