Vancouver Introduces New Type of Intersection: The Scramble

Since the dawn of time, mankind has crossed intersections in an orderly fashion.  When the light turns red and traffic in one direction stops, you cross.  Meanwhile, traffic flowing in the other direction whizzes on by.

But is that the best way to do it?

Vancouver doesn’t think so.  The city is planning to test a radical new type of intersection called a scramble – and it’s just as exciting as it sounds.  Car traffic will be stopped in all directions at once.  Pedestrians can then cross any way they choose, even – get ready for it – diagonally.

The new scramble intersection will be rolled out sometime soon along Robson Street, the Vancouver Sun reports.  While it may potentially slow traffic, the big advantage is that it can dramatically reduce car-pedestrian collisions.  Because autos and people cross the street at different times, there’s less of a chance of someone being struck by a vehicle making a turn into a crosswalk.

But will it work?  Continue reading:
Vancouver Introduces New Type of Intersection: The Scramble