The Public Observation Area at YVR

Photo: Ian Smith, Vancouver Sun

If you’re one of the thousands of air travellers coming to or going from Vancouver this summer, the year-old Public Observation Area at Vancouver International Airport is worth a stop-over.

Opened in sumer 2009, the Area is located in the public, pre-security section of the Domestic Terminal on Level Four, in the middle of the Food Court area. You can meet family and friends, and/or enjoy a snack or meal while admiring the floor-to-ceiling views of airport operations and the beauty of Sea Island.

Enjoying the view

The Observation Area is perfect for plane spotting. It’s very kid-friendly, with eight telescopes staggered at different heights for excellent viewing of take-offs and runway operations.

There are also several interactive, touch-screen kiosks and displays about the history of YVR and Sea Island, and a working model of the airport (complete with flashing lights). A joy-stick controlled flight simulator, the “BC Explorer,” allows kids of any age to ‘fly’ over BC’s terrain, communities, and waterways.

Interactive Model of Vancouver International Airport

The Observation Area provides the perfect excuse to arrive early for your flight and get the kids and family excited about an impending trip.

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