SpongeBob Comes to the Vancouver Aquarium

Everyone’s favorite sea sponge has found a new home at the Vancouver Aquarium.

SpongeBob SquarePants is the star of the new 4D theater experience at the aquarium. Summer mornings through September, guests can catch the antics of SpongeBob and his marine companions in a short, interactive film shown inside VanAq’s special theatre.   Going above and beyond plain old 3D theatres, the 4D theatre integrates sensory effects like mist, wind, scents and dramatic lighting.  Shows run about 20 minutes and are included in the price of general admission.

As part of the program, guests can also get up close and personal with some of the sea creatures that inspired the SpongeBob cartoon.  At special touch pool stations throughout the aquarium, adventure seekers can stroke bright purple starfish and run their fingers over the sticky surface of multicoloured sea anemones.  Plus, there are literally hundreds of other species of marine life to admire at the aquarium – from the famous beluga whales to dolphins to the creepy octopus that lives in the exhibit on British Columbia’s underwater wonders.

Photo: Vancouver Aquarium

Back to Mr. Squarepants:  Despite the fact that SpongeBob looks more like a kitchen sponge than a sea sponge, he does, in fact, have some serious aquarium credentials.  The animated series was created by an American marine biolgist named Stephen Hillenburg.  SpongeBob’s adventures in the land of Bikini Bottom with his good friends Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles and Eugene Krabs are very, very loosely inspired by Hillenburg’s own research as a biologist.

And if 4D sponges and icky anemones aren’t your thing, you might also consider stopping by the aquarium to check out the new butterfly exhibit.  Hundreds of colourful Costa Rican butterflies have been let loose in the Graham  Amazon Gallery.  The butterflies were imported from eco-friendly butterfly farms in Costa Rica and may be seen feeding on nectar and fruit and fluttering from tree to tree.

Photo: Vancouver Aquarium

Remy Scalza

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