Shopping at the Punjabi Market – Vancouver’s Little India

When we asked famous Vancouver blogger Miss 604 (Rebecca Bollwitt) for her list of 10 Hidden Gems in Vancouver off the beaten tourist path, she included Vancouver’s Little India neighbourhood, the Punjabi Market.

Locals already know the pleasures of the Punjabi Market (Little India), the commercial and cultural focal point for Vancouver’s Indo-Canadian population.

Located on Main Street between 48th and 52nd Avenues, about 25-minutes south of downtown Vancouver, the Punjabi Market is packed with boutiques, stores and restaurants. Shops sell everything from high-end sarees, wedding clothes and gold jewelry to fabrics, cooking wares, groceries, and cheap and bountiful bangles, shoes and accessories.

There’s such a wide range of Punjabi Market shops that I love exploring them all. Some favourites:

For beautifully-detailed—and more high-end—women’s fashions and gorgeous beaded hand bags, there’s Crossover Bollywood SE just north of 49th and Main. (For similarly lovely men’s fashions, check out Sunny’s Studio for Men down the street.)

Beaded handbags at Crossover Bollywood SE

Beaded handbags at Crossover Bollywood SE

Inside Crossover Bolllywood SE

Inside Crossover Bolllywood SE

For tons of costume jewelry—including more bangles than you can imagine—and inexpensive shoes, bags and fancy children’s clothes, there’s the enormous Palika Gift House, just south of 49th and Main.

Bangles galore at Palika Gift House in the Punjabi Market, Vancouver

Bangles galore at Palika Gift House in the Punjabi Market, Vancouver

Purses & shoes, Palika Gift House, Punjabi Market

Purses & shoes, Palika Gift House, Punjabi Market

One of my sister’s favourite stores in all of Vancouver is the family-owned Guru Bazaar Sarees & Fabrics, Punjabi Market’s biggest fabric store. Half enormous fabric emporium—with, quite literally, every kind of fabric imaginable—half clothing and saree shop, the Guru Bazaar is a must-see. For people who love to sew—like my sister—it’s a must, period.

Inside Guru Bazaar Sarees & Fabrics, Punjabi Market, Vancouver

Inside Guru Bazaar Sarees & Fabrics, Punjabi Market, Vancouver

A tiny taste of the fabrics at Guru Bazaar in Punjabi Market

A tiny taste of the fabrics at Guru Bazaar in Punjabi Market

Check out what my sister bought at Guru Bazaar last time: (Yes, that is Hello frickin’ Kitty!)

Embroidered Hello Kitty! Amazing!

Embroidered Hello Kitty! Amazing

Love shopping at the Punjabi Market (Little India) as much as I do? Have a favourite store? Please share!

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30 Responses to Shopping at the Punjabi Market – Vancouver’s Little India

  1. Sonia

    are you closed certain days of the week?

  2. Wendy

    Do you know of any stores in littlel India, that has SILVER JEWELRY IN NATURAL GEMSTONES, RINGS PENDANTS ? please advise the address. thank you
    please reply to:


  3. Heard from my friends that alot of punjabi are in Vancouver. now your post proves it for sure.

  4. if you like to do Indian cooking at home, Vancouver’s Punjabi Market is the best place to go for fresh fruits and vegetables, imported goods and of course the spices. Generally pretty relaxed crowds, but go on a weekday if you can for more browsing time and better service.

    ps: while you can get a good deal and haggle on many goods-don’t try to do this at the grocery!

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  6. love all these colours

  7. Stephen K.

    Just been there for the 1st time a couple days ago and I’m now a convert for donning a cotton kurta-paijama in the summer heat & with some sun protection to boot.

    Each were $15, easy 2 wash & beg for embellishment, I’m thinking embroidery.

    Saving loose change to get silk version, in a light breeze I think that would be a real sesuous delight.

    Also want to look for rice bran products next time I return and check out the groceries.

    can’t wait

  8. that store.. got a very unique and attractive dresses.. thanks for sharing it..

  9. saurabh

    Hello to little India,

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  10. I LOVE to shop south of 49th on Main. The proprietors are always such a treat to deal with – so kind. The fellow at the tiny jewellery shop is such a delight and always showers my daughter in bracelets. I love all of the colours and styles, and that I can always find something affordable. At Christmas I rock the socks off my conservative family members and surprise them with all kinds of fabulous gifts from these shops.

  11. Nice info, good job

  12. It is nice to see that Punjabis have an affective presence at Canada. ( )

  13. thank you for share lot’s of information

  14. Yasmin

    Does anyone make ready to wear saris in Vancouver.

  15. Jatinder

    For those willing to venture out farther than Punjabi Market, here’s a list of Indian clothing stores in Vancouver:

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  17. I was told by a friend that East Asians are all the rage in canada, seems like it’s true..

  18. Fiona

    My aunt, who is married to a lovely Indian man, gave me a couple of cotton kaftans several years ago. I wear them as a robe/housecoat. They have worn out and I would love to be able to purchase more. Any ideas where the best place to buy some would be? I live in the Coquitlam area but could go into Vancouver/Surrey/wherever if need be.

    Thanks in advance:)

  19. Bronia

    I am looking for a wedding saree to rent for a design show at the end of June. Do you know of any businesses that rent sarees?

    Please help!

    • D S SIDhu

      try Ranee fashions or RIWAZ in Punjabi market Vancouver?

  20. Can you share me some information related to the The Importance Of Finding The Best Indian Wedding Videography Vancouver in your point of view ?

  21. lynn hayes

    Is there a shop in the Punjabi Market that rents saris?

  22. nirvair singh

    i want to know are u importing your products from india,or makes them in canda?? and which industery u prefered for importing clothing material. do u import from ludhiana. pls tell me .i will we very thankful to u .

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  25. Natalie

    Thanks so much! I’m not Indian myself, but I loooove Indian culture and am very excited to visit!

  26. parminder kaur

    Hi….i owns a boutique in Punjab. I m in search of buyers in Vancouver. plz help me if possible.

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