Killer Whales Spotted in English Bay

Photo credit: Crappy Wildlife Photography | Flickr

It’s possible to see lots of wildlife in Stanley Park – from racoons and squirrels to beavers and bald eagles.  But if you happened to be in Stanley Park around 1:30 p.m. on Monday, you may have caught sight of something special.

Just off of Stanley Park’s Ferguson Point, next to Third Beach, a family of six killer whales was frolicking in the waters of English Bay.  While killer whales, or orcas, are commonly spotted off the B.C. coast, it’s rare that they would venture this close to the big city.  This video from Global BC gives a bird’s-eye view of the action (if you can sit through the commercial).

The happy family consisted of six whales in total (which had previously been tagged by scientists for tracking):  a full-grown male born in 1981; the matriarch, a female born in 1986; her female offspring born in 1992; and that orca’s three calves.  Continue reading:
Killer Whales Spotted in English Bay

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