Where to eat in Vancouver? Just eavesdrop on the bus…

Disclosure: I love to eavesdrop. Especially on the bus. Especially when it involves food and Vancouver restaurants.

So today I was sitting on the 135 in front a trio of students who–in a refreshing change from the intellectual one-upmanship I usually endure on the SFU-bound bus–began one-upping each other on the topic of local restaurants.

Students are better than guidebooks for restaurant recommendations because they are chronically broke, chronically hungry and relentlessly cutting-edge.

I actually took out my notepad and started taking notes, which I am going to share here because, hey, I haven’t been to any of these places but I think I’m going soon after listening to their glowing reviews.

(Can we reflect for a moment, please, on how poor students manage to be able to eat out so much? I don’t know how this works–only that it does. When I was a student at UBC during the Jurassic Period, I was constantly telling my parents about the restaurants they really should not miss…)

Tell me if you share their opinion about the must-try worthiness of:

Les Faux Bourgeois, 663 E. 15th, Vancouver: “French bistro food, but not expensive.”

Judas Goat in Gastown: “Tapas like they should be…not crazy expensive.”

Everything Cafe, 75 East Pender, Vancouver: “Everything is good. Everything.”

La Taqueria, 322 West Hastings: “Delicious tiny soft tacos, just like in Mexico. And cheap!”

Market at Shangri-La: Guy: “My buddy went there and it was $46 bucks for three drinks!” Girl (wistful sigh): “I really want to go there. Are you rich?”

The Carthage Cafe, 1851 Commercial: “Tunisian! Do it!”

Green Basil, Metrotown: “You don’t expect Thai food so good from a place so close to a mall.”

What do you think? Do you agree with this list? Got any student-friendly recommendations of your own? Leave a comment!

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