Who Loves YVR? (Officially, the best airport in North America)

Earlier this spring, while we were all distracted with Royal Wedding fever and playoff hockey, a very special honour was quietly bestowed on our own hometown airport.   At the prestigious (and little known) World Airport Awards in Copenhagen, Vancouver International Airport (YVR, to us regulars) took home the prize for North America’s best airport.

Award organizers collected 11 million questionnaires from travelers around the world.  More than 240 airports were ranked on 39 different criteria, including accessibility, public transportation options, cleanliness, comfort, friendliness of staff, clarity of signage and other amenities.

And when the smoke cleared, YVR was North America’s best.

Now, if you’ve done any amount of flying, you probably know that the award is well deserved.  YVR might not be the biggest or glitziest airport out there.  But it does stand out for a lot of reasons.

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Who Loves YVR? (Officially, the best airport in North America)