Wedding Bells? Top 5 Places to Propose in Vancouver

Mention the world’s most romantic cities and thoughts usually turn to Paris, Venice and picturesque capitals perched above turquoise waters.  But Vancouver is certainly no slouch in the romance department.  Between the soaring Coast Mountains, the gray-green waters of the Pacific and the vibrant downtown, there are plenty of sights in the city to set hearts throbbing.  With the long, warm days of summer ahead, Vancouver makes a perfect setting for romance.

To inspire would-be Romeos out there seeking that sought-after “I do” from their partners, here’s a list of five great places in the city to pop the question.

1) Third Beach at sunset.   Located in Stanley Park – Vancouver’s 1,ooo-acre natural oasis – Third Beach is only accessible by foot or on bike.  And, though only a short distance from downtown, it feels like an isolated sanctuary, complete with white(-ish) sand, towering pine trees and, of course, spectacular views of the ocean.  Plan to arrive just as the sun starts sinking down, throwing an orange and purple glow over the beach.

2) The top of Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain is called “the peak of Vancouver” for a reason.  With an elevation of more than 1,200 meters, the mountain offers panoramic views of downtown Vancouver, the ocean and – on a clear day – the rugged profile of Vancouver Island.   The Grouse Mountain Skyride, an alpine-style gondola, ascends more than one mile to the peak ($40 for the round-trip ride, includes general admission).  More rugged lovebirds can also choose to ascend via the famed Grouse Grind – a steep hiking trail that bee-lines more than three kilometers to the peak of the mountain.

3) Capilano Suspension Bridge.  What better place to take the plunge than on a swaying, 136-meter long bridge hanging 70 meters above a churning river?  The Capilano Suspension Bridge ($30 for admission) is located just outside of downtown, in the mountains of North Vancouver, and consistently ranks among the city’s most popular attractions.  Budget-minded couples might also consider the nearby Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, an equally stunning span in the 617-acre Lynn Canyon Park, which also has the virtue of being absolutely free.

4) Seasons in the Park RestaurantSeasons is set in Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park, a one-time rock quarry that is now a magnificently manicured garden boasting the best views in the city of the downtown core and snow-capped Coast Mountains beyond.  The restaurant itself is on the top of a rocky ledge, with wall to wall windows to take in the gorgeous view plus a patio area with outdoor fireplaces.  The atmosphere is elegant, service is exceptional and the menu wins consistent praise with its focus on fresh, West Coast cuisine.

5) The lighthouse at Lighthouse Park.  The image of the lighthouse – standing solitary guard above the shoals and crashing waves – has inspired painters, poets and lovers for millenia.  And the iconic white lighthouse in West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park has to be one of the prettiest around.  The park is only about a 15-minute drive from downtown.  From the parking lot, a 5-minute walk leads through stands of old growth forest and to the rocky outcropping where the lighthouse is perched.

Of course, these are just a few of Vancouver’s more swoon-worthy sites. 

Please weigh in:  What’s the most romantic spot to propose in Vancouver?  Where did your significant other pop the question?

Remy Scalza

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