Vancouver Ranked Top 10 in the World for Skyscrapers

Photo credit: MagnusL3D | Flickr

Photo credit: MagnusL3D | Flickr

It turns out downtown Vancouver really is a concrete jungle.

Vancouver reached lofty new heights this week, when it was ranked one of the world’s top 10 cities by number of skyscrapers.  With 663 highrises, Vancouver ranks ninth on the list prepared by, between Mexico City and Montreal (full list below).

The top city overall on the list is New York, with 5,894 highrises.  The highest ranking Canadian city is Toronto (2nd overall) with 2,005 highrises. (A highrise is defined as having at least 12 storeys.)

But what sets Vancouver apart is its population.  The city itself has just 616,537 people, whereas every other city on the top 10 list has at least 1.6 million people.  This works out to mean that Vancouver has more skyscrapers per resident than any major city on the planet.

Photo credit: Grondin | Flickr

Photo credit: Grondin | Flickr

Vancouver’s tallest building is the Shangri-La on West Georgia Street.  Completed in 2008, it’s 62 floors (201 metres) and houses a hotel and residential units on the upper floors.  In second place is the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia on Howe Street, which was finished in 2012 and comes in at 48 floors (158 metres).  Taking third place is the Sheraton One Wall Centre, built in 2001 and measuring 48 floors (150 metres).

Photo credit: lt_paris | Flickr

Photo credit: lt_paris | Flickr

Vancouver’s first skycraper is generally regarded to be the Dominion Building, opened in 1909.  Rising 13 floors (53 metres), the ornate Second-Empire-style structure on West Hastings Street was once the tallest commercial building in the British Empire.  From 1977-2001, the city’s tallest building was the iconic Harbour Centre on West Hastings Street. The 45-floor (146 metre) structure is best known for its distinctive UFO-shaped top.

There are currently several major new highrises in the works, including the 52-floor Vancouver House near Granville Street and the 67-floor (188-metre) Trump Tower on West Georgia Street.  Don’t expect any more record-setting skyscrapers in Vancouver anytime soon, though.  Height restrictions mean the Shangri-La will reign over the city for the foreseeable future.

Photo credit: Tom Quine | Wikipedia

Photo credit: Tom Quine | Wikipedia

Top 10 cities in terms of number of highrises (from

1. New York City – 5,894 (pop. 8.2 million)

2. Toronto – 2,005 (pop. 2.6 million)

3. Shanghai – 1,202 (pop. 13.5 million)

4. Tokyo – 1,185 (pop. 8.6 million)

5. Chicago – 1,150 (pop. 2.8 million)

6. Kiev – 1,092 (pop. 2.7 million)

7. Hong Kong – 970 (pop. 7 million)

8. Mexico – 762 (pop. 8.7 million)

9. Vancouver – 663 (pop. 0.6 million)

10. Montreal – 619 (pop. 1.6 million)

What do you think of Vancouver’s skyline? 

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