Vancouver Shopping for Kids, Part II: Granville Island’s Kids Market

Granville Island Kids Market's famous Jack and the Beanstalk entrance. Photo © Dana Lynch

What’s the only downside to a trip to the famous Granville Island Kids Market? Someone having a temper tantrum because they can’t buy everything there that they want—and that’s just the grown-ups.


Ranked as one of the best places to take kids in Vancouver, the Granville Island Kids Market is the must-visit for kids’ shopping: the Kids Market is home to 28 fun and fabulous shops of all types, from toys to elaborate costumes, baby clothes to kiddie sports gear.

For babies and toddlers, I love shopping for wooden toys at Knotty Toys; they have a great selection and their prices are better than Pottery Barn Kids or one of the boutique baby stores.  Of course, the Kids Market has stores for people of all ages, too. Other must-see shops include the Granville Island Toy Company, the amazing (if pricey) costumes at Just Imagine…Fun Clothing (Kid wants to be a NASA astronaut for Halloween? They totally have that.), and the incredible Kites and Puppets, which has to be seen to be believed.

Kites and Puppets in the Kids Market. Photo © Dana Lynch

Converted from an old warehouse—before Granville Island was a shopping and culture hub, it was an industrial park—the two-level Kids Market has a wonderful indoor playland feel. The entrance is decorated with a huge Jack and the Beanstalk beanstalk, and, in addition to the shopping, there’s a multi-level, indoor Adventure Zone and an arcade. There’s also a play area outside, by the pond, and the Granville Island Water Park (open in summer) is nearby, too.

Indoor Adventure Zone at the Kids Market. Photo © Dana Lynch

Granville Island Kids Market isn’t just one of the best places to shop for kids in Vancouver, it’s also both a fun rainy-day destination (with the indoor playground and arcade) and part of a great kids’ trip to Granville Island: You can explore the Public Market, see live lobsters and crabs at the Lobsterman, then hit the Kids Market—it’s the perfect kids’ day!

Love the Granville Island Kids Market? Know other great places to shop for kids? Please comment below.

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