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Pet owners know the dilemma.  You’re all set to go away on vacation – But what do you do with your furry friends?  Pet sitters can be a hassle to arrange.  Kennels sometimes leave a lot to be desired. And the old trick of just leaving out a weeks’ worth of dry food rarely works.

That’s where Jet Pet Resort, the new luxury animal spa near Vancouver airport, comes in.  Provided you’re willing and able to foot the bill, you can rest assured that your dog or cat is being pampered like a pop diva in your absence.

In a recent article in the Vancouver Sun, some of the amenities for pets lucky enough to spend the night at Jet Set were outlined.  For the pooch that’s hard to please, there’s the Rock Star Package.  $1,000 a night (that’s right) gets your dog private limo transport, a luxury suite with round-the-clock attendant, dog park adventures and private walks, luxury spa treatments, doggie massages and catered meals.

More realistically priced “suites” at Jet Set also come with fabulous features.  For $69 a night, dogs get a space with their own private plasma TV.  Upgrade to the luxury suite ($129 a night) and Lassie also gets a luxury bath and in-room webcam so owners don’t miss a single tail-wagging moment.

Cats can expect plenty of pampering as well.   Suites ($20, $25 and $30 a night) include access to a cat lounge with plasma TV, as well as private litter boxes.


Among the special treatments available at Jet Set is a therapeutic infrared bed, great for easing the aches and pains of older pets or animals  suffering from arthritis or injuries.   And “extra love and hugs” are always available at a rate of $15 for 15 minutes.

Sounds pretty amazing.  My only question  is: Do they take people?

What do you think about Vancouver’s new luxury pet spa?  Would your four-legged friend would enjoy a night of luxury at Jet Pet?

Remy Scalza

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