Lunar New Year Lantern Procession & LunarFest

LunarFest's Lantern Procession parades down Granville Street

I just got back from downtown’s packed Granville Street—ever since the Olympics began, the car-free portion of Granville Street, particularly around Robson, has hosted impromptu street parties every night—where I caught the last of today’s Lunar New Year festivities, LunarFest’s Lantern Procession.

Starting on Granville just south of Robson and marching through the Lantern Forest between Robson and Georgia, the Procession’s marvelous stilt-walking “moon walkers” and “light carriers” created a carnival atmosphere, turning the crowded street into even more of a party than usual!

One of the gorgeous stilt-walkers in Lantern Procession

LunarFest’s Lantern Procession is produced by Public Dreams, the same organization that produces Vancouver’s favourite Halloween tradition, the Parade of Lost Souls.

Another Lantern Procession stilt walker

Even though the Lunar New Year is past, LunarFest continues through February 28. And like Suzanne said, the Lantern Forest makes the perfect 2010 Photo Op.

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