Rugby Is Back In Vancouver! Win Tickets to Canada vs. Japan June 11


It’s back, it’s bigger, and it’s one day only! Following the 60,000-spectator wave that began in March with the Rugby Sevens tournament, history is being made as our Canadian National Men’s team plays at BC Place for the first time on Saturday June 11th.

Challenging our men’s team is Japan, who stunned the Rugby World last year when they went 3-1 at the Rugby World Cup, including a famous victory over South Africa. Canada and Japan have a storied rivalry, and have been playing each other since 1932. With Canada currently ranking at 18th in the world, and Japan at 10th, this is your chance to cheer for the team and fill the stadium with red and white (which really, is relevant no matter which team you’re into.) The louder you cheer, the more likely they are to win – at least that’s what I’m told, so it must be true. Be loud online as well by tagging #RISEAsOne to connect with the team and other fans.

Get your tickets for as low as $19 here.

Please note this contest is now closed. Winners have been chosen and notified by email.

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89 Responses to Rugby Is Back In Vancouver! Win Tickets to Canada vs. Japan June 11

  1. Tony Smolock

    Let’s hope for a big crowd on the 11th.

  2. Aarone Mawdsley

    I would love to win

  3. joanna

    i echo first comment as i would love to win also.

    • joanna

      oops, i mean second comment.

  4. Doug

    Let’s go watch the game!

  5. michael

    Come on Canada! beat one of the up and coming nations in rugby and show the world Canada means business

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  7. Nigel Bruce

    Rugby is the only real football game, where a try really is a touchdown!
    Wanna go!

  8. Swampo

    Great to see international rugby at BC place!

    • Way to go. Denny would be proud of our teams. Laurie

  9. Would love to go to this game! The Rugby Sevens tourney at BC Place was outstanding!

  10. Dean

    The only game where Iron Mike will not get censured if he took a bite…

  11. Roxy

    I love that Rugby Canada is making an effort to carve out a presence here and garnering more fans. Go CANADA!

  12. Mark farr

    It’s about time Go Canada Go!

  13. Alicia

    Would love to win. Go Canada!!

  14. Maren

    I’d be in!!

  15. Lea

    Canada for the win!!😊✌

  16. Clare

    This is going to be an amazing game. So happy it’s being held at such a big venue.

  17. Jordon Yim

    Wife is a huge Rugby fan, would be treat to see this event line…Go Canada Go!

  18. Andy

    Rugby is a fantastic sport and the chance to see an international match in person should not be missed – encourage all to attend. Best wishes to the Canadian side for a big win. Ruck over!

  19. Gian

    Love rugby! would be awesome to see it in person

  20. Tina

    go Canada GO!

  21. Ali

    #GoCanadaGo #redandwhite #RiseAsOne #rugby #TeamCanada #YVR

  22. Patricia

    #gocanadago let’s fill the stadium!!

  23. Jon

    This game will be a thriller! 👌🌟

  24. Edith Rennes

    I’d love to win this for my son…he played rugby for years

  25. Kim McBride

    Would love to see Canada play rugby live for the first time and cheer them on!

  26. Lisa

    I would LOVE to surprise hubby with tickets! It would make his year :-)

  27. Sharon

    What another exciting event in our own Vancouver 😊

  28. kevin

    Go Canada!!

  29. Nicole Melanson

    Love seeing Rugby action!
    Canada for the win!! Sorry Japan

  30. Daniel

    I would like to watch a phenomenal match!

  31. Bill Richardson

    Two great teams — a match not to be missed!

  32. John

    Thanks for updating Rugby at last on your site! Was an
    avid rugby player, and pleased to see Vancouver honouring
    the game. Enjoyed the Sevens in March, and would love to
    see this game.

  33. Laura

    Go Canada! Please enter me to win!

  34. Frank Green

    Would love to take my daughter, who is member of the Vanier senior girls rugby team that just missed being provincial champs by 1 point, to see this level of rugby

  35. sarah

    I’d love to win tickets to this.

  36. Would love to take my grandaughter who plays rugby!

  37. John

    #rednation #riseasone let’s show our new head coach Mark Anscombe and Rugby Canada where the heart and soul of rugby is in Canada.

  38. Emily T

    When I first watched Rugby, was when the All Black New Zealand team played against Australia. I didn’t know rugby was this exciting! Definitely open my eyes to a very physical and strategic sport. Love it!

  39. Angela J

    We are HUGE fans since attending the rugby 7s Vancouver event! Would love to see this match up

  40. Annette

    It would be great to go see Canada play for my first rugby game in Vancouver :)

  41. Bonnie

    I have a special friend who is a huge Rugby fan! I know he would appreciate these tickets and I know he would love to see this live!

  42. Jane

    We went to the Rugby 7s and had a great time!!

  43. Midori

    It was fun to watch the Rugby 7s even I didn’t know the rule. This time, I know the rule and will cheer for Team Japan🇯🇵

  44. rob probst

    2 great teams to watch. hope to go

  45. Larry

    It would be great to see this match. Go Canada1

  46. Maria McLean

    My son would love to go to this!

  47. Cindy Fuailefau

    Go Canada go

  48. Sweet! And I just recently decided to make the switch from NFL to rugby — I hope I win :-)

  49. Michelle

    Love to take my 9 year old rugby player :)

  50. Gary

    Looking forward to seeing Canada win big.

  51. Lori

    I’d love to treat my guests from Brazil to this game in Vancouver, they are excited to see BC Place!

  52. Cecilia

    Go Canada Rugby🏉🇨🇦

  53. Susan

    Go Canada Go !!
    Would love to win tickets and take our guests from WA State

  54. Ewan Johnstone

    Rugby 7s were great fun this would be a great show.

  55. Norma Hawkinson

    Before The B.C. Lions, before The Vancouver Canucks, before the Vancouver Grizzlies and before The Whitecaps…there was Rugby! Kick it Old School! Canada vs Japan, a long standing rivalry that will make for a great game. Yes, please! I’d love tickets!

  56. Kirsty

    I loooooove rugby and have not seen a live game in over a decade… I am sooooo happy that rugby is becoming more and more popular here in Canada… that would be a fantastic game to see, both Japan and Canada are world class teams (both great to watch in the world cup last year)…. I would absolutely love to be there!

  57. Holly

    I’d love to take my high school rugby playing daughter to this! She was so sad to miss Provincials this year after qualifying as they couldn’t get enough players to go. Her last chance as she graduates this year.

  58. Blanka

    We’re all essentially very different. But one thing we do have in common here, is that we all love rugby.

  59. Janet

    Would love to cheer Canada on!

  60. Betty lui

    Would love to go!

  61. Leanne S

    I’d love to see this game!

  62. Daniel

    Go team Canada! Would love to see them play!

  63. Daniel

    Canada! Would love to see them play!

  64. Isaac Borden

    Go Canada Go!

  65. Sandra

    Go Canada! Would love to see play!

  66. Vince B

    I missed the Rugby 7’s tourney but I’ll definitely make this game.

  67. Brittany

    Go Canada! I’d love to see this game!

  68. Mel

    Go Canada!

  69. TERRY

    My son played sevens on his school team this year for his introduction to rugby. Loved it, and he would love to go to this game.

  70. Gaston Baillargeon

    Hope to go

  71. Coreen

    Had my 1st experience at the Rugby 7s here in March 2016 in Vancouver with some Maori friends who had travelled all the way here from NZ to cheer for the All Blacks!
    It was fantastic and exciting and of course I was exhilarated watching & hearing back from Team Canada that we as fans helped to encourage them!
    Would love to see this game against Japan! Go Canada!

  72. Ari

    Would love a chance to go to this! <3

  73. Cindy Smith

    Love rugby and would love to win tickets

  74. I haven’t seen a rugby game before – I’m sure my rugby friends can tell me if I win and we go.

  75. Indiana

    It’s my boyfriends birthday that day and how amazing it would be to take him to a game!!

  76. Shannon Gona

    Pick me! I have yet to see a live rugby game and would absolutely LOVE it!

  77. Kate

    How exciting for us, surely will be an epic game that I hope Canada will win! Would love to be cheering there live as we take it :D

  78. Bruno

    I’d love to get these tickets once I’m a big fan of rugby and I am from Brazil! So it would be an awesome experience to watch a match here in Vancouver!!!

  79. Virginia M

    Lovely! With Rugby we re-unite!! Big fan from Kenya and love Vancouver, so Ihave nothing to lose.😤charge!

  80. Vlada

    Go Canada Go

  81. Tina L.

    We would love to go to the game.

  82. I’ve never seen a 7’s rugby game except on TV , and would sincerely appreciate winning the tickets tpo see Canada in action . I’d proudly wear my red .

  83. Ryan

    Would love to Cheer on CANADA, saw some of the fans dressed up for the last tournament aND would love to join in!

  84. Chelsea

    Would love to win! Go Canada!

  85. Denise

    Missed Rugby 7s so this would be fantastic!

  86. Monica Nahwegahbow

    Would love to win these tickets!

  87. Jeannie L

    Haven’t seen a live rugby match before. It would be awesome to see!