Beerlesque II

Dizzy Little at Beerlesque

Dizzy Little at Beerlesque at the Roundhouse, Vancouver Aug 19 2011. Photo credit: Robyn Hanson/The Snipe News

If you like beer, half-nekkid ladies and danger-defying men, Beerlesque II (Sept 21 6 – 11 p.m.) is just the ticket. And if you like guys named Chip, you’re in for a real treat.

Besides some of Vancouver’s premiere burlesque performers and a number of Pacific Northwest craft brews, this year’s Beerlesque also features the Comic Strippers, a male stripper parody review featuring six dancers all named Chip. According to creator and Vancouver comic Roman Danylo, the review is “an explosion of ridiculousness.”

Meanwhile, some of the hottest names in the city’s tassel scene will take things a little more seriously – but not by much.

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Beerlesque II

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