Explore Metro Vancouver Parks with the New, Free iParks Explorer App

A few weeks ago, Remy wrote about the new iPhone and iPad app from Metro Vancouver that shows you where to find drinking water in Vancouver; now Metro Vancouver has released another free app: the iParks Explorer.

Screenshot of the IParks Explorer on an iPhone

The iParks Explorer is a mobile guide to Metro Vancouver’s 22 regional parks—from Aldergrove Lake in the south to Lynn Headwaters in the north and all regional parks between—with maps, photos, information about park features, advisories, a calendar of events, and more. The app can also give you directions to the parks from your location.

Metro Vancouver has plans to develop versions for Blackberry and Android, and will continue to develop the iParks Explorer app, adding interactive maps and streaming video to future versions.

Have you used the iParks Explorer app? Please leave a review in the comments!

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