Social Media Press Trip in Vancouver


Last week, four internationally recognized bloggers and photographers travelled to Canada as guests of the Canadian Tourism Commission, Destination BC and Tourism Vancouver. During their stay – which included a visit to the Pemberton Music Festival and once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride back to Vancouver – they hit the city streets and shared their Vancouver explorations with a combined hundreds of thousands of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Facebook followers.

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3 Responses to Social Media Press Trip in Vancouver

  1. Theresa Lamb

    Brilliant videos. I grew up in Vancouver, so every scene and nuance is especially important. Although it would be equally wonderful to have enlisted a couple of Vancouverites to show the world, Vancouver. And these guys are a wee bit entitled, and although they’re extremely gracious, thankful, grateful…it seems it would’ve truly been great, as I’ve already mentioned, to have found some fabulous tour guides who were born in Vancouver.

    • Justin Beef

      looking at this piece I have to disagree with your comment. This appears to be more of a sharing of an article rather than a traditional blog post. Frankly.. i think its great that they’re foreign… coming here, sharing with their own followers in their own countries.. the amazing city that is Vancouver. Sure we can toot our own horn with a local blogger, but I look at this one as more sincere given that its from a foreign perspective. my two bits.

  2. twocentsworth

    Rocky Mountains? And these guys were guests of the Tourism Commission. It’s the Coast Mts!