Notice some mystery signs in Vancouver?

  • Why do we prefer iPods to conversations?
  • Why do we have more friends on Facebook than in real life?
  • When did we stop letting our kids walk to school?

Keep your eyes peeled Vancouverites – these questions are popping up all around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The postings on which they appear direct all viewers to Here, they can access a thought-provoking animated short, which follows up these simple questions with compelling numbers. Viewers can then click onto an online comment board to share their thoughts thoughts and ideas, and perhaps start your own community initiatives.

All this is an attempt by the YMCA to bring community together during a time when some say we are drifting apart. After a five year absence, the YMCA will be returning to the downtown core with their Robert Lee YMCA building, and will provide the infrastructure to help the YMCA build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

The questions the YMCA raises are compelling. They encourage our community to take a step back and remember what small town neighbours were once like, and what values can still be gotten from a community core.

What are your thoughts?

Be sure to check out and share your answers, thoughts and questions, or leave your comments below.
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