Canada Day on Granville Island: The Patriotic Stomach’s Guide

Photo: Remy Scalza

Granville Island has long been a centre of Canada Day festivities in Vancouver, and this year is no exception.  There’s the annual parade, featuring  a raucous carnival band,  stilt dancers and volunteers on decorated bikes.  There’ll be plenty of free jazz performances, courtesy of the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.  And, of course, there’s  the official Canada Day ceremony, when the island’s crowds get together to belt out the national anthem.

But singing isn’t the only way to show your national pride.  You can also use your belly.   What better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday, after all, than by eating like a true Canadian.   Here’s a quick list of ways to eat your fill on Granville Island and show your patriotic spirit all at the same time.

1) Poutine at Backstage Lounge. Arguably Canada’s greatest contribution to the world of fries, poutine is as down-home and Canadian as you can get.  Backstage Lounge serves up a decent poutine, although competition in the city is admittedly intense.

2) Craft beers at Granville Island Brewing. Granville Island Brewing was the first microbrewery in Western Canada.  With a line-up of beers like the English Bay Pale Ale, Cypress Honey Lager and Robson Street Hefeweizen, GIB is proudly local and fiercely patriotic.

Photo: Remy Scalza

3) Grilled Salmon Tacos at Go Fish. OK – tacos aren’t very Canadian.  But the grilled local salmon that they put in the tacos at Go Fish is pure B.C.   For $5 a taco, it’s also one of the best deals on the island.

4) Chicken Pot Pie from A La Mode. The British left a strong legacy on Canadian cuisine in the form of meat pies and tarts.  Possibly the best chicken pot pies in Vancouver are made fresh at A La Mode, which also makes sweet pies.   The chicken pot pie comes with big pieces of chicken and celery and a buttery, flaky crust.

5) Honey Dip Donuts at Lee’s Donuts. Canada may not have invented the donut, but as the popularity of Tim Horton’s shows, donuts are very near and dear to Canadian hearts.   Some of the city’s best donuts are made from scratch – completely by hand – at Lee’s Donuts.  Try their Honey Dip Donuts, which are glazed and crispy on the outside and chewy inside.

Any other classic Canadian dishes that I missed?  What are your favorite Canadian foods on Granville Island?

Remy Scalza

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7 Responses to Canada Day on Granville Island: The Patriotic Stomach’s Guide

  1. It’s sad that all of our national dishes require some form of animal cruelty. At least you can get decent vegan poutine in this city now.

    • Glenn – Thanks for calling me on that point. I hadn’t considered vegan options. Do you have any suggestions for vegan cuisine – patriotic or otherwise – on Granville Island?

      • Considering the multi-cultural nature of Canada – especially our city – possibly suggesting Curry 2 U would be nice. Also, Agro Cafe has some very nice vegan options. People can also pick up vegan nanaimo bars from Edible BC.

      • LikeMindedFoodie

        Tony’s Fish N’ Chips – Oyster Soup & Fish & Chips
        Stuart’s Bakery – French Chocolate Mousse
        La Tortilleria – Chicken Salad
        Market Grill – Salmon Burgers
        Stock Market – Soup

        Btw: Go Fish isn’t on Granville Island – West 1st Ave.

  2. Go Fish & Lee’s Donuts are pure Vancouver & wonderful G.I. spots. The butter tarts at A La Mode are also fab & great for a Canada Day picnic! Yum…

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