Bungy Jumping at Wildplay Nanaimo – What It’s Really Like

Bungy jumping at Wildplay Nanaimo. Photo: Wildplay Element Parks

On Victoria Day, my friends Megan and Roxy (and three of their friends) decided to celebrate Roxy’s 25th birthday in an unusual way: Bungy jumping off a 150-foot bridge over the rushing Nanaimo River.

Megan is an old pro at bungy jumping; she’s bungy-jumped all over the world, including six previous jumps in Nanaimo, back when the facility was run by the Bungy Zone. But this was her first time jumping with Wildplay Nanaimo, the park’s new operators. (Wildplay Nanaimo is part of Wildplay Element Parks, adventure parks in Nanaimo, Whistler, Maple Ridge, Kelowna, West Shore Victoria, and Yukon.) It was Roxy’s first jump, period.

I’ve never bungy jumped myself, so I asked Megan to give me all the juicy details:

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Bungy Jumping at Wildplay Nanaimo – What It’s Really Like

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