Top 10 Vancouver viewpoints

The Lookout (c) Tourism Vancouver

Pulled the night shift at the Vancouver 2010 Main Press Centre at Canada Place last night and the most common query from the international journalists was “Where can we get a great view of the city?”

Good question and probably of interest to more than just media. Here are my Top 10 places to scope the city during the 2010 Winter Games–feel free to add yours!

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5 Responses to Top 10 Vancouver viewpoints

  1. Can’t forget about the lookout at Cypress Mountain!

  2. Cypess is awesome! I still love the summit.. the most beautiful view of Vancouver. These are some great links, thanks!!

    • Guys, I totally agree about Cypress–it’s just that during the 2010 Winter Games it’s not going to be accessible to the general public so I didn’t include it here. But it’s DEFINITELY a great viewpoint! One of my favourites in fact!

  3. Michelle

    Actually, some of the best viewpoints that are hardly ever mentioned are up in West Van’s British Properties. The view is spectacular up along Eyremount Drive and Hillside Road (not to mention the houses). Just taking a drive up there on a clear night is amazing.

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