Where to eat in Vancouver? Just eavesdrop on the bus…

Disclosure: I love to eavesdrop. Especially on the bus. Especially when it involves food and Vancouver restaurants.

So today I was sitting on the 135 in front a trio of students who–in a refreshing change from the intellectual one-upmanship I usually endure on the SFU-bound bus–began one-upping each other on the topic of local restaurants.

Students are better than guidebooks for restaurant recommendations because they are chronically broke, chronically hungry and relentlessly cutting-edge.

I actually took out my notepad and started taking notes, which I am going to share here because, hey, I haven’t been to any of these places but I think I’m going soon after listening to their glowing reviews.

(Can we reflect for a moment, please, on how poor students manage to be able to eat out so much? I don’t know how this works–only that it does. When I was a student at UBC during the Jurassic Period, I was constantly telling my parents about the restaurants they really should not miss…)

Tell me if you share their opinion about the must-try worthiness of:

Les Faux Bourgeois, 663 E. 15th, Vancouver: “French bistro food, but not expensive.”

Judas Goat in Gastown: “Tapas like they should be…not crazy expensive.”

Everything Cafe, 75 East Pender, Vancouver: “Everything is good. Everything.”

La Taqueria, 322 West Hastings: “Delicious tiny soft tacos, just like in Mexico. And cheap!”

Market at Shangri-La: Guy: “My buddy went there and it was $46 bucks for three drinks!” Girl (wistful sigh): “I really want to go there. Are you rich?”

The Carthage Cafe, 1851 Commercial: “Tunisian! Do it!”

Green Basil, Metrotown: “You don’t expect Thai food so good from a place so close to a mall.”

What do you think? Do you agree with this list? Got any student-friendly recommendations of your own? Leave a comment!

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6 Responses to Where to eat in Vancouver? Just eavesdrop on the bus…

  1. Christa

    1,4,&7 are good. 1 is *really* good but the service is that trendy, bored, “I’d rather be elsewhere but don’t you dare stiff me on the tip” agressive style, so I haven’t made it a hang out. But I’m not typical student age, either. If you haven’t tried Pho Tan at 30th and Main for their satay pho, I’m thinking you might not have had the best pho in town yet!

  2. Jennifer

    faux bourgeois is amazing, and i’ve never had anything but lovely service. it has a certain magic, its a good date spot. def make a reservation.

    2 more that are beautiful, tasty and source sustainable, responsible ingredients:

    bao bei in chinatown (keefer and main)
    campagnolo (main at national)

  3. Jennifer

    oh and, what were they wearing? because when i was a student, half of them were still living at home being supported (including tuition) by their parents. the poor student idea is just that.

  4. I can vouch for La Taqueria! Get four tacos, they have meat and vegetarian options. They sell imported sodas to wash it down, really delicious.

    Green Basil is right near my work, I do like it. They have a good $6.99 lunch special that is a bargain. Service is very good.

    If you’re in the Metrotown area and looking for good cheap eats, a local secret is the Crystal Mall Food Court. The stalls are a mixed bag, but Fung May and Wang’s are always good.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Angela…I walk past La Taqueria all the time but now I’m definitely going in to feast! I also recently indulged in some Go Fish fish soft tacos at Granville Island and some chicken soft tacos at Earl’s on Robson–both very good.

      Now I just wish we had a roving taco truck like they do in New York!

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