La Belle Patate on Davie will make a believer out of poutine doubters

When I saw fellow blogger Remy Scalza’s recent post about his quest for Vancouver’s best poutine, my first thought was: “Ewww. Poutine.”

But that was a few days ago. Today I am a convert to the Way and the Truth and the Light: I have discovered La Belle Patate (The Beautiful Potato) at 1214 Davie between Bute and Jervis.

My husband and I were walking home from Bard on the Beach‘s opening of Much Ado last night, and my always-hungry hubby was craving fries. So when we passed the sign claiming he would find something like 30 different varieties of poutine inside La Belle Patate, I knew he’d found his heaven.

I told him I’d wait outside; I had never yet met a poutine I liked.

But then there he was, holding that pure smush of Canadian goodness in a foil-lined bowl. “Wanna try?” he asked, holding a gravy-smeared cheese curd toward my mouth. “This is the real deal.”

So I did, in service to you, dear readers. And may I just say: there is a God of Poutine and s/he lives on Davie Street.

The secret, apparently (according to my husband who has spent more time eating poutine in Quebec than I have) is in the cheese: it has to be “squeaky” cheese, something special from the cheese-making regions of Quebec.  When you bite the cheese curd with your back teeth, it squeaks. Really. And why this makes it taste good I don’t know. But it does.

And the gravy was good too–rich and brown and not too salty.

So now, happily, I can claim some real Canadian cred.

If there’s another patate-palace out there that can help me build my new-found poutine bliss, please let me know about it below!

(Oh and if you’re interested in doing your own post-Bard walkabout, I’m holding a great contest over at TheseBoots.Travel…)

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