Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival This Weekend

Vancouver Tap Dance Society

There’s just something about tap dance that makes (practically) everyone smile when they see it, from the littlest kid to the oldest fan. Maybe it’s the exuberance of tap, the joyfulness of it, or just the wonderful pairing of sound and movement—whatever it is, very few are immune to its charm.

For a super-fun, totally unique experience of tap, check out this weekend’s Vancouver Tap Dance Festival 2010. Organized by the Vancouver Tap Dance Society, the Vancouver Tap Dance Festival features some of the most glorious moments in tap dance you’ll ever see, including the legendary Harold Cromer and the return of tap star Jason Samuels Smith.

Along with performances in some of Vancouver’s best dance venues, the Tap Dance Festival includes an all-inclusive harbour cruise event on Friday, September 3: a buffet dinner + live show. See the Festival event schedule for details.

The Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival runs from September 3 – 5, 2010.

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