Huge Slip N’ Slide may come to Vancouver in the future

Huge Slip N' Slide Vancouver

Image courtesy of Slide the City

What’s summer without getting a little wet! A company simply titled “Slide the City” has listed Vancouver as one of the to-be-determined locations to host their giant 1,000 foot long and 22 foot wide water slides. Started in Salt Lake City, Slide the City is a company that roves from town to town bringing joy in the form of a giant slip n’ slide.

How giant? A good 3 football fields worth of length! The slide is used as a fundraising event for Ronald McDonald House and Aids Foundations in the city. Aside from its good cause, Slide the City is a also a family-friendly water party event. It boasts live music, food, drinks, water, and –of course– the biggest slip n’ slide to ever hit the pavement.

Slide the city vancouver

Image courtesy of Slide the City

There are eight locations across Canada that may be hosting the giant slide, and Vancouver is lucky to be a city that is being considered. At this time the location of the Vancouver event is still TBD, but we’ve only got a few weeks of summer left, so hopefully they determine the location soon!

Tickets to slide cost around $15 for single slides, $25 for triple, and $35 for unlimited access. But, it’s all going to a good cause!

To keep an eye on the potential Vancouver giant water slide, check out the Slide the City website or Facebook page.

Slide the city vancouver

Image courtesy of Slide the City

Where do you think the Vancouver Slide the City giant waterslide should be hosted? Ontario Street? The Lions Gate Bridge? Lonsdale in North Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section!

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29 Responses to Huge Slip N’ Slide may come to Vancouver in the future

  1. Karla J

    Down West 4th…it’s a great hill…they used it a couple years ago for the Red Bull Soap Box Derby…it was the perfect spot!

  2. Electric Erik

    Gotta go for Lonsdale ave in North Van!

    Nice steady slope. Beautiful views of the water and city at the same time. Will make for great pics of the event.

  3. MoogsC

    Looks like fun – but good luck finding a street in Vancouver without potholes in it! Lonsdale in NVan would be way too steep imho.

  4. Jai

    Eighth street to Stewardson Way in New West- that hills plenty steep! Awesome!

  5. Ryan

    Lions gate would be epic but we could never get away with shutting that bridge down, I think straight down Granville in the heart of downtown would be amazing

  6. Garrett

    Royal Oak from Grange to Deer Lake Parkway in Burnaby! Nice Looooong, uninterrupted slope! Sign me up!! :)

  7. Hmm

    We can’t have that it Vancouver. That would make Vancouver less of a boring city if we add more fun. Lol.

  8. Reid Dalgleish

    Davie Street – Jervis to Denman should just about do it :)

  9. Eric

    22nd Street in West Vancouver. Nice long steep with amazing views!

    • jimbob

      22nd is way too fucking steep, and it has all the flat spots where the roads cross making for a very bumpy ride

  10. Sylvia

    Down Cambie Street

    • Keith

      It would have to be a place that could accommodate a lot of parking…quite a few spots down Cambie street. How about Pine street from 4th Ave to Kits beach?

  11. Yvette Gregori


  12. zoma

    Lion gates!!!!! Wohoooo

  13. Konlynn Pachon

    it needs to come to kelowna !!! too please……

  14. annette

    awesome, Vancouver so deserves this !!!

  15. JP

    Davie Street Down to the English Bay!!!

  16. How is this even a debate?
    Water Street. Obviously!

  17. Arlene P

    New Westminster 8th Street beside Douglas College. In the heart of the Lower Mainland!

  18. Mere

    Down Lynn valley Road in Lynn Valley. Start at the top and have the slide go down to where the canyon road starts…pretty quiet…easy to close off, because there are many side streets and it’s a hill but not too much :)

  19. Who cares where it is? Just bring it!!!!!

  20. kia

    North Vancouver

  21. Joan Jung

    Heather street, going right past the new Ronald McDonald House.

  22. Mary

    Westwood Plateau in Coquitlam

  23. karen foot

    Arbutus from 7ave down to kits beach???

  24. Helen

    Lonsdale in North Vancouver would be the perfect location. Very central since right by the SeaBus which connects to the SkyTrain. Also Waterfront Park at the base of Lonsdale would be a perfect place for picnics and food and music with views of the city.
    Accessible for all
    Gorgeous views of the City, the Mountains and Indian Arm Waterway
    Great Slope
    Waterfront Park for festivities

  25. Chris

    If you are going to go for it, go big!
    The Grouse Grind……bring your own parachute.

  26. Alison M

    The Drive!

  27. desirae

    I think it should come to vancouver island that would sure be a hit over here