Celebrating Mother’s Day with the One and Only in South Granville


Guest post by local blogger Joyce Lam (http://vanfoodies.wordpress.com)

When it comes to Mother’s Day celebration, it often ends up being the same old same old – flower bouquet, perfume, jewelery, card, family dinner and so on. So how did I spice it up this year? Well, it’s all based around the phrase “one and only”.

First, how about a brunch at CRU? What’s special about it is that the restaurant has never opened for lunch service. For the first time, CRU not only opened its door for lunch service, but they also picked Mother’s Day as their debut day. Yes, the one and only day that CRU was open for lunch and we were there. Thoughts? Fantastic! In the dining room that sits about 30 people, my mom and I were surrounded by families celebrating this very special day, feeling the love in the air. The staff were very friendly and the food was excellent. The brunch was definitely of a great value as it was priced at $25 for 3 courses. The home-made strawberry preserve and the baked goodies made a great combination; the seared tuna was done perfectly, and the oh-so-decadent chocolate torte was to die for!cru2cru3cru4cru5
After the wonderful brunch, the two of us headed south along Granville Street. We browsed through many stores, including the one and only Pottery Barn in Vancouver, which was featured in one of America’s favourite TV sitcoms, Friends. It was such a gorgeous day to go window shopping in the area.

To finish off our celebration, we went to the Stanley Theatre and enjoyed the spectacular, one and only Les Misérables musical. The Arts Club Theatre Company has always put on some amazing productions, including Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which I saw as part of my birthday celebration last year. It is a performance like Les Misérables that demonstrates the power of music and lyrics. It touches your heart dearly and you can’t help but be engaged in the story.  Memorable music, remarkable cast, one enjoyable experience.lesmis1lesmis2
Of course, this whole celebration would not be possible without the one and only mom of mine. We had such an awesome mom-and-daughter bonding time and the both of us enjoyed every moment of it.

For more information about the South Granville area, see the blog post Shopping & Eating on Vancouver’s Gallery Row

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