Saxony House – Shining Bright in Stanley Park

Speaking from personal experience, I can attest to the fact that The Vancouver Rowing Club is well known for throwing a good party. Combine that with the good folks running Saxony House and I suspect that this will be one of the more memorable country Houses during the Games. Located just outside of Stanley Park, it is a little bit away from the main action of the city, but that can definitely be a good thing! While some have waited for hours to get into a few of the Houses and Pavilions, we only stood in line for 25-30 minutes to get in tonight.

It was so much fun! For starters, the lights outside are super pretty, with cool effects on the trees in Stanley Park. I am all about the pretty shiny lights. Secondly, this is a small venue and they don’t pack it to the rafters. They serve traditional German Cuisine – think Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, as well as German Beer and Wine. A little on the expensive side, but that seems to be the order of things at most of the Houses and Pavilions.

The Emcee already needs a day off – his voice was fading quickly – not quite sure how he is going to cope the rest of the Games! But he was funny and witty and clearly having a great time in Vancouver. They had dancing competitions, quizzes about the Saxony Region, and band that consisted of three very mismatched German guys who were proudly rocking their manpri’s (which for me is never a good fashion statement).

In spite of their unfortunate choice in clothing, they were a decent band. Beyond decent. They were really good! They played a mix of what I assumed was traditional German music and crowd favourites such as Dire Straits and Pink Floyd. Playing until 11.00pm, after that the space literally turns into a Club – with DJ Clubnight until 2.00am.

After spending a few fun hours at Saxony House, we decided to head up to Robson Street to see what was going on. And who should we see being interviewed at CTV’s outdoor studio, but Canada’s newest Golden Girl – Snowboarder Maelle Ricker. Ricker is not only the first female to win an Olympic Gold Medal on Home Soil (snow); she is also the first BC athlete to take a Medal of any kind at these Games. The din of the exuberant crowd was deafening and I am surprise the hosts or Maelle could hear each other. It was awesome to see her, only hours after she won her Medal being greeted with such love by the crowd. She seems like such a sweetheart, and was so genuinely grateful for the outpouring of love from the crowd. It makes me so proud to be Canadian!

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