White Spot’s Celebrate BC summer menu returns with fresh local ingredients and B.C. wines ($25 Giftcard Giveaway!)

Photo: White Spot

Photo: White Spot

White Spot unveiled its new Celebrate BC summer menu, featuring local ingredients and select wines from farms and vineyards around the province. White Spot uses more local ingredients than any other full service restaurant chain in the province, and proudly offers a 100% B.C. VQA wine list.

“Since our first restaurant opened in 1928, we’ve been committed to serving guests fresh, B.C. ingredients whenever possible,” said White Spot President Warren Erhart. “Over half our ingredients are locally sourced or produced, and our summer menu celebrates long-standing partnerships with B.C. farmers and winemakers. Hats off to Executive Chef Danny Markowicz, who led a team of Red Seal chefs in creating these innovative dishes.”

Available until September 7, the Celebrate BC menu offers six seasonally-inspired creations:

  • Prawn & BC Brie Flatbread
  • Candied Salmon Spinach Salad
  • BC Beet, Brie & Bacon Bigger Burger
  • Gala Apple & BC Brie Chicken Burger
  • Lois Lake Steelhead with Warm Crispy BC Potato Salad
  • Legendary Burger, Caesar Salad & Fresh BC Blueberry Pie Combo
Photo: White Spot

Photo: White Spot

Celebrate BC menu items have been matched with offerings from local wineries. Perfect pairings for summer include Lois Lake Steelhead with Warm Crispy BC Potato Salad alongside Red Rooster Pinot Gris, Prawn & BC Brie Flatbread with Inniskillin Riesling, and Gala Apple & BC Brie Chicken Burger with Jackson-Triggs Rosé.

“Our summer menu offers guests a true taste of B.C., from fresh blueberries and golden nugget potatoes to brie cheese and Lois Lake Steelhead,” said Executive Chef Danny Markowicz. “Local wine pairings from our in-house sommelier are the perfect way to toast summer.”

How much local food does White Spot serve in a year? Here are just a few examples:


  • Kennebec potatoes: 5.4 million pounds
  • Vine-ripened tomatoes: 542,000 pounds
  • Crisp Cabbage: 473,000 pounds
  • Juicy blueberries: 70,000 pounds
  • Fresh mushrooms: 416,000 pounds

Visit www.whitespot.ca/celebratebc to see the complete Celebrate BC menu, including ‘fresh facts’ about our local ingredients.

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  1. kay

    White spot – comfort food!

    • Elizabeth Pedersen

      I love White spot triple O’s
      there is nothing better!
      Or there homemade soup on
      a cold winters eve

    • Kirsten

      White Spot !!
      Sounds delicious!!!

    • Cathy Guzman

      My husband and I travel to B C every couple of years for a few days and since our first experience of eating at the White Spot we make it a point of eating there as often as possible on our trips there. We will be going in a couple of weeks and we like staying at a hotel that has a white spot attached. My husband is a vegetarian and the first time we tried there veggie burger we called the waitress back to make sure she gave us the right order. Her response was “Yeah it is really good isn’t it” We will definitely be eating there on this trip

  2. Marlene

    I’m hungry! :)

  3. Christie M

    I love Whitespot Burgers!

  4. Mary Anne

    I would love to win

  5. Radhika Khan

    Thanks for the contest, White Spot has delish burgers!

  6. Monty

    Celebrate BC

  7. Angela

    White Spot! Come all the way from the UK just for their breakfast!

  8. Meg

    mmmm whitespot burgers are my favourite kind!

  9. Liam

    Love White Spot burgers!

  10. vicki

    Love White Spot Burgers, they are my favorite

  11. Desiree

    The triple-O sauce is the BEST!

  12. Roses

    Love their fries and gravy!

  13. Ro

    I love White Spot!

  14. Andrea

    I want to win!

  15. Ann holman

    This would be a nice win. We love the white spot. Customers for a long time and hope many more years. Blueberry pie.

  16. Holly

    All options sound fantastic and no burger beats the Spot’s burgers. YUM!

  17. Ron

    Love White Spot burgers!

  18. Leanne


  19. Angela

    Love everything from the salads to fries to burgers and desserts!

  20. Eva

    I’m from Germany and here for 5 Months. I went to White Spot to watch one of the Germany soccer-games of the world cup and the food and coffee was incredibly delicious. Welcoming atmosphere. Loved it and would love to come back :)

  21. Lindsay

    Zoo Sticks :) – comfort food for sure

  22. Robin

    I crave the burger! Now with beets, even better!

  23. Mary

    Yummy!! Love White Spot Burgers, they are my favorite.

  24. Nicole-Ann P

    White Spot is one of my all time faves!

  25. Ruby

    Looking forward to my next “fishwich”

  26. Monalisa

    MMmmm Bc Summer with White Spot!!

  27. Farin

    Me please!

  28. Rachel

    I love burgers !!!

  29. Jill

    Beet and brie on a burger? I’m in!

  30. Lexie

    The prawn and brie flatbread sounds AMAZING

  31. Neena

    Pirate packs forvall

  32. Chris

    I sure wanna win!! I have always loved White Spot :-)

  33. Jeannie

    WE love white spot!

  34. albert

    I hope… ;)

  35. Amanda J

    White spot is good stuff!

    Thanks inside Vancouver for the draw!

  36. Kelli

    With my Dad being a Mgr. I grew up on White Spot. This would be great to be able to have it again!!

    White Spot hits the spot!! :)

  37. Ashley beck

    Best burgers around!

  38. Henry

    Blueberry pie please!

  39. Sally Stacey

    An inspired menu to celebrate the abundance of fresh food we have here in BC, especially in the summer months.

  40. NN

    BC Burger, extra triple O sauce, extra coleslaw, and a pint of Nat Bailey Pale Ale. BAM!!!

  41. Laura

    My first dinner out in Vancouver was at White Spot on West Georgia street, 16 years ago. If i win, i will celebrate there.

  42. Vicky Hall

    Yummy :)

  43. Valerie

    LOVE Whitespot!

  44. brandon


  45. Ken Dow

    Menu sounds great. I’m hungry!! Please include me in the draw. Thanks!!

  46. Kate Roy

    Love Whitespot! Getting hungry now!

  47. Angela b

    This would be fantastic!

  48. Izadora

    Today is my birthday!!!

  49. michael h

    blueberries! i can’t wait for blueberry pie!

  50. Michele

    Love the Burgers!

  51. Harry Georgeson

    Triple O is the best.

  52. Henry

    Triple O burgers are the best!

  53. simin

    i like to try Whitespots burger thanks

  54. Mnm

    I want that BBBBBB now!!! No one bar me puts beets on burgers and I love them oh so much – I also love brie and bacon, I think I’m in love with this burger creation.

  55. Pat Cheung

    Still crazy for your Legendary Platter after all these years!

  56. Richard W

    LOVE White Spot! Lots of great childhood memories!

  57. St

    Sounds yummy

  58. kirsten

    fingers crossed!

  59. Angela

    I love the Triple-O sauce !

  60. Naomi

    I love adult pirate pak day :D

  61. Minnie

    My son loves to go to White Spot since he’s a toddler. Have to go back soon to try out their blueberry pie!

  62. Crissy

    Can’t wait to try on vacation next month!

  63. Maggie

    Please and thanks!

  64. Carla

    Gosh, it’s been ages since I’ve been to a White Spot. The Summer menu looks delicious.

  65. Wendy C

    Gala Apple & BC Brie Chicken Burger sounds absolutely yummy! =)

  66. Vince

    I’m thinking one of these gift cards would be spent very well on Pirate Pak Day.

  67. Youri from belgium

    Hello, we are visiting Vancouver in August! Would be great to win a $25 White Spot Gift Card Giveaway! We cross our fingers :-) .

    Greets from Belgium and cu soon.

  68. Joyce

    i love whitespot’s chicken burger, mushroom burger and their salmon burger….
    sooo hungry!!

  69. sneh

    Love Whitespot. One place food is always good . Love summer favor.

  70. Jean

    My families’ favorite restaurant. My daughter always asks to go to the one on North Road when we drive passing every day.

  71. Sandra

    our family’s go to spot is White Spot!

  72. Shannon

    Legendary. … burgers

  73. Scott

    Id order a bigger Better BC Burger.

  74. Melanie

    Love their milkshakes!!!

  75. Bonnie

    Whitespot is the best!

  76. Ginny

    I love BC burgers!

  77. Always a fan of their burgers.

  78. Dianne L

    Loved it since I was a kid…..and that was a very long time ago!!!

  79. aw

    Triple O!

  80. Diana

    Sounds delicious! I’d love to try some of the new menu items out!

  81. Jeanette

    love mushroom burgers!


    nom nom nom nom

  83. mac

    Fish & chips!

  84. Maddie

    White Spot hits the spot!

  85. heidi

    Family memories at White Spot :)

  86. Cathy Lowrey

    I visit White Spot regularly. The food is always tasty and reasonably priced. I love their coleslaw.

  87. Kim Francis

    Yes please!!!

  88. caroline

    Blueberry pie!

  89. Sabie

    I had the BC Burger yesterday and was in heaven, love White Spot!

  90. Kim Francis

    Yes please!!!!

  91. christophe


  92. Angela


  93. Summer weather

    Can’t wait to try their menu sometime :)

  94. Gigi

    Yummm, White Spot!

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    Nobody’s ever too old for a Pirate Pack!

  96. Cathy

    Love White Spot burgers!

  97. Brie

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  98. Anna McLeod

    My favourite burger spot!

  99. Monica Trejo

    Summer is always a great occasion to vary the menu and it is wonderful that white spot in addition to always offer a delicious variety of menu, cares about the community and support local farms undoubtedly a great job! I love it, my favorites the burgers !! ;)

  100. t

    Fresh local ingredients are good!

  101. Melissa

    We’ve been going to White Spot for years. Such a tradition :)

  102. Eugene

    My kids love the Pirate Packs and I love the different menu selection.

  103. Erica Potts

    Love White Spot!

  104. Cheesebuger,Cheeseburger ,Cheesebuger,Pepsi,Chips!!!

  105. Richard Lee

    Haven’t won yet! please let it be me this time! haha

  106. Sophia S

    Oh, haven’t had white spot for a long while!

  107. WW

    I love White Spot!

  108. Shannon hawkey

    Mmmmm.burger and fries

  109. Jenia

    White Spot has great food, love it!

  110. Bev

    The Triple O burger is my comfort food!

  111. Claudio

    Hmmmm…..white spot triple O and fries!

  112. Alice

    I love White Spot !

  113. SK

    Yum, delicious White Spot!

  114. Mona

    Terrific menu at a terrific restaurant
    We love dining at White Spot!

  115. Mary-Louise Aro

    Always a fun place to have dinner at!

  116. Mike

    It’s Triple-O Tuesday today! Whitespot’s burgers are the bomb

  117. Kirsten Palmer

    White Spot hits the spot!

  118. Stacey

    Just moved out west and haven’t tried White Spot yet. We don’t have this restaurant in Ontario. I need a reason to visit :)

  119. Joanne Johnson

    Always one of my first stops every year when I return home… So miss the burgers.

  120. Eva

    I’ve been waiting all year for their blueberry pies! Love them!

  121. Josephine

    With $25…Blueberry pie for me, Pirate Pak for my little girl…yum!

  122. Patti

    I crave a triple-O!!!!

  123. Dana


  124. MIKE

    I have been visiting Vancouver and BC since 2001 and tradition is breakfast and dinner every possible day at White Spot. Will continue to do so in future due to good food,great staff and reasonable cost. From our former favourite Seymour & West Georgia to Richmond and The Island to Kamloops and everywhere in-between. Most of our friends are hooked when they come from Australia to visit. I could do with a Nats or a Sunny start right NOW.

  125. june

    Love the food :-D

  126. Lilian

    White Spot is one of the best parts of living on the West Coast!

  127. Legendary here I come!

  128. Shannon

    Love White Spot!

  129. Michelle Allan


  130. Nancy

    That gala apple and brie chicken burger looks pretty good!

  131. Erin

    Love white spot

  132. Jill

    I confess, I’m hooked.

  133. Yum! Love the locally inspired dishes :)

  134. Anjela Godber

    Would love to win this and check out the summer menu

  135. Michelle

    I travel to Vancouver each quarter for work and never miss a visit or two or three to White Spot. Never had a bad meal, everything is great. My favorite… the mini blueberry pies! yummy

  136. Michelle


  137. chrissy

    yes! my fave!

  138. maria

    I love whitespot!

  139. Sandy Fernandes

    My whole family just loves White Spot… No one can beat your burgers and blueberry pie!

  140. Kim

    yummm White Spot is comfort food.

  141. Rondelle

    Heading over to Vancouver from Australia in 2 weeks’ time. My sisters’ 4 children (2 yo to 11 yo) have already told me about Whitespot – no doubt a hint they’d like me to treat them to a meal ;-)

  142. becky

    mmmmmmm I want the Steelhead. And all the other ones, too, actually.

  143. sanji

    Very tasty burgers.. Love to win a gift card and visit them again..;)

  144. Dalyce

    Great family reataurant! My kids love the kids menu!!

  145. Derek

    Great food plus the kids luv the Pirate Paks!!

  146. Jean

    We would like to go to White Spot more often. Tasty food for the whole family!!

  147. Jessica

    who doesn’t love white spot milkshakes?

  148. Raeann

    Love White Spot!!

  149. Barb

    Our family favourite ☆

  150. Janet Keats

    I love White Spot and have lots of memories of going with my gramma when there was a drive-in in Vancouver. This menu makes my mouth water!

  151. Vivian

    I would like to win and bring my kid to White Spot!!!

  152. Fiona Law

    White Spot burgers are great!

  153. Rob Henderson

    Love White Spot burgers!!!

  154. Lindsay

    Yum, love the triple o’s sauce. Tasty!

  155. Mila M.

    A White Spot burger and fries with an ice cold bottle of GI Raspberry Ale would sound perfect right about now.

  156. Rose

    Love white spot.
    missed it when I went out east :-)

  157. Barbara Kisiel

    burgers-only from white spot!!!

  158. Krystle Olsen-Chang

    Looove White Spot!!!

  159. Sandra Gibbs

    Sign me up…

  160. karen

    MMMM yes please!!

  161. Eleanor

    Would love to try the White Spot Summer menu!

  162. Michelle Reitsma

    Have been going to Whitespot for the last 37 years. I love their burgers but really miss their hot fudge Sundays, apple crisp, and deep fries mushrooms. Please bring them all back :) but winning the gift card would be satisfying as well ;)

  163. E

    White Spot please


    Love White Spot meals….

  165. Carla

    Fabulous memories of taking my son as a little boy for special occasions at the White Rock location and letting him order a Pirate Pack. Fast forward a good 20 years later and I am still going to WS: only, this time, I went to the West Georgia location, after his wedding, to celebrate with relatives from Holland.

    An icon of BC, employing our people and sourcing our products for their delicous menu items.

  166. Dani

    Yum! So many great summer meal options!

  167. Sarah G


  168. rebecca

    white spot’s always a staple favorite place to go!

  169. Sandra

    Great family friendly place!

  170. Rachelle

    Fresh, deelish comfort food, always hits the Spot ;-)

  171. Melissa Cox

    Awesome! I love White Spot!

  172. Brittney Bertrand

    Great Food, Great Atmosphere! Love taking my family out for some Legendary Burgers MmMmMmMmmmmmm

  173. Despina

    White Spot!!!!!!!!! Whooooooo baby

  174. Bryan

    Ahhhhhhh yaaaaaaa! Burgers are delicious! Would love to win :)

  175. Brett

    Nice additions to the menu… thumbs up for the Corporate Chef

  176. Jennifer

    oooh gonna get me a monty mushroom burger platter and blueberry pie!!!!!

  177. kim

    pirate paks are the best! :p

  178. Sophia


  179. kayla

    mmm.. burgers!

  180. Gloria

    My daughter loves White Spot. I hope we win!

  181. Gord

    I love the legendary burger :)

  182. Iain

    Love the Legendary.

  183. Ada Yip

    I love the burgers… yummm……

  184. Marian

    So delicious!

  185. I love
    mushroom burger and poutine.

  186. Anita Enqvist

    Mum’s favorite place – would take her to enjoy her Legendary Burger….and for me the poutine is awesome!

  187. Anita

    Mum’s favorite place – would take her to enjoy her Legendary Burger….and for me the poutine is amazing!

  188. Cat

    I’d love some of that blueberry pie!

  189. Linda

    Sounds delicious!

  190. Trudy

    White Spot still has the best burgers around!!!

  191. Barb T

    always a good choice for dinner

  192. Linda

    One of my favorite places to go!!

  193. Trudy

    Whitespot is one of the things I love about BC

  194. Robert

    I love White Spot’s milkshakes!

  195. Niki

    Best burger ever, love the triple O!!!

  196. Lynn Montes

    Loooooooooooooooove White Spot!! Legendary burgers are the beeeeeeeeeeeeeest!!! :))))

  197. Lisa

    Love Whitespot’s menu!

  198. Michael

    Really nice

  199. Liana Marie

    I love White Spot!

  200. Diane

    Did I win?…..LOL…..LOVE White Spot !!!!!

  201. Candice Choi

    White Spot is a BC trademark!

  202. Ryoko

    White Spot’s fresh blueberry pie is amaaaazing!!!

  203. Lisa Chiu

    Where’s the Chicken Pickens? Enjoyed it last year. Would love it see it again

  204. Teresa

    Sounds yummy , haven’t been there in awhile

  205. Has anyone mentioned how delicious the milkshakes are yet?

  206. Sandra

    I’m excited to try them all!!

  207. Ricky

    Whitespot is my favourite restaurant in Vancouver.

  208. Jen

    I love that White Spot takes sourcing local seriously! It helps the local farmers and producers and creates fresher, tastier food!

  209. Aaron Lee

    I’m hungry!

  210. Teresa Khan

    I love white spot!

  211. Whitespot is a spot I’ve never tried

  212. tracy

    this sounds delicious!

  213. Yummmmm!!

  214. Dianne

    My family loves White Spot!

  215. Naomi

    I like winning things and havnt had white spot in years! :)

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    Nothing else tastes like Whitespot!

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    I missed Whitespot when I was in the east for 3 years.

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    nyummm…. craving for a good burger :)

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    Love White Spot!!

  226. Siobhan

    Hi I think White Spot has the best burgers I like the ledengery burger it’s my favourite.

  227. Sarah

    Yes please! :)

  228. Shirley Meeker

    Me, me, me.
    White Spot is one of my all time favorites. I go there often, especially the one across from Hard Rock Casino. Food inside the Casino isn’t good, but White Spot is always there to prepare me for an evening of wrangling with the slots.

  229. Fara

    Whitespot had been a favorite family dining night for many years from the traditional legendary burger to the seasonal additions. Summer at whitespot is the place to be!

  230. alicia p

    White Spot burgers and a classic plate are the best

  231. Amy

    White spot yummy

  232. Olivia

    I luv whitespot!!

  233. gina

    triple o sauce!!

  234. Paul young

    Iam a great fan of white spot!

  235. winnie


    winnie Tam

  236. Yuhyun

    I♥White Spot!

    I can’t wait to eat the summer menu…

  237. Fernanda Foschi

    Just came to Canada. Can’t wait to try it :)

  238. chris

    My kids love the pirate packs

  239. Joanne

    Whitespot brings back fond childhood memories …always so excited for the “carhop” to arrive! Born in Vancouver 62 years ago… :)

  240. Joanne

    Whitespot brings back fond childhood memories …always so excited for the “carhop” to arrive! Born in Vancouver 62 years ago… and still live here :)

  241. Frank

    There is always room for their famous milkshakes, fries and ANY burger they come up with, classic or newly featured.

  242. Will be visiting BC from Tokyo this summer, and cannot wait to try out the Legendary White Spots Burger. I like how they take pride in leveraging local ingredients. Got lots to learn and taste here. My Tokyo Burger Blog readers will hear all about this soon.

  243. Robbie

    So in love with this city!

  244. Grace

    Love white spot triple o’s. Use to eat it everyday when I worked across from one a few years back. Still eating/craving them! Love the burgers.

  245. JJ Peterson

    Yum :)

  246. kal


  247. Emily

    Gotta try that chicken burger! Sounds delicious!

  248. Joyce Lee

    Yummy!! Want to try the prawn and Brie flatbread!!

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  250. Brenda


  251. Mary

    Adult Pirate Pak day is the best day of the year!

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    Love the Legendary Burger!

  253. Sarah

    I’m so excited for the legendary burger with salad and bc blueberry pie combo to be back!!!
    My family and I LOVE white spot!!!

  254. Melodie

    I would love to try the Legendary Burger!!!

  255. Can’t wait to try the Gala Apple & BC Brie Chicken Burger!!!

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    Sounds delicious!

  257. Chelle

    This would be a great family night out!

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    Mmm yum!

  259. Scott

    Double double platter….mmmmmm

  260. Yum Yum!

  261. Jen

    Love White Spot – my favourite restaurant!

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    Yummy blueberry pie and milkshakess!

  263. Ashley Finch-Field

    Yum :)

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    Yum!! Life time of memories at White Spot.

  265. Cherryl

    All I can say is Yum!

  266. Marion

    My favourite!!

  267. The BC Burger is my fave burger, and nothing hits the (white)spot in Summer like one of their delicious chocolate shakes!

  268. Noel

    Can’t wait for more different foods and local specialties!! Excited to come to white spot more this summer.

  269. Double Double Mmmmmmmm.

  270. Ron

    White Spot !

  271. Sam

    Thank :)

  272. Anna

    I love White Spot!

  273. Kris

    Love the breakfast menu @Whitespot!

  274. Nina

    Have got to love their blueberry pie

  275. Melissa Ng

    Burgers so good!

  276. Vhijay

    Whitespot, a Very Vancouver Legend!

  277. Ming

    My family and I love White Spot. Comfort food and good memories

  278. Lori N

    Looking forward to the blueberry pie !

  279. sharyle lyndon

    some of my favourite feel good memories are at white spot. Ho’omaika’i’ana to the winner,hoping it
    might be me

  280. Emil

    love going there and that there history is a part of vancouver’s own history

  281. Luc

    Good hangover food… haha

  282. Nav

    Love white spot burgers!!!

  283. Hannah

    I would luuuuv to be a kid again and have a PIRATE SHIP pack!

  284. Yung

    I love White Spot, especially The Legendary burger

  285. Wally

    I love White Spot burgers.

  286. sarah

    mmmmm, steelhead to share with my baby :)

  287. Xing

    I love taking my family to White Spot!

  288. Diana

    Love Whitespot, one of my go to places and their dippin’ chicken is my favourite

  289. Sherry

    Great food. Fantastic Customer Service. Summertime and evertime is Whitespot time !

  290. Martin

    yummy! :p

  291. Wayne

    The blueberries look fantastic!

  292. Bonnie

    I love winning prizes