The Best Summer Rainy Day Activity in Vancouver

Irene Kehler writes about fun things to do in Vancouver on her site
Read below for her favourite summer rainy day activity in Vancouver.

You’ve got a summer day dedicated to exploring the wonderful beauty of Vancouver… but it’s raining. What’s there to do on a rainy summer day in Vancouver?

There’s indoor spots like the Vancouver Art Gallery and the UBC Museum of Anthropology. There’s shopping malls like Pacific Centre and Metrotown. But my favourite spot to hide from a rainy day in Vancouver is the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park.

It may be gloomy and grey outside…

But inside you will find a riot of colourful plants and birds. Meet the shy Casey, a yellow-crowned amazon parrot, coyly hiding in front of a bank of bright orange tiger lilies.

Over a hundred birds free-fly in the geodesic dome. You may catch a glimpse of a speckled zebra finch or a bright yellow canary. Crowds of blue and green budgies usually cluster in the dry ‘desert’ area and you’ll hear them twittering from all around the Conservatory.  My personal favourite, Monty the Princess Parrot, is a pastel rainbow of colour, most often found near his friend Casey.

Plants from warm locales around the globe crowd the Bloedel Conservatory. Palm trees tower above your head. Strange and wonderful plants entice your senses. Have you ever seen the delicate fronds of the snowflake tree from China? And there are bright orange blossoms with little white “tongues” poking out on the lollipop plant from Peru.
The tropical haven of the Bloedel Conservatory is the perfect place to spend that summer rainstorm.

Good-bye for now from Art, the blue-and-yellow-macaw. See you soon!

Do you have a favourite memory of the Bloedel Conservatory, rain or shine? Or another great place to visit on a rainy day in Vancouver? Please add a comment and share your story!

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