All Aboard the Stanley Park Ghost Train 2010 – Halloween Fun for Kids

Stanley Park Ghost Train

Every October, Stanley Park’s famous Miniature Train transforms into the best kid-friendly Halloween attraction in Vancouver: the Stanley Park Ghost Train.

Reinvented every year with a new theme, the Stanley Park Ghost Train takes its passengers through a world filled with spooky surprises and live-action tableaux, courtesy of the amazing Mortal Coil Performance Society. The 2010 theme is “Alice in Nightmareland,” which means that the Mad Hatter sends off every train and tableaux include the (stilt-walking) Red Queen and Alice fighting the Jabberwocky.

One of the tableaux seen from the "Alice in Nightmareland" Ghost Train

Last year’s underworld theme was, perhaps, a little scarier, but this year’s theme has more potential for multi-generational fun. Kids and families will enjoy the eerie, Halloween-y take on the familiar characters from Alice in Wonderland, but adults will also enjoy the tongue-in-cheek, psychedelic soundtrack that accompanies the journey (tunes include Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”, of course).

Stanley Park Ghost Train

The Ghost Train itself isn’t the only Halloween attraction on the premises: along with the train, there’s free face painting, Mad Hatter kids crafts, and the Haunted Farmyard. The Haunted Farmyard—a Halloween version of the Children’s Farmyard—has both a “scary” barn and a “scaredy cat” barn, the latter of which houses the fluffy bunnies. Literally.

I took my six month old to ride the Ghost Train last night, in what I hope to be the first in a new annual traditional. He’s too young to appreciate it now, but I can’t wait to see his reaction next year!

The Stanley Park Ghost Train runs from 6pm – 10pm nightly from October 8 – 31, 2010.

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