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Only a foodie city could make the lowly hot dog gourmet, but Vancouver’s done it, and done it well, at the city institution of Japa Dog.

Now with two locations, the original in front of the Sutton Place Hotel at Burrard and Smithe, and a new business-district offering on Burrard at Pender, Japa Dog offers gourmet dogs with an Asian kick.

The meat includes your fairly standard all beef dogs, the smokies, the bratwursts, as well as turkey, veggie, and fish dogs (!), but the reason to go is in all the extras.

My favourite is the terimayo, which is a dog (I prefer turkey) smothered with Japanese mayo, nori, teriyaki sauce, and fried onions. There is also the oroshi, with soy sauce, green onions, and daikon, and the misomayo, with miso sauce, Kaiware, and Japanese mayo. Other special offerings change up regularly.Turkey Terimayo!
So next time you’re in the city, or looking for a lunch a little more inspired than food-court fare, head over to this lowly street stand and discover comfort food that’s suddenly grown up into a savvy, sexy globetrotter.


What are your favourite hole-in-the-wall/take-out/unexpectedly gourmet places in Vancouver?

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