Come Soar Over China! Flyover Canada Ticket Giveaway


Back by popular demand!

FlyOver Canada was overwhelmed by requests to bring back this exciting experience from people who missed it want to return with family and friends.

See both Flight of the Dragon and FlyOver Canada

April 10 – May 2 (excluding Easter weekend)
Daily from 10 AM until 9 PM
Show commences every 20 minutes

Flight of the Dragon
FlyOver Canada is proud to present “Flight of the Dragon”, a new flight ride experience never before seen outside of China for a limited time only. Guests will get to experience Flight of the Dragon and FlyOver Canada back-to-back for the regular FlyOver Canada admission price! First, follow a mythical dragon as you soar over some of China’s most spectacular landscapes and scenery during Flight of the Dragon. Then, stay seated and take off again to experience FlyOver Canada, a thrilling flight ride that takes you from east to west across Canada.

Both rides incorporate state of the art special effects including wind, scents and mist.

The Experience

1. Pre-Show – Uplift
The experience starts with a fully immersive audio-visual installation movie, Uplift

2. Pre-Boarding Zone
Enter the pre-boarding zone and get ready to board your two flights.

3. The Rides
You will hang suspended, feet dangling, immersed inside a huge 20m spherical screen. First soar over China (6 minutes), stay seated and enjoy our breathtaking 8 minute journey from east to west across Canada.

For more information visit

Free Ticket Giveaway!

We’ve got 2 pairs of tickets to give away to our readers. To be eligible to win a pair just post a comment below. We’ll pick a winner next week and notify them by email. Good luck!

April 16 update: Congratulations Jade and Sharylin! Check your email.


For Budget Wine Drinkers: Top 5 Cheap Corkage Deals in Vancouver

Photo credit: alexbrn | Flickr

Photo credit: alexbrn | Flickr

It’s Vancouver’s dirty little secret: Wine in restaurants can be just a wee bit on the pricy side.

But oenophiles in Vancouver have their own secret weapon: BYOB.  For the last two years, wine drinkers have been able to bring their own bottles to select area restaurants and pay a special “corkage” fee for the right to drink it on premises.

Before you head to your next dinner reservation with your favourite vintage, however, keep in mind that these corkage fees also tend to be rather high, generally in the $20-$30 range.  In other words, in many cases it costs as much to bring your own bottle as to buy one off the restaurant’s wine list.

But there are some important exceptions.   Continue reading:
For Budget Wine Drinkers: Top 5 Cheap Corkage Deals in Vancouver

Take a Walking Tour of Vancouver with the Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Granville Island. Photo credit: Gord McKenna | Flickr

Now that spring has arrived in Vancouver, it’s only a matter or time before you’ll want to get outside and walk around our beautiful city. Vancouver Heritage Foundation offers a number of walking tours in different areas of the cities, led by guide Maurice Guibord. Whether you’re just visiting or you’re a long-time resident of Vancouver, it’s a great way to see the city and learn something new about Vancouver. Choose between tours exploring historic neighbourhoods, residential areas, or discovering the architecture of downtown Vancouver. All walking tours are $15; register for one here.


Grandview from Commercial Dr to Clark Dr – April 20
Straddling industrial, commercial, and residential precincts, this fascinating area has been rarely explored. Displaying the transitions that continuously transform its built heritage, explore how artists have played a significant role in making the area more habitable, while demographic pressures have impacted the residential landscape. See how some individuals have chosen this area to make their statement, whether it be cultural patrimonial or other.
Meet in Mosaic Creek Park (corner of Charles St. and McLean Dr.).

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Take a Walking Tour of Vancouver with the Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Canadian Art Foundation Gallery Hop April 12


Broken City Lab, Make This Better, (2010-ongoing) Ripper’s Vallery, Windsor, Ontario. Courtesy of the artists.

The Canadian Art Foundation presents a gallery hop April 12. Art fiends and fairweather fans alike can take in a variety of exhibits, talks and tours – all free.

Stops along the way include the Vancouver Art Gallery as well as smaller locations like the Contemporary Art Gallery, Gallery Gachet and more. We have more details after the jump.  Continue reading:
Canadian Art Foundation Gallery Hop April 12

48 Hours in Vancouver for Out-of-the-Box and Offbeat Shoppers

Shopping in Gastown. Photo Credit: Gastown BIA

Shopping in Gastown. Photo Credit: Gastown BIA

48 Hours in Vancouver is a weekly series appearing on the Inside Vancouver blog featuring photos and information on interest-based itineraries such as food/wine, arts & culture and luxury travel; helping visitors plan the best Vancouver trip possible based on what they love. Today’s feature focuses on off-the-beaten path shopping destinations to show savvy consumers that there is more to see beyond Robson St.

What You’ll Need to Go on This Shopping Discovery Adventure:
• A vehicle (rented or your own)
• GPS/Map
• Good quality walking shoes (you’ll be doing a lot of walking)
• A good quality tote bag (to hold all your purchases in)
• A camera with a good zoom function (For when you want photos of the different neighborhoods)

Day 1

Morning to Early Afternoon-10 am to 1 pm

After an early breakfast in the downtown core, take a 15 to 20 minute walk to the eclectic neighborhood of Gastown.

Continue reading:
48 Hours in Vancouver for Out-of-the-Box and Offbeat Shoppers