Photo: Rob Weiss

Widely recognized as an Instagrammable Hotspot, Vancouver is a photographer’s dream! How can we go wrong with spectacular beaches, a growing modern cosmopolitan skyline and a dramatic snowcapped mountain backdrop? In solidarity with my fellow “grammers,” I am constantly on the hunt for that “perfect” shot. Recently, I found myself in the heart of downtown on a beautiful, bright and sunny west coast day. As I casually strolled the city streets, I found myself captivated by a series of fascinating reflections. Voila, immediately in front of me lay a whole new way to envision our magnificent city.

Photo: Rob Weiss

Intrigued, I continued my walk with a new passion and purpose. Reflective surfaces surrounded me and invited exploration.  I discovered symmetry where I had never seen it before. As I strolled along the seawall, the ocean lay before me. Sailboat masts and yacht hulls were mirrored on the unruffled surface of the water. Image edges became ruffled where the wind mischievously played with the water. I realized the canvas before me was ever-changing, mirroring the ebb and flow of city life. Movement, texture and light reflected off a variety of surfaces in different ways, sparking my imagination.

Photo: Rob Weiss

I took my gaze upwards, towards the modern glass skyscrapers that embody downtown. Instantly, I began to see these massive buildings in a different light. My new perspective had me observing the “concrete jungle” with a renewed sense of purpose. Before me lay a glass gallery, an impressive, surrealistic, outdoor gallery that presented new works of art almost by the minute. Images of clouds, buildings, and people were playfully presented and distorted. Colours were continually changing, reflecting the mood of the moment.

Photo: Rob Weiss

Quickly, I realized more than structures and skyscapes were reflecting off the glass. Inadvertently, I was also capturing images of people. Hosts of people on sidewalks, waiting for buses and stoplights. People on their way to meetings, to events or perhaps like me on leisurely strolls. Mirrored images of the social fabric of our city. Later, as I viewed my pictures, I wondered if the folk I had accidentally photographed had noticed their reflection and if they were able to see themselves in a whole new light. Personally, my perception of Vancouver and our modern urban environment has been forever changed, and that is indeed something to reflect on.

Photo: Rob Weiss

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  1. Diane Sully

    What fantastic pictures Rob and as always beautifully written Jane!

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