Shopping in Chinatown

Gorgeous Chinese antiques at the chic Peking Lounge

In my post on Vancouver Chinatown’s historic sites, I mentioned how much I love shopping in Chinatown. It’s one of my favourite parts of the city to explore, whether I’m looking for gifts, window shopping, or have something specific in mind.

Chinatown is famous for its Chinese imports, which range from furniture and home wares, to fashion, art and prints, fine jewelry, toys, teas and medicines.

Some of my favourites:

For perfectly-chosen Chinese antiques and modern “China Chic” home accessories, there’s the gorgeous, high-quality Peking Lounge.

For men’s and women’s quality Chinese fashion, in both traditional and modern design, there’s Ochi, which has two stores across the street from each other on Pender Street and Columbia.

Fashion at Ochi in Vancouver's Chinatown

Of course, it’s also fun to go the cheap-and-crowded route at one of Chinatown’s many souvenir spots. I love the craziness of Bamboo Village, which is literally packed to the ceiling with temple worship supplies, Maoist memorabilia, curios and incense, folk art, and furniture.

Bamboo Village at 135 E. Pender Street

No trip to Chinatown would be complete without visiting the food markets, where you can buy everything from fresh fruit and seafood to dried fish and Chinese candies.

Browsing the dried fish markets even made Tourism Vancouver’s list of
Top 5 Interesting Things to do in Vancouver.

Dried fish at one of the many food markets in Vancouver Chinatown.

Where do you shop in Chinatown?

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