Free Tickets! Haunted Village at Burnaby Village Museum and Carousel

October 6 Update: Congratulations Alisson, Leanne and Riss, who were selected randomly to win the tickets. Thanks to everyone that entered and be sure to keep reading Inside Vancouver for more fun contests.

Come have fun with superstitions, legends and the magic of Halloween. Witches, trolls, gravediggers and undertakers greet you as you walk through the haunted village in the dark of night.

  • Children – wear your costumes and trick-or-treat
  • See the latest styles in coffins and get measured for yours
  • Visit the fortune teller and savour tasty toes at the Voodoo Cafe
  • Take in the fashions for Dead Victorians
  • Enjoy our circus sideshow and ride the 1912 carousel
  • Hear the moans of the dearly departed in the cemetery

More information at 604.297.4565 or

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78 Responses to Free Tickets! Haunted Village at Burnaby Village Museum and Carousel

  1. Johanna

    I want them! Scare me!

    • Marianne

      I’m in favour of these tix!

  2. Austin

    Tix for me, please!

  3. Katriina


  4. BOO! I want them. :p

  5. Hello! I’m dying for some tickets! Thank you!

  6. Alice Wong

    Yes please, I want free tickets to the Haunted Village at Burnaby Village!

  7. nick


  8. Emma

    I would love to go!

  9. Stephen

    me want me want!

  10. Nadine

    I want them!

  11. Lawrence

    I want I want I want I want the tickets! Thank you!

  12. Liliana

    Can l get please two scary tix to go get some fun at the haunted village??? Thx

  13. Riss

    would love to take my little ghost to this

  14. Katheine

    Pretty Please. :)

  15. Would love to have them

  16. ruby kyte

    Id love tickets to this! Looks great!

  17. Tim

    Sounds like spooky good times!

  18. Aubrey Reyes

    Experience what matters most, being scared will be definitely a bonus =)

  19. Try to scare my mother in law! I would really love to see her laugh like a scared Oma! ;-) She’s from Germany and will stay with us for 4 months!!!! scary….

  20. Joyce Lo

    It’d be really great to be able to check it out!

  21. Me please!

  22. Teresa Reid

    My kids would love this. I’d like those tickets, please!

  23. Alivia Prattas

    Pick me pretty please! :)

  24. I want them please <3!

  25. karen

    I would take my children an a crazy halloween day out! It would be brilliant.

  26. stella

    I want to be spooked!

  27. Terry Frost

    I want them.. please

  28. Todd

    I love hallowe’en and have a black cat in a pumpkin cape to prove it!!!

  29. NN

    Me, Me, Me, Please!!!

  30. Darren

    Cuz this is thrillllerrrrrr

    Tix for me and 5 new friends
    Pls and thanks

  31. Doris panovic

    I would love to take my student to this

  32. shaelyn

    I want tickets!

  33. Bons

    Never been to this haunted village in Burnaby before. Would be awesome if I can win some tickets!

  34. maria

    I want em!!!

  35. angela

    The kids would love this!

  36. sandy

    My god kids would love this!

  37. Alex

    Would love them! Pick me!

  38. Lilian

    I would love to go too!

  39. elisa jones

    Please Please pick me! You’ve already got me shaken in my boots with fright! :-O

  40. Leanne

    I have such fond childhood memories of Burnaby Village! I would love to ride the charming carousel when it’s all spooked up!

  41. Christine

    I would love to win some tickets. If I win them I will take my best friend!

  42. penpen

    SIGN ME UP!!
    i love burnaby village museum

  43. Linda

    I want them!! Love Halloween!

  44. Peggy

    I want them!I want them!I want them!

  45. alfman

    the alfman would love to have free tickets…never had anything free before,this would be nice.

  46. Jan

    I’ve never been and would love to see what it’s like! :)

  47. Yoyo

    I want them~~~

  48. elfi

    I want themm!!

  49. Joanna Tang

    I want the tickets! =)

  50. Vienn

    Please kindly give me 2 tickets for great fun !!!

  51. Haven’t been to a haunted house in years – sounds like a blast.

  52. Karla

    I want them too! LOL

  53. Tasty toes? Yes please.

  54. Milki

    I want the tickets! =)

  55. Alisson

    I want them (please and thank you)! I’m from Winnipeg and we just moved to BC, looking for some fun things to do :) Lots of scary stories in Winnipeg, looking for some new ones here! Cheers.

  56. Meaghan Rafferty

    This sounds like fun! May I please have some tickets?

  57. Ann

    i go every year and love it! so id like some tickets please!

  58. Jamal

    I would love the tickets to go the haunted house!!

  59. Jess

    Ooooh! I want them!!!! Thanks!

  60. amy

    I want those tickets!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Elsie

    Wow….i can’t wait to bring my friends & family w/ me!!!

  62. I would LOVE to win these!!

  63. Katie

    Would be great to win!

  64. Elaine

    Hey, I would love tickets. Thanks for the post! =)

  65. David Wilson

    I want the tickets, can I gave them please?

  66. suanny


  67. sabrina

    I am dying to want them!!!

  68. martin

    I want to be scared !!!

  69. Terry Frost

    us please…

  70. M

    I want them!

  71. Michelle Chen

    I want them ^O^

  72. Herman Tse

    I want them so much!! Thanks!

  73. ernie

    my 2 girls would love too get scared there for the first time.

  74. J

    I’d love to win!

  75. Jennifer D

    We’ve never been. Our son was always kind of fearful of stuff like this, but he’s now old enough and ready!

  76. Angela

    October 29th is my birthday and my cousin is going to help me celebrate. My mom showed this to me and we think it would be a spooktacluar thing to do for my birthday. Thank you


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