Top 5 interesting things to do in Vancouver

There are plenty of websites out there that list some of the things to do in Vancouver, but few of them include the offbeat, more unusual, or lesser-known things to do. I’ve listed a few ideas below.

  • Check out the Vancouver Police Centennial Museum for a view of the darker side of Vancouver’s history
  • Take a one-day cooking class at Granville Island’s Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.
  • Visit Wreck Beach – one of North America’s most beautiful clothing-optional beaches.
  • Buy some fresh or dried sea food in Chinatown. Vancouver’s Chinatown has a less touristy and more authentic feel that San Francisco’s Chinatown.
  • Take your dog to Spanish Banks and let him swim in the ocean without getting dirty looks from the non-dog owners.
  • Visit Steveston for some great fish and chips.
  • Get a curry and rice flavoured ice-cream at La Casa Gelato

Ok that was six. Agree or disagree – submit your own suggestions.


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