There’s no road rage on Vancouver’s watery highways

Coastal Link Ferries, Vancouver to Bowen Island
You’ve heard of the commute from hell? Well, mine’s from the other place.

A couple of times a week I make the short and scenic trip from my Bowen Island home to my office in downtown Vancouver by boat: Coastal Link Ferries, to be exact.

After leaving Snug Cove, the 70-seat passenger vessel (affectionately dubbed “the tin sausage” by regulars) speeds across Howe Sound, past Lighthouse Park, under the Lion’s Gate Bridge and delivers us 25 minutes later at the Thurlow St. dock just below the new convention centre. It’s a pretty civilized way to get to and from work.

A decade or so ago I visited Hong Kong and was impressed by that city’s active harbour. I wondered then why Vancouver wasn’t making more use of its waterways to relieve some of our traffic and transit problems. Finally, it’s happening. And it’s good for locals and for tourists (not to mention the environment).

Besides the Coastal Link, some of my favourite watery crossings include the BC Ferries crossing to Bowen from West Vancouver, the False Creek and Aquabus water taxis across False Greek, and the SeaBus run to North Vancouver. They’re like mini-cruises–for the cost of a latte or two.

Gridlock can make its kinda hard to remember how gorgeous this city really is. Sometimes the best way over a bridge is under it…

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5 Responses to There’s no road rage on Vancouver’s watery highways

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  2. Richard Smith

    I prefer “Silver Sausage” (and the implied link to that most cool of super heros, The Silver Surfer), myself. But I have to agree, it is a commute from heaven.

    And don’t forget the lovely Granville Island Water Taxi, which also shuttles people back and forth to Bowen Island, among other destinations. See their site:

    I believe both Coastal Link and GIWT do a roaring weekends business in cruises. They also delivering kids to summer camps – one of the last vestiges of our “water based transportation” past.


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