Beach Profile: Spanish Banks

Well, the weather outside might not look it, but summer is officially here. In my books, that means beach time! Beach #2 to be featured in my Beach Profiles is one of my personal favourites, Spanish Banks!

What: Spanish Banks. Technically divided into Spanish Banks East, West, and “Extension”, my favourite spot is West.

Where: Close to the University of British Columbia, off Northwest Marine Drive, from Sasamat Street and west!

Who: Due to its proximity to UBC, Spanish Banks is almost as popular as Wreck Beach with students. With plenty of space on the sand and grass, as well as off-leash and BBQ areas, its also a popular spot with families. However, the biggest draw for many here is the expanse of sand at low-tide, which draws skimboarders from all over the city.

Why: Spanish Banks has a laid-back vibe for those who just want to chill out, but enough to do to keep excitable children engaged. Dog-owners will dig the pet-friendly spaces, and everyone will enjoy the entertainment-factor of skimboarders (a sport where success is determined by not wiping out – at least not too hard), whether they’re brave enough to try or not. The view of the downtown skyline (backed by mountains, natch) also gets top marks.

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