Presentation by National Geographic Explorer Wade Davis, March 6

The Sacred Headwaters

The Sacred Headwaters is the name given by the first nations to a rugged string of mountains in northern British Columbia.  In this location, three of the province’s most important rivers – the Stikine, the Skeena and the Nass – are all born.  Crucial to the salmon population, the rivers play a central role in first nations culture and history.

The area is currently being considered for development.  The risks and potential consequences of that development are the subject of a new book by National Geographic Society explorer-in-residence Wade Davis.

Davis is speaking about the book, The Sacred Headwaters – and also presenting some stunning slides – this Tuesday, March 6, at SFU Woodwards.  The presentation starts at 7 p.m.

An anthropologist by training, Davis hardly fits the bill of the stereotypical buttoned-down, tongue-tied scientist.  In fact, his thrilling anecdotes and great storytelling are reason enough alone to see the presentation.

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Presentation by National Geographic Explorer Wade Davis, March 6

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